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Help Suffering Shia in Kashmir, India - Eid Mubarak

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  • Labbayk YaMahdi
    From: Idara Falah Aam Subject: nis_hussain@rediffmail.com To: hh.okera@yahoo.com Received: Friday, September 10, 2010, 6:59 AM
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2010
      From: Idara Falah Aam <idarafalahaam@...>
      Subject: nis_hussain@...
      To: hh.okera@...
      Received: Friday, September 10, 2010, 6:59 AM


      In fact, Idara is running short of funds. There has been negligible
      donations pouring in due to civil disturbance in Kashmir for the last
      four months . On the other hand, the number of destitute have
      increased substantially. We are passing through  difficult situation
      and pray to Allah for  success. Insha-Allah! we are and shall continue
      to carry on the noble mission with the help of Allah. You may
      hopefully guide us at this juncture.


      Mirza Rafiq Ahmed
      From the Office of Idar e Falah e Aam (Waqf) Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir, India

      Kashmiris as well as Mo'meneen living Abroad - Help Charity Organization that is helping to feed oppressed people of Kashmir!!!

      "Generosity is to help a deserving without his request, and if you help him after his request, then it is either out of self-respect or to avoid rebuke." Saying- 53 from “Nahjul Balagah” by Imam Ali (a.s.)

      Four Months of Curfew, Band, Crackdown, Protest and without enough basic supply. Kashmiri Civilian are suffering. Mazdoor and Middle class people are mostly effected! Help Charity organization of your choice at least $100 per month, so that they can fulfill the needs of widows, sick, family of prisoners, family of martyred, mazdoor who could not work for more than 2 months, middle classes traders who are effected by curfews, bands and Indian Army crackdown.

      Immediate Relief Fund Required for Suffering Kashmiris facing Indian Army Aggression and Siege

      1. Idara Falah e Aam (Waqf), Srinagar,
      Aalamgir Complex Alamgari Bazar, Srinagar Kashmir -190011
      Idara has been granted permission to collect and spend Khums by the Grand Ayatulaah Uzma Syed Ali Sistani and Rehber Mouzum Syed Ali Khamanei.
      Don’t miss the opportunity to fund the Idara by way of Nazir/ Niyaz, Zikat/ khums, Alms and Donations etc.

      Send your contributions to
      IDARA FALAH AAM (Waqf)
      Banking with J K Bank Ltd.
      Business Unit
      ·Alamgari Bazar Srinagar SB A/C - 29050 ·Polo-view, Srinagar   SB A/C - 28562617 
      Magam, Kashmir
      2.Idara Abul Fazal Abbas (a.s.)  
      Magam, Kashmir 193401, India.
      Email: abbaslibrary@...
      Phone: +91 1951272408
      Shoba e Imdaad Mostahkeen
      J&K Bank Magam Acc/No 23827/SB 

      You can also Send your donation directly to the following address.
      State Bank of India (CANADA) Scarborough Branch
      Name: Hashim H. Ali
      Transit # 07192 - Institution # 294
          SWIFT: SBINCATX-A/c # 517 46110500

      You can now Donate by PayPal


      Fund Raising for Empowering Shia Women and Youths in Jammu and Kashmir.
            1.5 Million Shia of Jammu & Kashmir

      Suffer not less than Palestinians!
      Yet Less attention is given!!!
      Indian Army Occupation, Aggression and Violation of Human Rights,
      Azadi (Freedom) Dilemma,
      Salafi - Wahhabi Segregation and Aggression!
      Majority Shias are living in limbo!
      It is shocking to mention most of the Shia Communities in Jammu and Kashmir are living life of Oppression, Depression, Illiteracy and Below Poverty level.

      We Must Help Shia communities today!
      Send your donation directly to the following address.

      State Bank of India (CANADA) Scarborough Branch
      Transit # 07192-Institution # 294
          SWIFT: SBINCATX-A/c # 517 46110500

      You can now Donate by PayPal

      Hashim H.Ali
      511-2727 Victoria Park Ave.E.
      Toronto, ONTARIO M1T 1A6
                                              +1 647 349 4673
      "Our First Support is to strengthen Darul Quran Al Zahra - Women's projects in Lal Bazaar. Darul ul Quran al Zahra has been started in New rental premises with the support of donation of Mo'mineen. To Establish at Mir Behri (Dal Lake) in Srinagar and Zainabia Women Welfare Center in Kargil, Ladhak."
      The Above Women Projects are to empower Women in Islamic Studies, Learn recitation of Holy Quran, Tailoring, Computer skills and other Handcrafts for their earnings. In Future we will establish micro finance scheme to support poor  Shia women.
      If you have any question please contact me directly.

      Muslims "must" unite all over the World
      and pray for the appearance of al Mahdi (r.a.) the Savior of mankind
      descendant of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

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