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719zines for you!

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  • tikis_way
    Jan 4, 2003
      hey everybody
      just got back from long hours of stapling and folding. my fingers
      kind of hurt.
      Anyways. theres tons of new zines for you to choose from!

      Escaping SUburbia #2: The wild and wacky adventure story of a
      camping trip disaster. (1$ or trade)

      Visual Thought #2: a mini zine completely loaded with all new and
      better art. (1$ or trade)

      Morgan Anne and Peter Pan: The first in a series of DIY kids books.
      An illustrated adventure for the young, or the young at heart. (1$
      or trade)

      I don't like it AnymorE: A super mini super short per zine. (0.50 or
      trade, or canadian postage)

      How to Start a Revolution #6: The best issue so far of this light
      hearted, cut and paste political zine. topics on love, work,
      hipocracy, hate, travel, pyracy and more. (2$)

      How To Start a? revolution Parts 1-4: a complilation of the best of
      the first four How to Start a rveolution. Jam packed form front to
      back with politics and fun. (2$)

      Also, still available is

      How to Sgtart A revolution #5: The revolution issue where we explore
      what exactly a revolution is (2$ or trade)

      Escaping SUburbia #1: Romanticizing travel, and life. Progressive
      thoughts on beautiful layouts (1$ or trade)

      Visual Thought #1: art art art art art art and more art. (1$ or


      email Jen for more info: tiki@...

      or send orders to JEn, 11 Ascot ct, Welland ON, L3C 6K7 Canada

      Thank you
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