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Re: [zookeeper] Re: fight or flight response

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  • Brad Lympany
    Mitzi, I can t really answer your ? as to whether or not adults are used in the tv/movie industry. However, when i attended the EATM program at Moorpark
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 1, 2006
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      I can't really answer your ? as to whether or not adults are used in the tv/movie industry.  However, when i attended the EATM program at Moorpark College in Southern California, we had several older raccoons that were regularly trained.  These individuals were somewhat aged and retired, but they were still worked hands on, and had been so throughout their lives.
      Brad Lympany
      elephant/rhinoceros dept.
      North Carolina Zoo

      hemlockett <hemlockett@...> wrote:
      Brad, Im curious....are the raccoons used in the entertainment
      industry juveniles or adults?
      I ask because I watched "Rascal" by Disney. They used several
      different juveniles in the making of this film, even in the end when
      it was released back into the wild. No adults seen anywhere in the
      I dont see raccoons on tv programs...maybe a Burger King Commercial
      or a Wendy's commercial (those were juveniles) and was wondering it
      there is a reason I havent seen adult coons in the entertainment
      I have no doubt that a raccoon can be trained. They are certainly
      one of the most intelligent species around. I would think that
      someone that has only trained "a couple of dogs" does not have the
      kind of professional training or experience needed to be able to
      manage one of these animals. They have a tendency to be able to "out-
      think" you. And yes, I agree, hes in for one nasty eye-opener. They
      are fierce fighters.

      --- In zookeeper@yahoogrou ps.com, Brad Lympany <kekopey@... > wrote:
      > Mitzi,
      > Raccoons are quite commonly trained for tv and movie work and
      are very adaptable. Most of this training is done on the west
      coast where raccoons are not as susceptible to rabies as their
      eastern counterparts. I wouldn't say that they are more or less
      likely to bite than any other animal, and the flight or flight
      response is not limited to any specific genre of animals. In fact,
      this behavioral response is routinely exhibited by domestic animals
      and humans. While i wouldn't compare any raccoon to a domestic dog,
      well trained raccoons are not necessarily aggressive; and aggression
      varies between species and individuals. However if the
      aforementioned persons pedigree is limited to dog training and
      positive reinforcement they will probably be in for a long and bumpy
      ride or a very unpleasant surprise down the road. Teaching his
      raccoon to "mind" him is a very anthropomorphic approach to behavior
      and justifies your concerns.
      > To answer your last question, most any wildlife biology or
      animal behavior book will have some good information on your
      subject. If you have the time your best resource is probably the
      library at your local university if you want to find reliable
      information on the subject.
      > Thank you for submitting a good question to the group and i hope
      this information will help guide you in your efforts.
      > Joe,
      > Food aggression is a serious behavioral problem for domestic as
      well as exotic animals.
      > Brad Lympany
      > elephant/rhinoceros dept.
      > North Carolina Zoo
      > joe cooke <dadcooke2000@ ...> wrote:
      > Mitzi,
      > Any idiot knows any animal can bite. I have a toothless
      chichiwa that snaps at other dogs getting near his food.
      > hemlockett <hemlockett@ ...> wrote:
      > Hi. I rehabilitate raccoons and have been talking with a
      gentleman who
      > believes he can train his raccoon (has only had it a month)
      to "mind".
      > He refuses to believe that this animal is capable of harming him
      if he
      > "trains" it correctly and interacts with it on a daily basis and
      > positive reinforcement. He is comparing this species to domestic
      > he has trained in the past.
      > I live with them and I know better. I also have the scars to prove
      > otherwise...
      > I was wondering if any of you had a really good online or otherwise
      > easily accessible resource on the fight or flight response in wild
      > mammals.
      > I certainly would appreciate it.
      > Mitzi Mobley
      > Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
      > N. Florida
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