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Longtime Zine Editor presents first book

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  • Evan Ginzburg
    Happy New Year! From Evan Ginzburg of Wrestling- Then & Now zine- published since 1990
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
      Happy New Year!
      From Evan Ginzburg of Wrestling- Then & Now zine- published since 1990


      For immediate release

      December 26, 2005


      Evan Ginzburg

      It was a turbulent time of great social upheaval.
      And in the middle of it stood a child and his pals.
      In this autobiographical short story collection, Evan Ginzburg looks back at growing up in the racially changing East Flatbush, Brooklyn of the 1960s and 1970s. From the beautiful friendships he made to the dangers and humiliations he faced, these gritty street tales will keep readers enthralled. With stories ranging from nostalgic to heart-rendering, he pulls no punches as he looks back at a Brooklyn that is now lost forever.
      “We read several tales on the air and they’re funny, poignant and most certainly memorable,” stated New York DJ Fred Geobold, of 50,000 watt WBAI-FM’s Light Show in New York City.
      Cultural icons such as Bruce Lee, Pam Grier, James Brown, Fred Williamson, Marvin Gaye, pro wrestling champion Bruno Sammartino and many other heroes of the era add magical memories that will transport readers back to this bygone time.
      Hear the crack of the stickball bat against Spalding balls and hear the cling of bottle caps on the skully courts in “Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn,” (ISBN 0-9763366-0-X). Available now through mail order at: Evan Ginzburg PO Box 640471 Oakland Gardens Station Flushing, NY 11364 for $14.95 and $2.50 postage and handling (Add $8 for overseas orders).

      Evan Ginzburg is available for media interviews and appearances in conjunction with “Apartment 4B, Like in Brooklyn.”

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