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New to ZipIt z2

Hello, so im new to the zipit z2 and yahoo groups, been on the net since 1995 Aand this is my first yahoo group :). Anyways I just flashed my zipit with uboot
Jul 30, 2012

Call it HAM faith

Because I have pretty good faith in other HAMS opinions, so I layer your answers over top the general answers a google search would give me. Maybe HAM filter
Bryan Walker
Apr 20, 2012

Re: Hello from a new member.

... I have a 2-gig micro SD card inside of a micro-to-mini adapter. 'gcc' has been loaded onto it and I barely touched the amount of free disk space. If you
Rusty Haddock
Apr 18, 2012

Re: Hello from a new member.

Awesome Rusty! Thanks for the short tutorial! I am doing this with an eye toward possible EMCOM use. I have 7 wrt54g nodes for my HAM mesh. I hope to use the
Apr 18, 2012

Re: Hello from a new member.

... FWIW, IYGARA... I got 'gcc' loaded onto my Z2 and then compiled the sources of 'olsrd'. Once that was running I used the config' file from one of my
Rusty Haddock
Apr 17, 2012

Hello from a new member.

A while back I played with the ZipIt2 just for the fun of hacking linux onto something else. I messed around with MESH networking, now I want to pick that idea
Apr 5, 2012

the zipit2 is still very much alive and growing

I did a lot of work on the zipit1 and now i'm starting to get into the zipit 2. I have 2 z2's so far. the most active area I've found is to get onto IRC and
Apr 4, 2012

Newbie Question on Z1

I just bought a batch of Z1s off ebay. I want to be able to use them as chat clients on a closed LAN. Essentially as a simple chat between rooms in a
Nov 30, 2011

zipit2 with 1MB microsd+adapter w/ubuntu running - $40

Hi, For sale $40 - my hacked zipit2 - never found a full need for it, its been sitting in my desk and needs a home: Originally inspired by
Todd Stiers
Oct 3, 2011

Re: New to a Zipit

Have you tried it on another router? I only had about a 5 min experience of the factory zipit z2,till I flashed it.But I would try it on another router.Like
Akrons Secret
Oct 2, 2011

New to a Zipit

I recently became the owner of a fresh-from-the-package Zipit Z1, and I've quite satisfied so far. However, I've been having some issues [Great Issues] Over
Jun 25, 2011

Re: Help with flashing

... Are you running as root? Warner
Warner Losh
Jun 14, 2011

Help with flashing

Ok, I'm trying to install linux on my Zipit (not a Z2), following the instructions on http://www.aibohack.com/zipit/reflash.htm. I'm having 2 issues that I'm
Jun 14, 2011


Hey all I fixed it after a long period of gathering dust. The first issue was the sd card so watch out for sandisk 2gb microsd cards made in taiwan. 2nd was
Akrons Secret
Apr 3, 2011


I think my zipit z2 may be bricked. I have formatted a 2gb card as ext2 with a 256mb swap partition in linux then tarred the rootnexus userland to it as root
Akrons Secret
Mar 21, 2011
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