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RETARD RIOT zines, tapes, hip hop, punk rock & oi oi oi in your pants!

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  • rockydentist
    Doctor Ninja & Cheap Little Tart !!! Brand new 60 minute tape of clock radio madness recorded on a slim-line cassette player circa 1983 (for that old school
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29, 2002
      Doctor Ninja & Cheap Little Tart !!! Brand new 60 minute tape of
      clock radio madness recorded on a slim-line cassette player
      circa 1983 (for that old school effect) Drugs on tape, clock radio
      killers, samples your ass to death & love vagina bad! Dr. Ninja &
      Cheap Little Tart presents: Retard Riot Rad / C.L.T. Sandwich.
      The ruggedest raw electro punk, noise pop madness from the
      smoked out streets of Poughkeepsie. Send for yours today!
      $4ppd. to Noah 67 Barclay Rd. Clintondale, NY 12515

      Contact: foodfortunata@... for the 4 & a 1/2 hour tape
      compilation, Wheelchair Full of Old Men's 300th release: The
      Haunting Melodies of Your Dad's Ass featuring Punch People
      and 99 other "bands" picked at random from the last 300
      Wheelchair releases. Three 90 min. tapes! Excruciating!

      Cheap Little Tart – The newest addition to the Retard Riot
      posse! A one man punk rock implosion bringing you the
      "The Commandments of Punk" and other magical hits such as:
      "Magic Marker Forehead", "My Life is a Complete Waste of Time"
      and "Fuck Cars". Get this now and dance the night away to
      "Middle Finger Tits".Cheap Little Tart - 60min. cassette – send

      Date: 05/30/02 04:07:02 AM
      Name: Reverend Bryan "Pat Brown" Dunaway
      Email: dunaway7@...
      Subject: Demo Review -Cheap Little Tart
      IP Address:

      I ordered this tape about a month ago and I finally received it two
      days ago. It is a one man project called Cheap Little Tart. the
      cassette had 32 songs of fun on it. This stuff is the funniest thing
      that i have ever heard. I Love it so much. The best way I can
      describe it is: imagine that the Butthole surfers (Alternative
      Tentacles/Touch&Go Era) and GG Allin had a child together, they
      gave it up for adoption, and it was adopted by Ween. The songs
      cracked me up. He used parts of other bands songs in the
      background for his songs. The samples he included were "Too
      Drunk To Fuck" by the Dead Kennedys, "Fast Cars" by thr
      Buzzcocks, "Hey Suburbia" by Screeching weasel, and many
      many more. I think I even heard some Elvis Costello in there if
      I'm not mistaken.I highly recommend this tape to people. He
      also has a zine called "Retard Riot". You should check it out. If
      you have $3 to spare send it to:
      67 Barclay Road
      Clintondale, NY 12515
      Tell him Dunaway sent you!

      Yeah, Retard Riot Radio reps Poughkeepsie, Power Kingdom
      n'all that. 91.3 FM WVKR Vassar College (No I didn't go there.)
      The best punk & underground hip hop show ever (Just ask the
      fans.) We've had crazy guests up there like Cage, Space, Masai
      Bey - The Weathermen, BMS - Company Flow. Plus we had a lot
      of drops, freestyles & exclusives from Ill Bill, Necro, Cage, Black
      Moon, The Casualties, Nuasea, Blanks 77, Bobbito, Rollins,
      Non Phixion, The Weathermen, RZA, Gravediggaz, Heltah
      Sketah, The Arsonists, Kool Kieth, and much more. Tons of rare
      Killed By Death type punk stuff too. Tapes are
      available. 90 min. for $5ppd.
      -Noah 67 Barclay Rd. Clintondale NY 12515
      Send records for future airplay.

      Doctor Ninja's new album "Bad Smells" is now available from
      Retard Riot Productions. 90 minutes of toasting dub reggae-
      raps, electro, reverb-retard stylee! Yeah Boyeeeeeeee! Sound
      bwoy gwan dead! You should probably take
      drugs while you listen to this. The audio equivalent of being
      wasted. Send
      $3ppd. for Doctor Ninja's "Bad Smells" today!
      Noah 67 Barclay Rd. Clintondale, NY 12515 Also still available:
      Cheap Little Tart, Punch People, Kill the Hippies, every episode
      of Retard Riot Radio, Punx Invasion & Underground Hip Hop
      compilations. Send stamps for
      catalog & Retard Riot zines.

      Retard Riot - the zine. Issues #2 through #6 out now. Send
      stamps or trade.
      Put it in your pocket, read it on the potty. A punk zine for gangsta
      rapperz. Retard Riot: printed with toxic ink on edible paper!
      Drawings, comics, reviews, graffiti and more.
      Noah 67 Barclay Road Clintondale, NY 12515

      Bands/Labels/ Zines! Retard Riot - the zine. Send us your music
      / zines for review. Punk, Hip-Hop, Oi!, Electro, and Punk. Send
      vinyl! (we review CD-R's & tapes too). Send stamps or trade for
      issues #2 - #6. Looking for submissions for the special "Rocky
      Dennis" issue, a tribute to the kid with the gigantic
      head and a heart of gold, played by Eric Stoltz in the 1985 film,
      Noah 67 Barclay Road Clintondale, NY 12515
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