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Internship - Vokietaite iesko pas ka atlikti praktikos darbus

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  • OA/ Kultūros artelė
    Hello, I m Urte, Emilijas daughter. I m studying Fine Art Studies and Philosophy at the Universität Bremen since two years. For this study we have to
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 6, 2009

    I'm Urte, Emilijas daughter. I'm studying Fine Art Studies and Philosophy at the Universität Bremen since two years.  For this study we have to complete an internship. I would like to complete this internship in Vilnius for improving my Lithuanian language skills. The optimal period of time would be from the 1st of February till the last of April, when this is possible. I would prefer to work in any kind of art institution, as well museum as gallery. I can help to organize, prepare or  accompany exhibitions. Another possibility would be to guide exhibitions- my Lithuanian is not that bad and my English as well and of course I can speak German- so I could guide in different languages. Gallery work would fit as well. I would prefer some management stuff in this area-  communicating with sources and stuff like this- but preparing presentations and selling would  be fit as well. Actually I'm allowed to do everything connected with art  presentation. The only thing I can't do, because of my insufficient Lithuanian language knowledge, is museum press work.

    Thank you a lot for your big help. I'm looking forward to hear something from you.

    King regards, Urte

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