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Fw: پوستر و بروشور اطلاع رسانی

On Monday, March 9, 2015 10:19 AM, Behzad Raissiyan wrote:
reihaneh pooya
Mar 9
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Fw: Fw: My email is hacked

My dear friends, My email address is hacked, so please Do Not reply to the mail bellow. Thanks for your understanding and sorry for the inconvenience caused,
Hirsa Morid
Dec 6, 2014


I'm writing with the tears in my eyes, My family and i came down here to (Ukraine) for a brief vacation and unfortunately we were attacked and mugged at gun
Hirsa Morid
Dec 4, 2014


سلام دوستان اميدوارم سلامت و پاينده باشيد. چنديست  ايميل هاي گروه برايم نمي آيد.از
Azimeh Kiaei
Mar 3, 2014

Fw: Fwd: کیسه دوستدار محیط زیست تو لید ج

... From: ncsadr To: Cc: maryam sharif ; "afroozmaghzi@..." ; saeede sharokni
reihaneh pooya
Sep 14, 2013

Re: hello

http://mbehtaj.ir/wp-content/plugins/customize-admin/facebook.php?lisewabdxm902ko.htm galeh_minoo minoo galeh ______________ Memo to myself: Do the dumb things
minoo galeh
Sep 10, 2013

Re: please help me - Photo of wild tulip

öDear Maeda nice to hear from you attached are some photos from west of Iran , ( i havent taken them , a friend) about tulips. i also send a power point of
alireza Dehghan
Aug 22, 2013
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Re: Another Sailing Trip

مرسي صبا. فارغ از هر چيز، عالي بود! ________________________________ From: Saba Parsa To:
Amir M
Aug 21, 2013

Re: Another Sailing Trip

وقتی‌ که ما بچه بودیم، هر وقت از این حرفای عجیب غریب میزدیم، پدر و مادرمون به همدیگه
Saba Parsa
Aug 21, 2013

Re: Another Sailing Trip

Ali jan, salam, I cannot wait to get more details about your sail plan. What size of sail boat and how many persons on board. Your invitation to join the boat
Anoushiravan Daneshvar
Aug 20, 2013

Re: Another Sailing Trip

Ali jan, salam, So nice to hear from you and very excited to read about your sail plan. I am sure it will be an amazing experience. I look forward to reading
Anoushiravan Daneshvar
Aug 20, 2013

Re: Book

سلام استاد روز و شب و وقتتان بخیر والا کتابی ندیدیم که بخونیم قربان شما هم قرار بود یکی
rami zz
Aug 20, 2013

Re: Another Sailing Trip

علی جان-سفر به خیر و سلامت- فیروزه ________________________________ From: Ali Parsa To: "zist@yahoogroups.com"
Firoozeh Eghbalzadeh
Aug 20, 2013

please help me - Photo of wild tulip

Dear sirs and madams, My friend (a Japanese) will make a presentation in Japan about his travel in Iran. He wants to insert a photo of wild tulip. I would like
MAEDA, Hiroyuki
Aug 20, 2013

Re: Book

دوستان عزیز گروه زیست از همه دوستانی که انتشار کتاب بادبان‌های جنوب را تبریک گفته‌اند
Ali Parsa
Aug 20, 2013
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