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    Hey there, I have put together a list of items that Altar Magazine needs reviewed. They will either be printed on our website or in Issue #3. For those of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2003
      Hey there,
      I have put together a list of items that Altar Magazine needs
      reviewed. They will either be printed on our website or in Issue #3.
      For those of you who are new to this, go through the list of books
      and cds and decide which ones you'd like to review. Please do a
      little bit of research about the book/cd first to find out if it may
      be something you're into and to make sure you'll have time to review
      everything you choose (some books are longer and more dense than
      others). I'd hate to have you send something back because you didn't
      have time to review it. Once you've decided, and send me an email
      (mandy@...) letting me know which items you have chosen
      as well as a mailing address, phone number, and email address that
      you frequently check so that I can send you the items (our review
      guidelines will be included). The deadline for the reviews is one
      month after the date I send the items to you. So... here's the list:

      Title Author
      Alone In the Wilderness Hap Gilliland
      Amanda Bright @ Home Danielle Crittendon
      Among Muslims Kathleen Jamie
      Awe the Tiger Love the Lamb Rod Preece
      Baghdad Diaries Nuha Al-Radi
      BioTerror Ellen Ray/William Schapiro
      Black Coffee Night Emily Schultz
      Black White and In Color Sasha Torres
      Clueless in Academe Gerald Graff
      Coming Home Linda M. Shires
      Deeper Than Darwin John Haught
      Enduring Ties Grand Hardy
      Global Pop Local Language Harris Berger/Michael Carroll
      Growing Up Fast Joanna Lipper
      Her Dream of Dreams Beverly Lowry
      I Saw Ramallah Mourid Barghouti
      Inner Lives Paula Johnson
      It Don't Worry me Ryan Gilbey
      Just Murder Jan Rehner
      Little NY Bastard M. Dylan Raskin
      Motherlode Sybylla Feminist Press
      Overcoming Your Alcohol, Drug and Recovery Habits James Desena
      Shaking The Tree Meri Nana-Ama Danquah
      She Says by Venus Khoury Ghata translated by Marilyn Hacker
      Sins of Omission Carol Kaufman
      Sins of the Seventh Sister Huston Curtiss
      Sky Lounge Mark Bibbins
      Sons of Mississippi Paul Hendrickson
      Strangers In the House Raja Shehadeh
      Telling Truths In Church Mark Jordan
      The Bullet Collection Patricia Ward
      The Jungle Upton Sinclair
      The Lakestown Rebellion Kristin Lattany
      The Long Detour James Weinstein
      The Midwife's Tale Gretchen Moran Jaskas
      The Savage Wars of Peace Max Boot
      Universities in the Marketplace Derek Bok
      War Against the Weak Edwin Black
      Warrior Women Jeannine Davis-Kimball
      Zither Leslie Scalapino


      Delta Dart- Fight or Flight
      Microboy- Just a Boy
      Dave Ralph- Resident Alien
      Brand X Trilogy
      Jow Mannix- White Flag
      Portastatic- The Summer of the Shark
      Ghost Orgy- s/t
      Stylex- False Start
      Bat Eats Plastic- Today
      Bat Eats Plastic- Pounding Heart
      Pretty Suicide- s/t
      These Arms are Snakes- This Is Meant to Hurt You
      Untimate Fakebook- Before We Speak
      Helicopter- Wild Dogs with X-Ray Eyes
      Roy- Tacomatose
      Alice Despard Group
      Mico- Outside the Unbearable Grows
      Rob Swift- Under the Influence
      Criteria- En Garde
      Cy- The Complex
      Jute- A Violent Narcotic
      Charles Feelgood- Across America
      FM Knives- Useless and Modern
      The Deletist- s/t
      Various Artists Live at the Complex 2
      I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House- Put Here To Bleed
      Randy Armstrong- No Regrets
      Mark Insley- Supermodel
      Healamonster- Underwater Hunter
      Bang Sugar Bang- Greatest Hits

      It would be great if you had a spare dollar or two that you want to
      donate to us to help cover shipping costs, especially for reviewers
      outside of the US because shipping gets very expensive. As payment
      for your time and talents, you can keep the review items as it's the
      least we can do for your help. Thanks to everyone for being a part of
      Altar Magazine!

      Mandy Van Deven
      Altar Magazine
      955 Metropolitan Ave. #4R
      Brooklyn, NY 11211
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