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introducing Everybody Loves Irene: indonesian organic trip-hop band (free mp3s download available)

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  • Sayap Imaji
    introducing Everybody Loves Irene: indonesian organic trip-hop band (free mp3s download available) BIOGRAPHY EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE was born in 1998. It all
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005

      introducing Everybody Loves Irene: indonesian organic trip-hop band (free mp3s download available)




      EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE was born in 1998.  It all started with a band named Gooton, consisting Yudhi Arfani (guitar), Dimas Anindityo (bass), and Mulyadi Triharsono (drum) when they were only in junior high school!  All three grew to become friends in the same scene that popped up several britpop’s gigs, popular in Jakarta at that time.  However, the band went without permanent vocalist. 


      After some time, in 2001 the boys met Irene Yohanna, a girl with remarkable voice.  Her voice trully made a break.  All the boys loved it.  Even more, everybody loves Irene!  This in fact is the exact sentence that became the name of the band EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE.  She soon became the main icon of this band.


      With spare-backing tracks and emotional yet wrenching vocal, EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE play music for times when ecstasy wears off and the tingle becomes a chill. It's a dance noir for those too world-weary to move.


      Their music quality got even more enriched when Aulia Naratama (synthetizer) and Nurendro Siwiaji (keyboard) joined the band. This is the last, perfect and solid format for the band to produce new, great songs like “Memento Mori”, “Gravity Always Win”, “Try Try Try”, “The Lullaby Show”, and the list goes on.


      EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE's music might sound like ‘seen as a really unhappy world’. On its creative process, it admits that it is mostly inspired by some talented musicians like Emiliana Torrini, Goldfrapp, Air, Mono, Sneaker Pimps, Portishead, Anjali, Radiohead, Cocteau Twins, Sigur Ros, The Smiths, Bloc Party, and some other great musicians that cannot be mentioned one by one.


      This would make them an eclectic indie-pop band with lot of organic trip-hop influences that touches a view element of multi-layered electronica sounds. It will reveal such dark ambience when these young acts is started to perform their non-standard songwriting. EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE has created lunatic fans among the music lovers, regarding the quantity of presenting themselves in some local events that they have participated.


      Among these times, EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE has already independently released a highly-appreciated EP entitled, “Uncertainty, Anxiety, and All the Sorrow in this World” as their first musical journey in September 2004. They also has participated in some local compilation album, including a nation-wide movie original soundtrack. Right now they’re still working in a professional studio to finishing their first full-length album materials entitled, “The Very First Thing You Must Learn About Flying Is Gravity”.


      Another thing that we can say is that if you're making out at home or pining home alone, EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE is the most appropriate one to leisure.



      Irene Yohanna – vocal / Yudhi Arfani – guitar / Dimas Anindityo – bass /

      Nurendro Siwiaji – keyboard / Aulia Naratama – synthetizer / Mulyadi Triharsono – drum






      1. Uncertainty, Anxiety, and All the Sorrow in this World (mini album)

          self-released (Jakarta) – September 2004


      2. Brontak Chapter 01 (compilation)

          Brontak Webzine (Medan) – October 2004


      3. Deathrockstar Family Sampler (compilation)

          Deathrockstar webzine (Bandung) – November 2004


      4. Gerbang13 OST (compilation)

          dErecords (Jakarta) – March 2005


      5. The Very First Thing You Must Learn About Flying is Gravity (album)

          * unsigned, currently looking for label – coming soon/2006 *





      “Lame aside- the phrase "memento mori" (Latin for "remember the dead") was perhaps my thing to scrawl across my many notebooks of goth-tinged poetry back in grade school, when Siousxie and Robert were gods and "Bela Lugosi's Dead" didn't make me giggle uncontrollably. The song- downtempo, organic trip-hop with sad, whistful female vocals. I downloaded it on a rainy day and it fit the mood splendidly. The amazing part -the band is Indonesian (and not a gamelan in sight). I never would have guessed this had I not ran across the band's myspace. The best part- their myspace contains a similarly organic, mournful cover of, get this, The Misfits' (?!?) "Hybrid Moments" that sounds like Cocteau Twins. Weird.”

      - by Jonathan from Incurable Paranoiac www.incurableparanoiac.blogspot.com


      “This Indonesian band called Everybody Loves Irene has an 'ace in the hole' in the band's namesake, Irene Yohanna. Her cool, sugary vocals are perfectly suited for the laidback spacy vibe of the band's music. They create the sparse trip hop stylings of Everybody Loves Irene. Standout tracks are Memento Mori and Gravity Always Wins.”

      - by Allan Williamson from Sixeyes (Canadian music blog) www.sixeyes.blogspot.com


      “Heute morgen erhielt ich über die Listening-In-Seite eine nette Mail der indonesischen Band Everybody Loves Irene, in der sie mich auf die Existenz einiger freier MP3s von ihnen hinwiesen. Da der asiatische Bereich in meiner Musiksammlung doch bisher stark unterrepräsentiert ist und ich triphoppigen Klängen mit Frauenstimme sowieso sehr zugetan bin, habe ich mir die Songs sogleich zu Gemüte geführt. Und was soll ich sagen: wirklich sehr schön! «Hate Sunday» erinnert in seiner schleppenden, traurigen Art stark an Portishead und auch die anderen Lieder sind teilweise reichlich düster, aber gleichzeitig abwechslungsreich... also sehr angenehm! :-)”

      - by Peter Marwitz from Coast Is Clear (German indie-pop blog) www.coast-is-clear.blogspot.com


      “Everybody Loves Irene to trip-hopowy zespó³ pochodz¹cy z Indonezji. Wœród swoich inspiracji jednym tchem wymieniaj¹ takich artystów, jak Portishead, Emiliana Torrini, Goldfrapp, Bjork czy Air. W chwili obecnej zespó³ poszukuje osób, które s¹ w stanie zaj¹æ siê szerok¹ promocj¹ muzyki Everybody Loves Irene poza granicami ich kraju. Kilka utworów jest dostêpnych pod tym adresem (bezpoœrednie odnoœniki znajdziecie po klikniêciu na "wiêcej").”

      - by Katarzyna Paluch from 80 BPM (Polish downtempo portal) www.80bpm.net





      Mp3s from the 2005 demo (right click and choose “save as” for PC users):


      1. Memento Mori * [the song that have the most catchy tunes and highly appreciated by the audience]


      2. Gravity Always Wins * [most appreciated by critics for it’s progressive arrangement]


      3. Try Try Try * [one of the first songs that the band ever created]


      4. The Lullaby Show * [the most unusual and extra-ordinary song]


      5. Hybrid Moments (The Misfits cover) * [the cover version of an old-school punk rock song from The Misfits, Glenn Danzig era. Re-interpreted well, synergized by their own style… trip-hop style!]



      * Click here to stream the whole songs (M3U 64 kbps).

      * Ogg Vorbis, 64 kbps Mp3, Zipped version (65.1 Mb), and pictures available from this link.

      * The “Uncertainty, Anxiety & All the Sorrow in this World” EP (September 2004) can be found from this link.

      * Please note that these MP3s are for previewing purpose only, it’s only a live studio-session recording with good sound quality.

      * You are free to re-distribute the whole files into your blog, site, forum, mailing list, podcast, etc.





      Communicate with us for more information and networking:

             c/o Aribowo Sangkoyo (the band’s personal manager)

                   representative address: Jl. Karet Belakang 3 no. 8, Jakarta 12920, Indonesia.

                   email: everybody_loves_irene@...

                   mobile: +62 856 852 1415 (Bowo)

                   the official Myspace page: www.myspace.com/everybodylovesirene




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