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Calling all DIY, retro Betty Crockers!

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  • Ms. Pussycat
    Hey all... I m putting together the Hip Home decorating issue of my webzine— it sounds cheesy, but it s very cool. We ve gotten Elvis style jungle rooms
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2005
      Hey all...

      I'm putting together the "Hip Home decorating" issue of my
      webzine— it sounds cheesy, but it's very cool. We've gotten Elvis
      style jungle rooms and retro polka dot kitchen in the past .

      I'm also working on a "Vice" issue, covering all of the delightfully
      sinful things that make life worth living. So if you want to write on
      your favorite vice, that would be awesome.

      For hip homes, I am looking for folks with incredibly funky,
      unusual and artistic rooms.

      Check out the site at http://www.pussycatmagazine.com, and if
      you like what you see, Email me your photos!

      I'll send you some free stickers and a fortune teller fish in return.

      Thanks all...

      Denise T., humble editor

      "I caught you a delicious bass." — N. Dynamite.
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