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Denver Zine Library Temporary Closure Announcement

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  • kelly shortandqueer
    It is with mixed emotions that we are announcing the temporary closure of the Denver Zine Library (DZL) which has been housed at The Other Side Arts on Platte
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 20, 2009
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      It is with mixed emotions that we are announcing the
      temporary closure of the Denver Zine Library (DZL) which has been housed at The
      Other Side Arts on Platte St. for the past few years. There are several factors
      contributing to this temporary closure that we’d like to share with you. We
      have often found ourselves struggling to meet the demands of rent expenses,
      making us recognize that we cannot sustainably maintain our current location.
      Our core group of board members have also been taking on the role of
      volunteers, consistently sharing the responsibility of staffing the DZL every
      weekend so that it can remain open. Unfortunately, we have seen very few
      visitors, and while we know there is community interest in having a zine
      library in Denver, we want to make sure those same community members are
      invested in both visiting/utilizing the DZL as well as telling others about
      this incredible resource.


      Though we are sad to be making this decision, we are
      hopeful and excited about the future of the DZL. We will be packing up and
      storing, with love and care, the entire library that has been diligently
      collected and cataloged all these years and when we find a new, more
      sustainable space, we will be re-opening. We do not know at this point when or
      where that will be, but we want you to know that the DZL is not going away. We
      are committed to being an available resource for our community once again, if
      you want us to be.


      Which brings us to perhaps the most important part of
      this notice. We are reaching out to you, the community, in this time of
      transition. If you know of any good spaces or space-sharing options for us, by
      all means let us know! Any takers for helping us pack up? We are planning on
      packing and moving during the month of July and are in need of boxes. Also if
      you have any interest in being a part the re-visioning process, have ideas for
      the DZL or would like to volunteer once we are up and running again we would
      LOVE to hear from you especially. The more the better! The most important part
      of any organization thriving and not just surviving is the support of the
      people in the community.


      Please contact Josiah (zag-chronincle@... or 720 940 3858) or Brandi (mistressoflaw@...) to get
      connected and be a part of this process.


      If you love zine culture, community, and history and you
      want to have this important part of DIY culture as a part of your city, support
      us in whatever way you can! Talk to others and spread the word about what’s
      happening with the DZL. Share ideas with us on what would make the DZL more
      accessible. We’re excited about the future of the DZL, but we can’t do it
      without your help, interest and involvement.


      We’re planning on having one last Shindig/Fundraiser at
      the space itself to have some closure and celebrate all the great stuff that
      has happened at TOSA with the DZL over the years. We’ll keep you posted with
      forthcoming information on that.


      Thanks for all of your love over the past five years,

      The Denver Zine Librarians

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