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  • aipman1
    Apr 2, 2002
      We had some troubles over the past few days with our new Forum
      (mostly caused by my own mistakes in configuring it) that have
      resulted in many people who went there to check it out finding the
      site down. I'm going around right now to apologize for any confusion
      and to assure that the Small Press Association is alive and well. The
      forum has been re-initialized and tested and it's got all it's
      databases and configuration options pointing in the right direction
      now. Unfortunately that means if you signed up in the first
      announcement of this site, you need to do it again. So if you went
      there to log in, and it didn't know you, you need to re-register. If
      you have not been there yet, now is the time! You will be amazed by
      the features we have available for you at the new forum. Here's the
      URL: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/Forum/

      For those not convinced yet: Here's more info on the features! You
      have the option to subscribe to as little or as many of the
      catagories and topics as you wish. The Forum will then e-mail a
      notice and link to the topic(s) you are following. You will have
      a "my SPA" section in the forum that will be for storing things of
      interest and use to you, and you will be able to build a profile and
      portfolio that we hope you will be able to use to get jobs and
      projects in your artistic fields of interest. There's more...but I
      think I'll let you find out for yourself. Please check it out! All
      this if free! No charge ever. No Banner ads popping up all over, and
      the only e-mails you'll get that you don't subscribe for will be
      special announcements from me about things SPA members will want to
      be informed on. And you can turn those off too.
      http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/Forum/ check it out!!

      Ian Shires