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Re: [zipitwireless] questions about OpenZipIt ramdsik.gz content (lost+found, st* files, audio)

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  • Brian Bulkowski
    Jean-michel -- I don t have answers for any of your questions. I don t know why your file sizes are showing up as unusual - and I don t know how an empty
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 26, 2006
      Jean-michel --

      I don't have answers for any of your questions. I don't know why your file sizes are showing up as unusual - and I don't know how an empty directory could show up as having a long size - when I do ls -l on a directory, it always shows up as no size. If you are using some kind of graphical tool to measure sizes, I suspect it might get confused.

      I never looked at the /usr/bin files. I never used audio, and I never used the serial port for my projects. (My project focused on WiFi). Perhaps the rest of the group will be able to help.

      Good luck

      Barbudor wrote:


      Thanks to Brian, I have been able to make some
      changes on ramdisk.gz and play a little with OpenZipit.

      I have a few questions:

      1/ There is a lost+found directory in / which is size is quite important
      Why is that ?
      I though that lost+found was a place where the file system was gathering
      orphean sectors (like msdos's chkdsk was creating FILEnnnn.CHK)
      If this is true, why is this directory is both empty but listed a so big ?
      As a general question, I cannot understand why a directory can be empty
      and so big...

      2/ What are those st* files (0 bytes ?) in /usr/bin ?
      Can I remove them ?

      3/ Audio does not work very well on my side.
      I used go2 script to start audio drivers but :
      - freebase generate a jerky sound (2 sec ok, 1 sec bad) either playing
      a mp3 file monted through NFS or connecting a web radio
      - madplay stop on error "audio: /dev/dsp/: no such device"
      while /dev/dsp is really here!

      4/ ramdisk.gz file
      Original ramdisk.gz file is 1 274 380 bytes
      I made my own ramdisk, removing weechat.
      But my ramdisk.gz (gzip -9) is 1 275 500 bytes.
      du confirm that my rootf is smaller (2741 blocks) than the
      original one (2970 blocks).
      Why is my ramdisk.gz larger that the orginal one as I have
      removed a 229KB file ?

      5/ What is the device for the serial link ?

      Sorry for all these newbie questions.
      I have still lot of things to learn about Linux.

      Thanks for your help.

      Best regards,

      Jean-Michel (aka barbudor).

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