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407"Alien Basement Food" #14

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  • gothgrrl66
    Feb 3, 2001
      Hello everyone. I just finished "Alien Basement
      Food" a while ago and I have copies ready and willing
      to be traded/bought. "Alien Basement Food" #14
      includes:<br>"Punk Rock with Tits" (an article on riot grrl
      culture), Rants n' Raves (rants on the word "slut",
      Metallica, and pushy salespeople), 'zine reviews, "Pop Cult"
      (poem), Notes From a Rebel Riot Grrl, "Impact me"? (rant
      about voting/government), "Sexual Orientation
      Discrimination: A critical Essay", record review, "What Fills our
      lives"?, "The Death of a Writer" and MORE.<br><br>"Alien
      Basement Food" #14 is available for $1.00 PPD, stamps
      (only if you're canadian) or trade. At this point in
      time I really prefer trades or stamps...So if you
      wanna trade that'd be great. Send me your 'zine and
      I'll send you mine.<br>You can *also* get a three
      issue subscription of "Alien Basement Food" for
      $5.00...This includes my 'zine as well as a few others tossed
      into a manilla envelope and sent right to your door!
      *Rad*<br><br>My Mailing address is:<br><br>Basement Freak
      Productions<br>c/o Ashley Lambert<br>9020-99 Ave<br>Suite #1<br>Fort
      St. John, BC<br>V1J 1T1<br>Canada<br><br>I'm also
      seeking submissions for issue #15 of "Alien Basement
      Food", 'zines that need distributors (because I run a
      'zine distro called, "Basement Freak's D.i.Y Distro)
      and 'zinester pen pals... (to whom I can share D.i.Y
      ideas with, learn about and just write/receive letter
      to/from)<br><br>If you'd like more info on my D.i.Y distro then
      please email me at:
      BasementFreak@...<br><br>Thanks!<br>Sincerely,<br>Anarchy Ashley.
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