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My Estonia pamastymai (ir pavyzdys)

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Aèiû visiems, dalyvavusiems London lietuviø susitikime su Minèiø sodo dalyviais, ir ypatingas aèiû Andriui Kasparavièiui. Ðiandien Franz Nahrada
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 26, 2009
      Ačiū visiems, dalyvavusiems London lietuvių susitikime su "Minčių sodo"
      dalyviais, ir ypatingas ačiū Andriui Kasparavičiui. Šiandien Franz
      Nahrada atsiuntė informaciją apie tautinį renginį "mano Estija", kuris
      vyks gegužės 1mą, ketina įtraukti 100,000 žmonių aptarti, kaip pagerinti
      Estijos gyvenimą. Šaunu. Andrius Kulikauskas

      Let's do it! My Estonia -- Teeme ära! Minu Eesti

      What is Let's do it! My Estonia?

      Let's do it! My Estonia is a civil initiative with the objective of
      gathering 100 000 active people to a brainstorming event on 1 May 2009,
      in order to together make Estonia better.

      The aim of the brainstorming event is to find good and creative
      solutions to Estonia's everyday problems and to find the people to
      execute these ideas from among ourselves.

      The first project of the Let's do it! civil initiative, called Let's do
      it! 2008, brought together 50 000 volunteers and helped clean Estonia of
      waste. Having received a great dose of enthusiasm from the Estonian
      people's ability to make big things happen, the Let's do it! team
      launched a new project -- the My Estonia brainstorming event.

      For this purpose, we are gathering 400 brainstorming chambers in
      cultural centres, schools and other popular establishments all over
      Estonia on the 1st of May, where everyone is welcome to express their
      ideas, to discuss and to find solutions to pressing problems. At the
      same time, it is possible to hold discussions on the themes in virtual
      brainstorming chambers on the My Estonia website and in the
      brainstorming chambers organised by Estonian communities throughout the
      world. In addition, we are expecting people to organise themselves in
      innumerable brainstorming chambers created by people themselves -- in
      the self-initiated or free brainstorming chambers where there will be no
      brainstorming action leaders prepared by the Let's do it! team.

      Brainstorming chambers, chamber leaders and brainstorming action leaders

      On the 1st of May, 400 brainstorming chambers will open their doors all
      over Estonia: at schools, cultural centres and other public spaces where
      people are used to come together. A brainstorming chamber is a place
      where discussions are held, using the Open Space principle, and where a
      supportive environment is created for generation of good ideas.

      A chamber leader is a local person who cares about the wellbeing of his
      or her community and who sincerely wishes to contribute towards a better
      future for Estonia. The chamber leader selects 3 themes of nation-wide
      significance from among the themes proposed to him or her and these
      themes will be discussed in that particular brainstorming chamber. You
      can find the call for chamber leaders on http://www.minueesti.ee/?leht=5,43

      A brainstorming action leader is a person who has received training on
      the open space method and whose responsibility it will be to carry out
      the brainstorming session both in terms of content and methodology. It
      will be his or her task to create an open and inspiring environment for
      the generation of ideas, to lead and coordinate discussions, where
      necessary for the sake of clearer results, and to compile a written
      e-summary of the discussions after the session is over. The call for
      brainstorming action leaders is available at:

      Active people are welcome to become chamber leaders and brainstorming
      action leaders!

      What will the brainstorming day look like?

      The brainstorming day will last from 10AM to 4PM and will comprise
      several parts, during which, using the open space method, discussions
      are held on one issue of local/regional importance as well as on three
      topics of nation-wide relevance. In open space, participants themselves
      will pose specific questions under the pre-proposed large themes and
      will invite other chamber members to find solutions to these questions
      in discussion circles held simultaneously. People will have an
      opportunity to participate in several discussion circles and to share
      their ideas and views. The main results of each discussion circle will
      be presented in a joint final gathering and an electronic summary will
      be made based on these main discussion results. Some summaries will also
      be transformed into video summaries.

      10.00 Brainstorming chambers are opened
      10.00-10.30 Participants arrive
      10.30 Brainstorming event begins and chamber leader and brainstorming
      action leader give
      their greetings
      11.00- 14.00 Discussion circles begin
      Discussion circle I from 11 to 12.30, discussion circle II from 12.30 to
      14.00-15.00 Time for summarising
      The leader of each discussion circle will make a short summary of the
      main results achieved by the circle
      15.00-15.30 Videotaping and transmission of summaries

      Brainstorming themes

      The themes to be discussed have been prepared by the most recognised
      Estonian social scientists and specialists of various spheres of life.
      Altogether, there are 18 nation-wide themes.

      In formulation of the themes, the underlieing idea has been that they
      should reflect people's main needs and in addition to the expression of
      one's opinions related to a certain issue, it should be possible to
      actually do something about it. For the sake of facilitation of finding
      solutions, all questions to be discussed at the brainstorming sessions
      will start with the question word „how”.

      It is vital that people would be discussing issues that matter to them!
      On the My Estonia website at www.minueesti.ee, all questions asked under
      each theme are only examples of how it would be possible to discuss the
      particular theme. The aim of these questions is to illustrate and
      inspire the action leaders of brainstorming sessions as well as
      participants, in order to search for ideas, cooperation opportunities
      and solutions to the problems of the society in the course of the
      discussions held.

      The discussion forum located on the Let's do it! My Estonia website
      offers a possibility to discuss all themes prior to the brainstorming day!

      The nation-wide themes of the brainstorming sessions are the following:
      Next generations, children and family
      Fit and healthy old age
      Security and caring
      Coping with stress
      Health, sport, and meaningful recreation
      Enterprise and jobs
      Estonia's image
      Cooperation and teamwork
      Self-confidence, trust and positivism
      Values and culture
      Education and lifelong learning
      Creativity, openness and spirit of innovation
      Governance culture
      Natural treasures
      Mobility and transportation
      City life
      Country life
      Using the natural resources

      An example of an explanatory note to a theme: „Country life“
      Country life as lifestyle. Many yesterday's city inhabitants have moved
      to the country in the last years. Enterpreneurship also has a different
      angle in the country: agriculture, farm tourism. We've also got many
      city people who own land in the country: a little forest, field or
      cottage. People living in the country have also got somewhat different
      needs and problems than those who live in towns, for example those
      concerning transportation issues, jobs being in short supply and located
      too far from home, schools and hobby groups are scarce and too far.
      Examples of possible questions that brainstorming participants could
      raise at brainstorming sessions:
      1.How to make life in the country more lively?
      2.How could village societies and other local community unions solve
      local developmental needs?
      3.How to use rural support schemes wisely and effectively?
      More information on all themes is available at:

      What will happen after the 1st of May?

      Not a single idea will disappear. All results of brainstorming chambers
      will be archived at the My Estonia website and will be available for
      everyone to pick up and make them happen.

      In short, we believe that in all brainstorming chambers, two kinds of
      ideas will be generated on the 1st of May:

      1. Many feasible ideas are generated so that the people that came up
      with them can instantly start executing them with a small initiative
      group. These will be called the „small Let's do it! ideas“.

      2. More comprehensive ideas are created and these will need more social
      contemplation, debates and planning. The carry-through of these ideas
      will require the colloaboration, agreement and cooperativeness of
      different social groups. Debates on this kind of ideas will begin once
      the experts of the My Estonia analysis team have, during the summer
      months, regrouped the broader ideas into thematic groups and given an
      expert evaluation to the feasibility of the ideas.
      The My Estonia team will help find people to carry through all broad
      ideas but we are certain that many leaders to initiate the execution of
      ideas will also emerge on the 1st of May.

      At the end of 2009, everyone in Estonia will have an opportunity to give
      their support to broad projects that we will altogether make happen the
      next year!

      Who will execute the ideas?

      After the 1st of May, there will hopefully be a large crowd of active
      people -- leaders who are willing to carry through the received ideas in
      cooperation with other people. The My Estonia team will support these
      people with advice and support, asking experts for recommendations and
      acting as mediators between active people with similar experiences.

      When will registration to brainstorming sessions begin?

      Registration to the My Estonia brainstorming session will begin on 1st
      of April. Registration is open on the My Estonia website on
      www.minueesti.ee as well as in all libraries in Estonia with the help of
      library staff.

      To register, you will need to form a team of at least 3 people, in order
      to facilitate cooperation and motivate people to come to participate in
      the brainstorming event with their families, colleagues and friends.

      Thinkers with no teams will be able to find brainstorming mates with the
      help of the www.minueesti.ee forum.

      Who form the initiative group and the My Estonia team?

      The project team comprises many professionals and specialists from very
      different spheres of life and from the public, private and third sector,
      the majority of whom are volunteers.

      You are welcome to meet the project team at

      The leaders of the main teams are:
      Eva Truuverk, project coordinator, eva@..., 59 091 031
      Anneli Ohvril, communication manager, anneli@..., 59 091 111
      Ain Aaviksoo, analysis team leader, ain@... 59 091 074
      Geroli Peedu, theme team leader, geroli@..., 59 022 928
      Kaia Roots, communities team leader, kaia@..., 59 091138
      Kaia-Kaire Hunt, training and brainstorming action leaders team leader,
      kaiakaire@..., 59 091 112
      Kairi Rebane, IT-team leader, kairi@..., 59 091 060
      Kersti Käbin, logistics and registration team leader,
      kkersti@..., 59 091 110
      Liane Raave, legal team leader, liane@..., 59 091 141

      The My Estonia project advisory board comprises almost 20 open thinkers
      and reknown actors of different spheres of life:
      Ahti Heinla, co-founder of Skype, author of the Let's do it! 2008 map
      Ain Järv, director of Look at the World Foundation (Vaata Maailma SA)
      Andrus Aaslaid, development platform evangelist of Microsoft Eesti
      Arti Ots, marketing director of AS Elion
      Enn Saar, chairman of the board of Microlink Eesti AS
      Hannes Astok, MP
      Marek-Andres Kauts, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications,
      assistant to the Minister
      Maarja Mändmaa, chairman of the board of AS Hoolekandeteenused
      Margus Püüa, head of department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and
      Peeter Jalakas, director of the Theatre Von Krahl, play director,
      theatre innovator
      Piret Mürk-Dubout, marketing director of AS EMT
      Rainer Nõlvak, initiator of Let's do it! 2008 and Let's do it! My Estonia
      Tõnu Grünberg, development and technology director of AS EMT
      Toomas Trapido, MP
      Urmo Kübar, managing director of the Network of Estonian Nonprofit
      Organisations (EMSL)
      Valdo Kalm, director general and chairman of the board of AS EMT
      Ville Jehe, chairman of the board of AS Delfi

      Who are the project partners and supporters?

      To date, the following actors have joined the My Estonia project as

      Members of the team -- EMT, Elion, MicroLink, Skype, VITA Grupp, Delfi,
      Praxis, TTÜ Centre of Economic Education, Carat, Theatre von Krahl,
      Glimstedt Straus & Partnerid, EMSL, Look at the World Foundation (Vaata
      Maailma SA).

      State institutions -- State Chancellery, State Audit Office, Estonian
      Informatics Centre, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Economic
      Affairs and Communications, bureau of the Minister Urve Palo, Ministry
      of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

      Various organisations and enterprises -- National Foundation of Civil
      Society, Estonian Cooperation Assembly, the Year of Innovation team,
      EAS, Estonian Development Fund, E-Academy, Swedbank, the US embassy in
      Estonia, Eesti Energia, Sampo Bank, SEB, Uniprint, Papyrus, Jugaste
      Liiva Seimann, Estonian National Library.

      Media partners -- Estonian National Broadcasting (ERR), Eesti Päevaleht,
      Äripäev, Kanal 2, MTV, Postimees, Delfi, Eesti Ekspress, TV3, Trio LSL.

      The project is financed by the National Foundation of Civil Society,
      Eesti Telekom, the European Commission through the State Chancellery.

      The objective of the project Let's do it! My Estonia is to create
      conditions for carrying through a great nation-wide brainstorming
      session and for the execution of the ideas generated. In implementing
      this sizeable task, everyone's moral and material support is of great
      help. We are eager to cooperate with different offices and
      organisations, companies and non-profit organisations.

      The contact person for partners:
      Eva Truuverk
      Project coordinator
      tel: 59 091 031
      e-mail: eva@...


      The contact persons of the My Estonia project:

      Eva Truuverk
      Project coordinator
      tel: 59 091 031
      e-mail: eva@...

      Anneli Ohvril
      Communication manager
      tel: 59 091 111
      e-mail: anneli@...

      In addition to My Estonia, the last year's Let's do it! 2008 has grown
      three other sister projects:

      The „Bank of Happiness” („Õnnepank“) project. Coordinator: Birgit
      Tolmann, birgit-56@...; 51 088 51. www.onnepank.ee

      The ”All on Bicycles!” (”Rattarikkaks”) project. Coordinator: Mari
      Jüssi, mari@..., 56 482 733.

      The „Come Along” („Ole kaasas“) project. Coordinators: Ain Järv and
      Kristi Kivilo, Vaata Maailma SA (Look at the World Foundation),
      ain@... and kristi@....

      Let's make Estonia better together!
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