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Re: Z2 arrived

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  • mungewell
    ... Apparrently it does support the Thick MAC that enables the OLPC to mesh whilst the main processor is IDLE .
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 22, 2007
      --- In zipitwireless@yahoogroups.com, "mungewell" <mungewell@...> wrote:
      > The FCC documnent that shows it's got a 88W8686 which is actually
      > 802.11a/b/g capable, with integrated ARM processor (don't know if this
      > can support TCP/Meshing without main proc ala OLPC).

      Apparrently it does support the 'Thick MAC' that enables the OLPC to
      mesh whilst the main processor is 'IDLE'.

      Apparently the Marvell 88w8388 WLAN chip (with advanced 802.11 a/b/g
      RF transceiver) was selected at least partly for its inherently
      low-power operation. The 88w8388 includes a built-in ARM CPU and a
      "thick MAC" stack, giving it the ability to relieve the AMD Geode host
      CPU of TCP/IP stack-handling chores. Consequently, the 88w8388 also
      has the ability to forward packets (e.g., within in the WLAN mesh)
      even when the host CPU is in the S3/off state, resulting in
      considerable power savings over conventional WLAN chips (like the
      Atheros chip considered previously). This is old news.

      Newer news, however, is that a later chip, the Marvell 88W8686,
      maintains these capabilities with even less power consumption (under
      400 mW) and smaller footprint (50 square mm), at least partly because
      it is implemented at 90nm instead of 0.15 microns

      Note that this meshing technology is based around the draft 802.11s spec.

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