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590ZINE! woot!

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  • tikis_way
    Feb 2, 2002
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      Hey everyone! I got a zine in the making,a nd
      you...yes you, could be first in line to recieve it . Price
      yet to be determined as to printing costs,
      possibltyfree, but for sure for trade.<br>ITs a simple little
      diddy , 1 6 pages, chock full of wacky humor , sories,
      and fully illustrated entitles "Tiki: Girl without a
      cause" email me to resrve your very own copy! ^_^
      tiki@...<br><br>Also email me if you would like some art for your
      zine! I'd be more than happy to submit anything! OR
      draw youa custom picture (I'd have to mail it to you
      though, becaus eI don't have a scanner....) yours
      truly<br>the psycho without a cause<br>tiki, aka Jen
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