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  • ... increase the awareness about the applications and benefits of MBTI in Pakistan. This group will be useful for Students...
    24 members Last activity Jan 28, 2012
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator┬« (MBTI┬«) Resource Guide Over 1,000 MBTI┬« ...
    252 members Last activity Nov 21, 2016
  • This group is to share the learnings of MBTI and to network. It is specifically for those who attended the 5 day mbti workshop July 3-7, Bangalore.
    21 members Last activity Sep 1, 2009
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  • Group of Qualified MBTI Practitioners in the Philippines.
    8 members Last activity Aug 29, 2011
  • MBTI_SYNERGY_GROUP was started to hail the success of the MBTI group of 6th-10th April, 2004 who met at India...
    81 members Last activity Feb 27, 2016
  • Discussion of MBTI and other personality models.
    17 members Last activity May 24, 2011
  • group mbti kelas c
    4 members Last activity Mar 10, 2013
  • It's fun when we discover our personality types through MBTI. we'll continue searching who we are by keep our hand hold each other till we discover the harmony of the universe.
    4 members Last activity Dec 16, 2009
  • This group is for the participants of the MBTI program conducted by Mr. Sunil Gwalani
    4 members Last activity Sep 16, 2012
  • Private email list for attendees of MBTI workshop August 2006
    5 members Last activity Oct 26, 2008