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95Re: ssh or porting other apps (was: hackability of the zipit?)

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  • ZipItPet
    Mar 1, 2005
      > As to how I flashed my Zipit, I have ZipitPet to thank.
      > The only reliable way atm is via the serial port. It is not easy to
      > solder to. So your choices are to wait for ZipitPet's wireless
      > flashing method, or solder on 5 wires and build a MAX233A

      I've added more info to my webpage (including marked up versions of
      the scans from Andrew)


      I've also added a poll to measure the interest in different hacking

      There are several options:

      Willing to attempt the hardware 5 wire soldering trick
      Willing to attempt the software only trick, and am prepared to do
      the (easier) 3 wire version soldering trick if the ROM gets screwed
      Willing to attempt the software only trick, and won't complain if I
      have to throw out my $100 Zipit if the ROM gets screwed up
      Do nothing right now, maybe later
      No interest in hacking the Zipit

      If you are interested in hacking the Zipit in the next month or two
      time frame, it is important you vote.
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