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call for submissions - 2 weeks left!

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  • honeybtemple
    Hi everybody - I ve only gotten 2 or 3 contributions, so I thought I d post this again. Please send your longer pieces or quotes about wjat is beauty by Nov.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 13, 2005
      Hi everybody - I've only gotten 2 or 3 contributions, so I thought I'd
      post this again. Please send your longer pieces or quotes about "wjat
      is beauty" by Nov. 1 to honey_b_temple@..., or p.o. box 5383,
      Richmond, CA 94805

      Here's my original posting:
      Hi zinesters - About 4 or 5 years ago, I put out a zine called "Beauty
      is a Battlefield", which combined quotes about what beauty means to
      people, as well as my stories of struggling mightily with body image
      and beauty stereotypes.

      The zine was incredibly popular, and continues to sell. I've had
      people at zinefests come up to me and thank me for publishing it. I
      just ran out of my third or fourth print run, and I think it's time to
      revise it.

      I'm putting out a call to all writers for either:

      A) Quotes answering the question "What is Beauty?" Quotes should be
      less than 3 sentences.


      B) short pieces (less than 1000 words) about your own struggles with
      finding yourself beautiful.

      I'd like these pieces to be realistic and compelling, but also to end
      on a positive note. I want the zine to be inspiring and hopeful, so
      although I think there's definitely room in the world for rants about
      fascist beauty standards, those belong in another zine. Please send
      pieces about your own body image, and how you came to, at least some
      of the time, find yourself beautiful.

      Your piece could be about a particular part of yourself you think is
      lovely, it could be about you overcoming or working on overcoming your
      negative body image, it could be about why you don't want to look like
      a supermodel, or anything that comes to mind, as long as it might help
      someone with her own struggle with body image.

      Depending on how many pieces I get, I may have to pick and choose
      which ones I include. My goal is to include them all.

      Contributors will each get 3 copies of the finished zine.

      Please include the following with your contribution:

      Your name or penname (whichever you want to be published with your
      Your mailing address for the zines
      If you're sending a longer piece (not a quote), please title the piece

      Please don't send poetry. I'm looking for prose for this particular

      Please send work to me via e-mail at honey_b_temple@... and put
      "Beauty is a Battlefield" in the subject line.

      The deadline is Nov. 1, 2005.

      Thank you - I can't wait to see your contributions!
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