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As America Made History

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    One of our doctors from IL wrote a poem on the inauguration of President Barak Husain Obama on Jan. 20th 2009 the day America made history with the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2009
      One of our doctors from IL wrote a poem on the inauguration of President Barak Husain Obama on Jan. 20th 2009 the day America made history with the inauguration of the first ever African American to hold the highest Office in land.

      Dr Sadiq was born in Kashmir and has been trained in US. She recently authored a book titled Aim Vertically not Horizontally that can be viewed on Amazon.com
      She says the following about herself.


      I’m a physician by professsional attachement, but am completed by my family and friends. My daughter has taught me about unconditional love, patience. My parents helped me understand selflessness. My elder sister has inspired me as a dedicated mother. My husband has taught me to “ Let Go of somethings you don’t understand”. My wellwishers/friends have accepted me for who I am , and taught me to be nonjudgemental.It’s amazing how everybody around you can help you shape into a complete person.

      My tribute to Obama our new President

      Oh Obama watching your inaugration made me tearful
      My soul however echoed, silly this is just the begining, just be hopeful

      God send this embodiment of diversity
      To fill our hearts with tranquility
      I 'm proud of your name Hussain
      The Prophet 's( PBUH)grand son Who's Tragedy will not go in Vain
      He fought for peace, and Humanity of mankind
      Obama I hope and pray you keep that in Mind
      Barack means spiritual wisdom and blessing transmitted from God
      That for us is the biggest hope that you were sent to us from our lord
      People in Kenya are in awe, and excited
      The hope you have inspired in them makes everyone delighted
      People in England are saying that man of peace is here
      Indonesia is proud of you and feel your presence there
      The whole world is raising the toast of cheers
      The man of diversity is here to answer our prayers
      There was a time when an african american was considered a three fifth of a human
      You challenged that, and and now everyone is saying ' You Go Man "
      Poverty and hunger is a big issue around the world
      Please work on that war, and write that goal in gold
      Nations could never be won over with war
      Try negotiating a peace startegy , which will take you very far
      America is a land of opportunity
      let the world know that we believe in world harmony
      Muslims, christians, buddists, all are one
      Under one umbrella of God, each with a different road to run
      Be the anchor of the world peace, and bring the people together
      Peace helps you to come closer, hatred will just take you away farther
      You have been chosen as the one to connect the world
      Turn it into a nice latticework, with cords of strength that will hold
      There will be no nations but one big family
      kenya, India, south africa, will all be together and happy
      I know you can do it, so please dont let us down
      We count on you baraak obamaa please replace our frustations and frown
      I want to look forward to going to Iran, Iraq, and meet the people like me
      This fuzzy vision, over the course of years have made it difficult for me to see
      That john, or mary or Ismaheel, or muhammed is my relative from another mother
      We all are one , protected under one roof of our father
       HE chose you right now to handle the worldly chaos
      But dont you worry, God has a plan for you, if you follow the directions of heavenly boss
      Say to yourself the world is my home, and people are my family
      I'll work on integrating them, and turn it into one big assembly
      Hope, peace, change on earth is my Motto
      I will work hard towards it, starting pronto

      Peace on Earth

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