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2203New Gen Multimedia Zine at AWS

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  • Agent With Style
    May 20, 2013
      If you're attending MediaWest*Con, we're in room 387, and we'll be opening
      Thursday night. Drop in and say hey!

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      * Multimedia *

      Description: Description: FB--Diamonds and Dynamite 2 cover


      As the saying goes, diamonds and dynamite come in small packages.
      And though this is a digest-sized zine, it's nice and *thick,* filled with
      engaging stories, such as:

      "Froeliche Weihnachten" by Susan Macdonald -- (Hogan's Heroes) -- It's not
      easy spending Chrismas far from your home and family. It's worse when
      you're in a POW camp, whether you're a prisoner or a guard.

      "My Name is Matt, Said the Doctor" by Lorraine Anderson -- (Doctor Who) --
      The Doctor is no stranger to working with his earlier incarnations, but this
      time, he needs to save number Four to save himself, and do it without
      contaminating his own timeline!

      "Him Again" by Susan Macdonald -- (Person of Interest / The Avengers) --
      What happens when the Machine gives Finch a certain number... again?

      "Recalled" by Dana Bell -- (Stargate: Atlantis / Change of Plans / Charmed /
      Kindred) -- Being recalled to Atlantis is not what John Sheppard - now Jason
      Danville - has in mind. He has the life he wants, a beautiful and talented
      wife, four great children and a rewarding teaching career. But there is
      danger in Golden Gate Park and something keeps shadowing the sky. Duty
      calls, but will it cost him his family?

      "Career Change" by Susan Macdonald -- (She Spies) -- When Cassie is wounded
      in the line of duty, Mr. Cross suggests a change of careers.

      "Helping Pinocchio" by Lorraine Anderson -- (Castle / Once Upon a Time) --
      The murder is typcal, the witness is not. What is it about the man with the
      wooden leg that so intrigues Castle?

      "A, B, C, D: Astronauts, Beaches, Castaways and Djinn" by Susan Macdonald
      -- (I Dream of Jeannie / Gilligan's Island) -- What would happen if Major
      Tony Nelson washed ashore on a different island? What would happen if
      Gilligan found a magic bottle?

      "DI Potter" by Susan Macdonald -- (Sherlock Holmes / Harry Potter) --
      Sherlock Holmes has his suspicions about Detective Inspector Harry Potter
      and decides to confront him, much to John Watson's dismay.

      "Revenge's Legacy" by Lorraine Anderson -- (Star Trek Reboot) -- A familiar
      planet, a familiar story - but how would *this* Kirk and crew deal with
      Parmen and "Plato's Stepchildren"?

      "Condolence Call" by Susan Macdonald -- (The Avengers / Men in Black 3) --
      After the Battle of Manhattan, it's left to Nick to inform the next of kin.

      "Milk Run" by Sheila Paulson -- (Stargate: Atlantis ) -- Returning from a
      peaceful mission, Ronon disappears as he is about to step through the gate.
      When the team returns to seek him, he isn't there, and no one on the planet
      admits to seeing him. In the meantime, Ronon tries in vain to dial out from
      the ruin of the world the team had visited, finding himself stranded.


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