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Ping a pong of sixpence
parkheaddojo <parkheaddojo@...>
Dec 14, 2002

Re: Trying to save history...

Alyza writes ... Its list eugenics, only the strong shall survive ;) -- Raven
Jan 12, 2000

Trying to save history...

I still have no idea why egroups wants to deprive us of our history.... Aly ombudsman holoworld cocoon fleet
Jan 12, 2000

USS KATANA: The final voyage

SD 110930 Scene: Bridge Takoth read the orders one more time. He was trying to make sure that he hadn't made a mistake, although that was not really a
Jim and Karen Newman
Sep 30, 1999

Re: USS KATANA Some Time Later

Originally, Trey was supposed to be demoted after the inquiry. I had discussed it with Tom and we both agreed there should be a consequence. However the
Deb Kelly
Sep 30, 1999

Re: USS KATANA Some Time Later

Karl, Shut Up! Willow *3/77*
Sep 30, 1999

Re: USS KATANA Some Time Later

The reason for the inquiry was that Deb's character behaved in a non StarFleet way. An attempt was made to try and go with this and resolve it in Role Play,
Karl Wyant
Sep 30, 1999

Re: USS KATANA Some Time Later

I fail to see how this was offensive. The language was tempered by the situation. It was an emotionally charged situation and the speake'rs choice of words
Sep 30, 1999

Re: USS KATANA Some Time Later

PS. There have been two distinct plots in Star Trek that dealt with rape. One was about Jack the Ripper. The other about an emotionally disturbed telepath who
Sep 30, 1999

Re: USS KATANA Some Time Later

Clark, have you read what our last plot line was about ? How is that unsuitable ? Rape and abuse are unfortunate circumstances that Star Trek itself prove
Sep 30, 1999

Re: USS KATANA Some Time Later

Hi all, Just for the record, because of the transition the Katana is going through at the moment, I have been keeping a close eye on her NRPG and RPG posts.
Clark Goble
Sep 30, 1999

USS KATANA: Cleaning up the green

SD 110929 Scene: Bridge Takoth had been watching very closely as Krwn's crews worked on restoring the hull of the KATANA to it's normal shade. The anti-mesons
Jim and Karen Newman
Sep 29, 1999

USS KATANA: Whaddya Want?

... Scene: Inside the CMO's quarters Trey heard the chime and growled. She wasn't in the mood for visitors. Her shredded uniform still lay in a pile with PADD
Sep 27, 1999


SD 11.0927 Scene: Territory Lounge Kurii stared out at the planet Gaia as the Katana hung suspended over the planet. The rear facing view of the Terriorty
Conrad Weems
Sep 27, 1999

Misc: (Relevant to OMEGA Command and USS KATANA): Cry havoc

Hidden base, Somewhere in the Orion territory's Darrious was in a rage. The thick set man had already broken the jaw of one of his personal bodyguards and was
Sep 20, 1999
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