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691SPA Weekend Update

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  • aipman1
    Oct 4, 2002
      It's been a fun week of development for us at the SPA, as we've
      gotten lots of feedback on the Pick Of The Month, and have been
      getting ready to release Obscurity Unlimited #19. Just a few more
      reviews to write, some odds and ends, and the issue should be ready
      to start printing by Monday/Tuesday.
      You can expect all of our regular features in full force, which
      means lots of news, reviews, articles, and more. If you want to make
      sure you get a copy of the new issue, you can pop over to this page:
      and find out how to order one.
      The Pick Of The Month has been generating talk around the
      comics community, and using the feedback, we've added some things to
      the info page about the project. You will now find a Trial
      Subscription level, for those who don't want to risk paying for a
      full year, and our cancellations policy is now clearly stated. Stop
      in and see the updated page at:
      We'll let you go with that, write in and let us know what you

      Ian Shires