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5 Keys To Article Writing

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  • John Colanzi
    Free-Reprint Article Written by: John Colanzi See Terms of Reprint Below. ***************************************************************** * * This email is
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      Free-Reprint Article Written by: John Colanzi
      See Terms of Reprint Below.

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      5 Keys To Article Writing

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      Writing and submitting articles can take you from a relative
      unknown marketer to an expert in your field literally overnight.

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      Written By: John Colanzi
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      5 Keys To Article Writing
      Copyright � 2006 John Colanzi

      Writing and submitting articles can take you from a relative
      unknown marketer to an expert in your field literally overnight.

      A quality article is the ultimate viral marketing and branding
      tool in your promotional arsenal.

      If that's true, why don't more marketers write and submit

      They don't know where to start.

      There's a simple 5 step formula for writing a powerful article
      and with a little practice you can make it second nature.

      Step #1 Your Title

      Why is the title so important?

      Your title is your introduction. A powerful title will attract
      the attention of publishers and their readers.

      The average publisher gets a lot of submissions and unless he
      already knows your name and the quality of your writing, he's
      likely to ignore your submission in favor of one whose title gets
      his attention.

      Step #2 The Opening

      Your title got you in the door. Your first paragraph must keep
      them reading.

      Readers have a short attention span and if you're first few
      lines don't compel them to keep reading, you're dead in the

      Grab their attention with strong title and keep it with a
      powerful opening.

      Step#3 The Body Of Your Article

      The body of your article is where you deliver on the promises you
      made with your title and opening.

      This is where you offer your reader practical solutions for
      solving their problems.

      As an article writer, you're in the problem solving business.
      Become an expert problem solver and you'll always b in demand.

      Step #4 Your Close

      Your closing lines of your article are where you reinforce the
      ideas you've covered in your article. Don't leave your reader

      Close your article with a definitive statement.

      Step#5 Your Resource Box or Bio.

      Your resource box is a little min-ad. If you've done your job
      and written a quality, helpful article, a good percentage of
      readers will click the link in your resource box.

      Keep your resource box to 4 or 5 lines. If you make your resource
      box too long, many publishers will pass on your article.

      So what should you put in the resource box. Many marketers use it
      to promote a program or product.

      I prefer to offer a complimentary informational product to compel
      readers to sign up for my list.

      Both types of resource boxes have their advantages. Test them
      both ways and see what works best for you.

      Now that you know the secret to writing articles that will get
      published and read. It's time for you to get out of your comfort
      zone and take the net by storm.

      Wishing You Success,

      John Colanzi

      Copyright (c) John Colanzi
      John has been writing on the Internet for 8 years
      and has a special gift for you. Grab your complementary
      of the 24-page book which took the Internet by storm.
      Visit: http://www.johncolanzi.com

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