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Minčių sodo programa Londone

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Today we re greeting Minciu Sodas members flying into London! I share more information about today and this week. Please call me or write me or join us if you
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2009
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      Today we're greeting Minciu Sodas members flying into London! I share
      more information about today and this week. Please call me or write me
      or join us if you are interested! Andrius, ms@...

      Andrius's phone number is: +44 7548 126 374
      See also: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?London for information.

      Tuesday, March 24:
      10:30 Andrius Kulikauskas and Rachel Wambui Kungu meet at Victoria station.
      11:35 Heathrow they greet Samwel Kongere on Emirates flight EK001from Dubai.
      13:15 At Heathrow they greet Franz Nahrada on British Airways flight
      BA0697 from Vienna.
      15:00 or thereabouts they check in Samwel at Pickadilly Backpackers
      Hotel, 12 Sherwood Street
      16:00 Andrius meets Zenonas Anusauskas and Irena Buinickaite at the
      EasyBus stop on Baker street near Marylebone Road. They travel to their
      hotel room at: 39 Chatsworth Rd, Kilburn, 208 459 6203, near the Kilburn
      tube station and shop for food.
      20:00 Franz Nahrada and Pamela McLean meet where he's staying at the
      Bedford Hotel, Southampton Row, just south of Russell Square
      20:50 Heathrow, Andrius greets Ana Ilic Lagundzin and Zdenka Mrkailo on
      Lufthansa # 4742 from Frankfurt and travels with them to Claudia's near
      the Angel tube station

      Wednesday, March 25:
      10:30-10:45 We meet at the Angel tube station
      11:00 We go to The Hub Islington
      Candid Arts, 5 Torrens Street near the Angel tube stop, Tel: 20 7841 8900.
      We then find a place for lunch where Graham can show us DIY Solar.
      13:00 - 13:45 Andrius, Franz, Rachel, Samwel, Graham visit John Caswell
      of Group Partners and his team. John Caswell works with corporations to
      draw large diagrams that clarify their business assumptions. We might
      perhaps organize global teams for them to provide public input on such
      assumptions and even public action. 32 St James's Street, London, SW1A
      1HD (between Green Park and Piccadilly Circus tube stations).
      15:00 We all visit George Auckland, Head of Innovation of the BBC, ,
      Room MC3 B1, The Media Centre, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TQ, The
      nearest station is White City on the Central Line or Wood Lane on the
      Hammersmith and City Line.
      Afterwards, more time for Graham Knight and others.
      19:00-23:00 Andrius Kasparavicius has organized for us a meeting with
      London's Lithuanians at The Long Acre, 1-3 Long Acre, near the Leicester
      Square tube station. Our topic is "nationhood and independent thinkers"

      # Thursday, March 26: COMMUNIA meeting, New Academic Building, London
      School of Economics, http://www.communia-project.eu
      # Friday, March 27: COMMUNIA meeting; Franz travels on to Oekonux
      Manchester and looks for others to travel together.
      # Saturday, March 28: OpenKnowledgeFoundation (We are giving 15 minute
      talks in the afternoon.
      Saturday night: Synergy Centre launch, Rick Nelson and Anne Wirstad will
      be there!
      # Sunday, March 29: Vintage Vogue Fashion Show
      # Monday, March 30: Ana, Zdenka return home. Visit Autonomous London? or
      the British museum? Tentatively: 16.00 meeting with LeonBenjamin about
      # Tuesday, March 31: Zenonas, Tomas, Irena, Andrius, Samwel, and Fred
      fly home
      # Wednesday, April 8: Rachel flies home


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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