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Custom comics: They can happen!

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  • Yul Tolbert
    Earlier this week, some guy hired me to do a custom foot fetish comic book for $50. ( Did you say foot fetish comic ?! Have you flipped your orbit?!? Why
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 29 8:09 AM
      Earlier this week, some guy hired me to do a custom foot fetish comic
      book for $50. ("Did you say 'foot fetish comic'?! Have you flipped
      your orbit?!?" "Why yes I have. Thanks for noticing.") to that, I say
      doing custom comics is way better than doing comics for a mass
      audience. After all, it's painfully difficult to figure out how to do
      a comic that would appeal to the widest audience. And it's even more
      painfully difficult to find people (out of a population of 6
      billion) who already have t mentality to appreciate the type of
      comics you've produced. But with custom comics, all you have to do is
      ask the individual what they want in a comic, and they are extremely
      likely to buy it. Therefore, I'm going to make custom comics my main

      But then again, the idea of custom comics isn't new to me. I got the
      idea maybe three or four years ago from someone who saw my art in
      some miscellaneous zine and subsequently hired me to do a custom
      comic for him. He only paid for three pages, then dropped off the
      face of the planet. That blows! But maybe this time, it'll work for
      me. If so, I could, in theory, make a profit off of it. And since I
      have made mention of my custom art service on numerous message boards
      and such, it could finally mean that I have FOUND A WAY TO PROFIT
      FROM THE INTERENET USING MY ART! Now that's what I'm talkin' about!

      -- Yul
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