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Tranny Roadshow 2006 Seeks Performers

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  • trannyroadshow
    Greetings all! We re gearing up for the 2nd Annual Tranny Roadshow, and we re now looking for performers who want to dazzle audiences with their tranny
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2005
      Greetings all!

      We're gearing up for the 2nd Annual Tranny Roadshow, and we're now
      looking for performers who want to dazzle audiences with their tranny
      brilliance! Here's the deal...

      WHO WE ARE:
      The Tranny Roadshow is a constantly evolving, multimedia, performance
      art extravaganza. It is a modern variety show comprised entirely of
      artists who self-identify as transgender. Performances from the 2005
      tour included poetry, hip-hop, short films, storytelling, dance, rock
      music, comedy, folk songs, and performance art of all imaginable

      Each performance is accompanied by a display of stationary art (i.e.
      paintings and sculpture), but the focus is on the live acts, a unique
      evening of entertainment where transpeople demonstrate that we are
      whole people, multi-faceted and infinitely talented. The show is not
      explicitly about gender, but is carried out in the belief that
      expressions of gender and expressions of self are inseparable. For
      more information about the Roadshow, its history and its aspirations,
      see www.trannyroadshow.org

      Transpeople have access to unique layers of perspective on the human
      experience. Through sharing these experiences, we want our audiences
      to be entertained, challenged, educated, disturbed, and amused. We
      want them both laughing and thinking. We might change their lives,
      or we might just change their evenings – but whatever we do, we'll
      do it with flair. We're interested in a range of media: spoken
      word, music, dance/movement, and performance art of all kinds.

      We are currently looking for 4 or 5 people who will join us to share
      their lives through their live art for the entirety of the tour.
      This core group of performers needs to be diverse and to reflect many
      different versions of the trans experience. We are seeking diversity
      not only of race or ethnicity, but of age, class, region of origin,
      ability, family structure, gender identity/_expression, sexual
      orientation, educational background, religion, etc. We are
      interested in what communities you are part of; we don't want a
      group comprised entirely of anarchist punks any more than we want a
      group comprised only of mainstream professional queers. What we do
      want is to include both of these sorts of people and all the other
      sorts we can find - be they retired circus performers, college rugby
      players, or rural quilting enthusiasts.

      Later in the fall we will be looking for performers who are
      interested in joining select shows in their own regions. We will
      also be seeking film submissions and visual art to display. Our
      website and mailing list will be updated regarding times to submit
      for art, film, or performances of shorter duration. *PLEASE only
      submit now if you can participate in the entire month-long show.*

      The Tranny Roadshow will be touring April 1st through 30th, 2006,
      with a show nearly every night. This time we are traveling only to
      locations east of the Mississippi River. (Next time around, we'll do
      the opposite.) Venues will be varied, from galleries and bookstores
      to theaters and college campuses. All transportation and
      accommodations will be provided by the Roadshow, as well as some
      meals. The Roadshow will provide transportation (by plane or other
      preferred method) to get you to the first show and home from the
      last. You will receive a guaranteed honorarium of $800, with the
      possibility of additional pay at the end of the tour. You will also
      be able to sell any merchandise that you may have. Most
      importantly, you get to have a really great time...

      HOW TO GET IT:
      All people who identify themselves as transgender are invited to
      submit any kind of performance art. Auditions may be held live (via
      phone or in person - Denver, CO, Brattleboro, VT, or Anchorage, AK),
      but this isn't necessary. We will gladly accept text, photos, video,
      and/or audio recordings.

      Along with your performance submission, please tell us a bit about
      yourself. This will help us make sure we are meeting our goal of
      diversity within the core group. Include as much information as
      you'd like, in order to let us form a well-rounded picture of you.
      You could be a perfect addition to the Tranny Roadshow 2006 - you
      just have to tell us why...

      *** We are accepting submissions until October 20th. ***

      E-mail trannyroadshow@... for more information.

      Please spread the word and forward this message widely.


      Jamez Terry & Kelly Shortandqueer
      Co-organizers, Tranny Roadshow
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