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Altar + Clamor = Good Times! (and check out the new issue)

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    Altar -- Clamor Transition When? July 2006 Why? Because survival is nice, but thriving is better. Dear Friends and Fam: I m writing to tell you some exciting
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2006
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      Altar --> Clamor Transition
      When? July 2006
      Why? Because survival is nice, but thriving is better.

      Dear Friends and Fam:

      I'm writing to tell you some exciting news. Some of you know that I
      recently began working as the Associate Publisher of Clamor
      Magazine, another independent, social justice publication with a
      similar mission. In April, the publishers of Clamor and I decided
      that the two magazines should merge in order to combine resources
      and increase our presence.

      This merger will have some really positive effects on the world of
      independent media and will necessitate some pretty big changes in
      the way that I've been running things. The biggest change is that
      Issue #7 of Altar Magazine, which is out now (see below), will be
      the last issue under the "Altar Magazine" name. Since Clamor is a
      bit bigger, we're going to keep their name. On the other hand,
      Clamor is going to adopt a bit of the Altar vibe and style.

      In any big change, there will be some kinks to work out along the
      way, but I really hope that all of you will stick by us and be a
      part of that change and growth. I've really enjoyed working with so
      many wonderful artists, writers, and volunteers in the past four
      years, and I want to continue to build those relationships in this
      changed capacity. For more information on how to contribute to the
      magazine, or to sign up for the Clamor listserv to receive updates
      on events and releases, go to http://www.clamormagazine.org

      I don't think of this as an end, but rather as a new beginning. One
      of my favorite sayings is: "Change is certain. Growth is optional.
      Choose Growth." So, that's what I'm doing, choosing growth.

      Mandy Van Deven
      Editor & Publisher
      Altar Magazine

      "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness." -
      Chinese proverb

      ISSUE #7, Summer 2006
      Sam Coomes (Quasi), Melissa Sue Robinson (transgender candidate for
      Michigan's 23rd District State Senate)

      Article Highlights:
      Feministing the Blogosphere * Afican American Spending Habits and
      Social Mobility * Gruff Men, Coffee, and Zapatistas * Naked Gaijin *
      Water Pumps and Women's Empowerment * Mujeres de Maiz * Fruit,
      Federalism, and Fourth Graders * The Slow Death of the Geneva
      Convention * Mail Order Brides

      Artwork by:
      Todd Mason, Mike Segawa, Liz Adams, Andy Lin, Molly McClintock, Risk
      Hazekamp, Ed Ramirez, Sharon Silverberg, Frank Reynoso, Mimi
      Hashimo, Kezia Terracciano, Andrew Ek, Newel Anderson, Mike Koenig,
      Alicia Brewer, Seth A. Moherman, Rainer Kalwitz, Melissa Sara
      Farley, Kelley Voegelin, Stacy Kimatian

      Visit http://www.altarmagazine.com to buy a copy.
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