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Re: Prequel Trilogy

eh, I wasn't that impressed. Entertained, yes. Betancourt is a decent enough talespinner but D & O seem almost charicatures. The books are more like
John W. George
Feb 13, 2004

Prequel Trilogy

Has anybody read the Amber prequel trilogy yet? Only the first two books are currently available. They are: 1) The Dawn of Amber 2) Chaos and Amber 3) To Rule
Mike Tannhauser
Feb 12, 2004

Greetings from Somewhere in Shadow

Hello, just joined your group and so would like to introduce myself. I live in the Southwestern US, work as a computer operator, have very diverse interests.
John W. George
Jan 21, 2004

Zelazny's Amber

I am starting an Amber Diceless RPG based on Roger Zelazny's Amber Saga, in which I will also include worlds and characters from many of Zelazny's other novels
Black Sabbath
Jan 14, 2004

Re: Consequences of Primal Chaos

... From the group description: "This group is for open, moderated discussion of Roger Zelazny's Amber and Amber-related stories, and other supporting
Feb 26, 2002

Re: Consequences of Primal Chaos

"arrefmak" wrote: ... ... Yeah, I personally feel it'd be a bit like seeing another country use nukes
Emmet Harris
Feb 26, 2002

Re: Consequences of Primal Chaos

... Several answers work for me: 1. Primal Chaos is present in the Abyss and Beyond, moving/summoning it involves using the Logrus or other arcane force to
Feb 26, 2002

Consequences of Primal Chaos

How do people see Chaosian politics and wars panning-out, given that some Lords of Chaos (most Logrus masters - canonically?) have Primal Chaos? Is P.C. used
Emmet Harris
Feb 25, 2002


So what topics would we like to start with?
Feb 25, 2002
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