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It's That Time of the Month: Her Voice Her View film festival

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    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Kristina Hallez (917) 337-0443 hervoiceherview@yahoo.com Its that Time of the Month! Her Voice Her View Film Festival (July
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 27, 2006

      Contact: Kristina Hallez
      (917) 337-0443

      Its that Time of the Month!
      Her Voice Her View Film Festival
      (July 15-29, 2006)

      (New York, NY June 26, 2006) Of the over 200 films submitted from
      around the world, nearly 40 have been chosen for the 2006 Her Voice
      Her View Film Festival, a part of the Pioneer Theaters Female Film
      celebration (see schedule below). Among this years selections are
      films from Israel, France, Germany, Denmark and Canada, as well as
      several local showcases. The 2006 Festival takes place July 15
      through July 29 at the Pioneer Theater.

      Her Voice Her View provides a forum for female writers, directors,
      and producers to share their work with the community. The festival
      represents some of the finest pieces from domestic and international
      women filmmakers presenting films about anything and everything:
      modern feminism, b-girls, abortion, sexual violence, prison,
      eroticism, human rights abuses, fairy tales, motherhood, hip-hop.

      The festival will open with Missing in America starring Danny Glover
      (The Color Purple/Lethal Weapon) and Zoe Weizenbaum (Memoirs of a
      Geisha), which has taken home awards like Best Feature Film from the
      San Francisco Womens Film Festival and the Monaco International Film
      Festival. The documentary NO! unveils the reality of sexual violence
      and healing in African-American communities and includes testimony
      from women including feminist activist Barbara Smith and former
      Black Panther Party Chairperson Elaine Brown. The Shape of Water
      (narrated by Susan Sarandon with
      introductory narration co-written by Edwidge Danticat) explores the
      revolutionary ways in which five women from India, Jerusalem,
      Brazil, and Senegal respond to environmental, cultural, and economic
      pressures and constraints around them, receiving international
      acclaim. Not to be missed is Soundz of Spirit, which features hip-
      hop artists Andre 3000, KRS-1, Talib Kweli, Common, Cee-Lo, Jurassic
      5, Blackalicious, Dilated Peoples, Saul Williams, and many more
      exploring the relationship between
      spirituality and the creative process in hip-hop culture. Lets Talk
      About It is a new documentary by Deepa Mehta (Fire/Water/Earth)
      giving voice to children as they break the silence and secrecy of
      family abuse for the first time.

      At each screening, audience members will receive a complimentary
      goody bag filled with items generously supplied by our sponsors:
      Altar Magazine, Clamor Magazine, BuyOlympia.com, Bitch Magazine,
      Random House Publishing Group, Tomboy Tools, Barcelona Bath and
      Body, and more. For details on any of these outstanding programs or
      interviews with the filmmakers, contact us at the number listed

      Ticket Info:
      Pioneer Theater
      155 E. 3rd Street (at Avenue A)
      New York, NY 10009

      Festival Info:
      Her Voice Her View
      955 Metropolitan Ave, #4R
      Brooklyn, NY 11211

      - Find more detail at www.altarmagazine.com.

      Her Voice Her View Film Festival
      Schedule of Films
      July 15-29

      Saturday, July 15:
      6.30 p.m. Missing in America (Feature film by Gabrielle Savage
      Dockterman, starring Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon) and Zoe Weizenbaum
      (Memoirs of a Geisha).

      Sunday, July 16:
      7 p.m. Scene Not Heard (The struggle for the recognition of women
      artists in Phillys hip-hop scene) Reflections on Women of Color and
      Hip Hop (Young people challenge each other and speak critically
      about something they love: hip-hop) Just Say It (Documentary about
      activist artists after 9/11 including Michael Franti, Boots Riley,
      Susan Appe, Diskarte Namin, and Nelli Wong)

      Friday, July 21:
      7 p.m. NO! (Feature-length documentary exploring how the collective
      silence about sexual assault adversely affects African-Americans)

      Saturday, July 22:
      7 p.m. Rosita (Nicaraguan parents fight to receive an abortion for
      their nine-year-old daughter, a victim of rape) Abortion Diaries
      (Women speak candidly about their personal experience with abortion)
      11 p.m. Fantasy Shorts: Exploding Buds, On the Cliffs, Sliding
      Flora, The Black Plum, Twitch, Wrong Bathroom (short films from
      other realms of existence)

      Sunday, July 23:
      7 p.m. I was a Teenage Feminist (A quest to find out whether
      feminism can still be a source of personal and political power) How
      I Learned to Speak Turkish (One womans chronicle of her fascination
      with Turkish men) Bringing Back Venezuela. (A Manhattan-based youth
      television channel documents youth participation in the World
      Festival of Youth and Students in Caracas, Venezuela)

      Wednesday, July 26:
      7 p.m. Whatever Floats Your Boat (Myths shattered and truths
      revealed about the reality of what motherhood really means for the
      contemporary woman) Rosa (Adventures of a young mom in the search of
      a nanny to make keep her baby) Mothers Dance (Following her mothers
      death, Lisa must decide between accepting a scholarship in Jerusalem
      or taking care of her problematic family)
      9 p.m. The Shape of Water (An intimate encounter with five very
      different women in Brazil, India, Jerusalem, and Senegal narrated by
      Susan Sarandon with introductory narration co-written by Edwidge

      Thursday, July 27:
      7 p.m. The Right to be Wrong (The quest for peace in modern Israel
      through the eyes of Israelis and Palestinians) Dont Fence Me In (The
      captivating portrait of 70-year-old, Burmese refugee and freedom
      fighter Major Mary) 9 p.m. Soundz of Spirit (Award-winning
      documentary explores the
      relationship between the creative process and spirituality in hip-
      hop culture) B-Girl (A b-girl competes to prove herself in a male-
      dominated sphere)

      Friday, July 28:
      7 p.m. Turning a Corner (The story of people involved in sex work in
      Chicago and their efforts to raise public awareness of systemic
      injustice) Charisse Shumate: Fighting for Our Lives (One inmates
      struggle to improve the treatment of women in prison)
      9 p.m. Left Lane (Road trip with folk poet Alix Olson in pursuit of
      independent thought and grassroots defiance)
      11 p.m. Adventure Shorts: Smoke the Pipe Dream, Never Rob a Bank
      with Someone You Love, Bethlehem Bandolero, Sabbath Entertainment
      (short films of adventures and debauchery)

      Saturday, July 29:
      7 p.m. Lets Talk About It (Children break the silence and secrecy of
      family abuse for the first time in this documentary directed by
      Deepa Mehta) See What I Got (The diverse experiences of a US girls
      basketball team competing internationally)
      9 p.m. Nazrah: A Muslim Womans Perspective (Muslim women living in
      the US discuss Islam, current politics, and the image of Islam in
      the West) Me and the Mosque (Zarqa Nawaz visits mosques throughout
      Canada to talk to scholars, colleagues, friends and neighbors about
      equal access for women in religious participation)
      11 p.m. Films by Desiree Lim: Salty Wet, Dyke: Just Be It,
      Disposable Lez, Eroticism, Out for Bubble Tea, Women Breaking
      Boundaries (showcase of films by Asian, erotic filmmaker Desiree Lim)
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