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  • A place for users of Ham Radio Deluxe - any version - to discuss, help each other, gripe and praise as necessary. No personal flames, no religion, no politics, above all no spam.
    890 members Last activity 10:30 AM
  • ...to discuss the Raspberry Pi and how it can be applied to Ham Radio. This is a moderated Group. Please keep...
    3419 members Last activity Dec 10
  • ... and the original Elmers are gone, and consequently a part of Ham Radio slowly continues to fade. Many early events were poorly...
    843 members Last activity Dec 9
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  • Ham Radio 101 is a group where beginners to Ham Radio and new Hams that just received their ticket to come and learn new thing, and to expand their knowledge of Ham Radio.
    16 members Last activity Mar 8, 2016
  • Salwan_Public_School HAM Radio Group : Satellite Experiment
    26 members Last activity Dec 7, 2011
  • ... of all kinds. Do you have questions about Ham radio? Want to Plan or participate in Ham Radio ...
    52 members Last activity Dec 8
  • ...very useful : http://www.qsl.net/g8osn Keywords : Radio Amateur, Radio Ham, Foundation License, Advanced License, ...
    246 members Last activity May 5, 2014
  • Digest for discussing Ham Radio and CB radio. All welcome.
    493 members Last activity Jul 29
  • Ham-Radio-News The List That Rejects...possum http://www.qrz.com/w3lap To contact list owner e-mail Ham-Radio-News-owner@YahooGroups.com
    439 members Last activity Jun 3, 2014
  • We discuss amateur radio, ham gear, classic rigs, modifications, repairs, dx, antennas, and other aspects of this fine hobby.
    28 members Last activity Oct 15