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756Cheap Vegan #9 Out and Call for Submissions!

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  • nurdsteph
    May 1, 2003
      Pardon the crosspost.
      The Cheap Vegan #9 is now avaiable for all! This one has recipes for quick fried rice, beans and rice, quicker, easier vegan peanut butter cups, how to show your significant other the wonderous joys of cheap veganism, chic frugality (making cheap knock-offs of expensive goodies, what to do with zucchini, things to do with bananas and a few other thingies. Issue #1-8 are still available too. Single issues are $1 + stamp, 2 or more are $1 each, no stamps required. More info about back issues and stuff at: http://cheapvegan.cjb.net

      The Rabbit Fodder Addict Cookzine is still available too for $1 + stamp.

      I'm also accepting submissions for The Cheap Vegan. Any info you'd like to share on getting cheap/free vegan food, gardening, where you shop to find bargains, scavenging, dumpster diving, cheapo recipes, breadmaking, haggling, mooching techniques or anything that has to do with cheap vegan eating/shopping/cooking. If I use your submission you'll receive a free copy of the issue it appears in. Please don't heisitate to submit. My e-mail is: nurdsteph@...

      My postal address is:
      P. O. Box 715
      Weatherford, TX 76086