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Got funk? Mix it w/ fiber-optic Noiz, and Industrial bliss!

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  • nocturnal_movements
    DIE WARZAU -- Convenience
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2004

      --> Convenience <--

      Reviewed below by JETT BLACK, SickAmongthePure.com! (Editor-in-Chief)

      As "Crusader" spins in the background, slowly moving through the
      shadows, Die Warzau creeps into a mood influenced by a funky beat. The
      more one tunes into the lyrics, the more one will be drawn into this
      intellectual groove that Die Warzau brings to us now. A full ten years
      separates Convenience from Engine, an earlier sibling in the diverse
      (and all but dysfunctional) Die Warzau discography.

      By the time I realise that we have shifted onward and that we are
      well into "Go, Going, Gone" (the next track), I know already that I am
      hooked! "Permission" recesses the pace to wash more passively a
      stronger message that we all will explore and consume with an ironic
      sense of elation, comfort, and certain bliss. And then, quick as
      blinking, "Radiation Babies" oscillates left and right, which makes me
      want to find a new oasis upon the dance floor. Make no mistake! Die
      Warzau will override your inhibitions, and you will feel the groove.
      Your hips will most definitely begin to sway.

      Diving into "Glare" gives me, in a blinding flash, impressions of
      what it must be like to sit and receive oral history (in verse) as if
      delivered by George Clinton. "Got funk?"

      But wait? Are we seriously getting funky? Are we moving away from
      the well-worn path of EBM/Industrial? Believe it or not, Die Warzau
      didn't just launch from home and forget to bring along the gear.
      Prove it? Okay. Now Seeking "Bliss"? You bet you are! A mixture of
      tweeking noise, the line-assembly crunch of the guitars, the drunken
      swagger of the Stone Temple Pilots, infiltrated by a subterranean
      expanse of squeals, sirens, and staccato. Move with haste into the
      firey blaze of "Linoleum". The same vocal elegance threads like sweet
      honey into the alter-ego of caustic rage which intercedes like an
      opposing argument as if presented by Al Jorgensen.

      Do you like Techno? Do you like Industrial bliss? Do you get a
      hard-on for fiber-optic Noise?

      Do you like to dance? Do you enjoy the hooks straining through
      modern Pop music?

      Can you do more than dance? Does driven and intelligent conversation
      make you wet?

      Then, you're going to simply love this one: "As We Are So We Are".

      So, whose names actually appear on this new album, anyway? Let's
      find out!

      A list of contributors includes:

      Chris Connelly, Sanyung Cho, Chris Greene, Chris Morford, Louis
      Svitek, J.C. Stokes, Ted Cho, Kevin Temple, Mars Williams, Biff
      Blumfengagne, James Wooley, Rick Dody, Jason McNinch, Matt Warren,
      Marydee Reynolds, Andre Filardo, Marcel Henderson, Matt Marcoto, Zoë
      McKenzie, and Vinnie Signorelli.

      Additional support (Mastering of Convenience) provided by Tom Coyne
      at Sterling Sound, NY.

      Very impressive!

      Tracks such as "Superbuick" and "Curious" leave me stunned.

      "Superbuick" has me low-riding in time slowly back and down to the
      cruising corner lot where everyone convenes their million dollar
      hobbies and struts about like brilliant birds. Hours later, with this
      song in perpetual motion, the ride with my old crew back into the
      'hood never felt as good then as I tend to remember it right now!

      "Curious" has me melting into the opium den of "HELL" alongside
      Johnny Depp. The eerie power of this music to transport my mind (and
      creep me the fuck out) I've felt only once before with another
      favourite band that too few people even know about. Oneiroid
      Psychosis is the closest comparison I could possibly make to describe
      the "to the hilt" chill factor sunk (like Excalibur) into "Curious".

      And then, "WOP!" Die warzau next hits me over the head with "Gone
      Chemical" -- an instant club hit! No other description does anything
      but delay the point! Have you "gone chemical"? Get into it!

      Idle back. Stop. Smell the roses. Breathe deeply.

      The operative track title here is known as, "Kleen". Circle the
      campfire girls. (This when your arms romantically embrace the one
      you're with!) "Kleen" is like an interlude between "acts" in a
      Shakespearean assault upon the modern world of dance.

      Cue the gunfire and short range missiles. The undisputed "King of
      Rock and Roll" has taken the stage, mic in hand. Urban violence
      unleashes a trigger-signal to Alien invades, now descending like the
      Vampire Lestat, alighting to center stage, the dark electronic
      screaming between clenched teeth becomes and deafening roar of
      digitally disturbed audio pulsations until the plug (pulled) forces
      the record slow, warble, and stutter to a complete stop.

      "And on the third day..." Die Warzau rose again, and began singing,
      "Come as you are... We can be superstars!"

      "If I were to rule the world..." I'll tell you what I would do... I
      would find a way to do a Peter Frampton, and have Die Warzau delivered
      into every household. With the power of Convenience (truly inspired
      new music), all the world would speak with a vibe that even I could

      (Additional comments at SickAmongthePure.com!)

      PLAY lo-fi: dial-up
      PLAY HI-FI MP3 hi-fi: broadband

      Click the link (below) to hear your song selections in lo-fi MP3

      1. Crusaders
      2. Go Going Gone
      *3. Permission
      *4. Radiation Babies
      *5. Glare
      6. Bliss
      7. Linoleum
      8. Superbuick
      9. Terrorform
      *10. Curious
      *11. Gone Chemical
      *12. Kleen
      13. King of Rock and Roll
      *14. Come As You Are
      *15. As We Are So We Are
      *16. Shine (All Good Girls Part II)

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