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740Why What Doctors Do Is Called Practice...Contributions Wanted

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  • P. Hobo <prodigal_hobo@yahoo.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      Contributions Wanted !
      G'day Everyone !

      I have decided on another zine venture.
      The working title is "Why What Doctors Do Is Called Practice"
      I am looking for people to contribute stories or anecdotes that
      relate to the following. Contributors from all parts the world
      * Accident / Injuries that have required urgent medial attention
      * Got an operation story?
      * Extended stay in hospital experiences
      * Ever been misdiagnosed?
      * Ever suffered side affects from Medication?
      * Instances where natural remedies have been more successful over
      synthetic drugs
      * Bad experiences with medical advice
      Etc Etc
      Please try and avoid the "A friend of mine" stories and stick to
      personal experiences. All contributors will receive a free copy of
      the zine once printed.
      The articles can be serious, humorous, tragic, sad, informative etc.
      A few format guidelines.
      * A title for your piece.
      * Your name or nickname or writers name or the like.
      * A contact email
      * Contact postal address (please state whether you want this
      published. I will require it so I can post a copy once done)
      I understand that everyone needs time and like myself have other
      deadlines to meet. So the deadline for this zine venture is March
      30 2003
      If you require any further information or have any questions please
      email me. prodigal_hobo@... . Thanks and look forward to
      hearing from you.
      Mick Sols
      PO Box 5817
      West End, Qld
      Australia 4101