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  • ... the mailing list and group of the website >DEGUTOPIA< www.Degutopia.co.uk Degus..., the features you will find here include: *Degu Information Forum- post messages...
    2126 members Last activity Oct 10
  • Degu City
    15 members Last activity Dec 15, 2009
  • I have two degus (plus seven babies)and would like to exchange points of view and information about such pretty pets. Everyone welcome !
    79 members Last activity Oct 3
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  • Infos, Diskusionen und Erfahrungsautausch zu Degus, sowie Tipps zur Haltung, Ernährung und Infos zur Fortpflanzung.
    29 members Last activity Jun 10, 2013
  • Chat about Degus and animals in general, other subjects also welcome within reason... or queries so feel free to ask anything about your Degu on the list.
    70 members Last activity Feb 9, 2014
  • Come talk about guinea pigs and degus and other small rodents/animals. (or learn about them) Have FUN!!!
    36 members Last activity Aug 8
  • Do you have cats and degus that get on with each, I do come and join me
    13 members Last activity Aug 6, 2006
  • Welcome to the yahoo group for the friendly Degu website & forum Degu Rock! Based at www.degurock.moonfruit...
    4 members Last activity Apr 14, 2009
  • Hello and Welcome to The Degu Rock Degu slaves Group... in those lovable little critters the degu! Please feel free to join and post any questions...
    5 members Last activity Sep 12, 2007
  • Welcome, here you can seek info on your new pet and also post messages and find breeders. Feel free to join in order to enjoy the full benefits of this club.
    48 members Last activity Mar 22, 2012