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895428th of Safar, Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Hasan a.s.

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  • Zuhair Mehdi
    Jan 10, 2013
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      28th of Sāfar, Martyrdom Anniversary of Hazrat Imam Hasan Ibn Ali ibn Abu Talib a.s the son of the First Imām Ali ibn Abu Talib a.s. and Bibi Fatima s.a. and Grandson of Holy Prophet, Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him. Our condolences to Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him), the Ahl-e-Bait a.s and to all the Momineen and Mominaat...

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      Paikan baras rahay hai taboot pay Hassan a.s. kai.
      Ummat mita rahi hai, asar Panjatan kai.

      Baba kay dilke tukrey, too'ney ginnay bahatter
      Tukray hazaar hongay, Qasim a.s. tere badan kai.

      Taboot say lipat ker, Qasim a.s. pukaray baba
      Aanso akhi keh daikho, Nohay suno bahen kai.

      Zainab s.a. pukari bhai, dil doobta hai mera
      Oghlo na dil k tukray, sadkay gayee dahan kai.

      aakhir ke hishkion mein, Shabbar ney rookey choomay
      Shabbir ka ga gaala aur, bazoo bari behan kai.

      Zainab s.a. hai baal kholay, ummat hai teer toolay
      Poocho na Shaam kee jab, yeh haal hain watan kai.

      Tan'par tou hai Hassan k, go chidd gaya hai sara
      Mohtaag he rahengay, Shabbir tou kafaan kei. 

      jal jaey ga bil'akher gher fatima s.a. ka Zainab s.a 
      bazoo tumharey hongeh paiichoo'n mein aik rasan kai

      Shabber s.a. ney jeetay jee na Qasim ka bia daikha
      daikhey na kaaley kaprey aik raat kee dulhan kai 

      Baitul Nabi sey haaey utha'hay abhi janaza 
      yasrab kee bastion mein jaghray hein phir dafan kai 

      Moula Nisaar apni shamsheer kion uthaa'tay
      Jabkeh wo janashee'n thay Peghamber e aman kai

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