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"more people should read zines" (new review zine)

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  • Bri Zine
    hey kids. well the other night i had this genius idea of starting a review zine. cuz i like reading zines. and i want more people to know about zines.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      hey kids. well the other night i had this genius idea
      of starting a review zine. cuz i like reading zines.
      and i want more people to know about zines. especially
      good ones.

      well, really, this all started with the idea of how i
      could distribute some sort of newsletter to maybe find
      other zinesters in my area or get some people into it.
      aren't we all sick of saying "i do a zine" and our
      friend going "what the fuck does that mean?". yea. so
      the idea is not only to review zines, but to get
      others involved or interested or at least for them to
      KNOW what a zine is. the first couple issues will most
      likely just be like a flier...an 8.5x11 sheet of paper
      double-sided with reviews and such, maybe two pages
      stapled. we'll see. i also plan to include at the
      beginning of each issue a definition of what zines are
      as defined by a different zinester every issue. the
      first issue will be my definiton, and then hopefully
      some of you will email me YOUR definitons of what
      zines are so i can include them.

      i'm not going to do music/book/movie/etc. reviews at
      the moment. maybe in the future, but it would all be
      in relation to DIY culture.

      "more people should read zines" will be distributed on
      my local college campus (kent state), and around
      cleveland, for free, but it's not going to be a purely
      local thing. i will make copies available for others
      to distribute in their towns and so on. if i mail you
      copies, i may ask for postage cuz i'm poor, but i'm
      going to try and make a computer-friendly print-out
      version of each issue as well. or you could just send
      me a stamp for a copy of an issue and make copies of
      it to give out. it's up to you all.

      so here's what i need:
      -zines to review! i realize "more people should read
      zines" will not be zine guide right off the bat, but i
      think it will be a great way to get your zine known. i
      definitely like what i like, but i try to be fair.
      eventually i will get others to review things as well.
      -ads for zines, distros, etc.. i am offering free ad
      space (when i have room on the page for it) currently,
      but i may eventually ask for a couple bucks per issue
      to keep this thing rolling
      -your definition of what zines are! feel free to get
      creative, but remember that a lot of people who read
      this probably don't know what zines are

      comments, quesitons, suggestions, all that shiz...
      well, i am moving within the week from one dorm to
      another and don't have my new mailbox address just
      quite yet, so for the mean time please just email me
      (rawdaylight@...) and i will mail you any info
      you need, and once i get the new mailbox i'll send
      something around.

      also, if i buy a zine from someone or trade zines or
      something, i'll most likely review it.

      as for my zine, gnosis...i've been working on the
      final issue (#8) for several months now. it's still
      not done. you'll all know when it is. still debating
      the name for my next zine...but it also depends on if
      i'll have the extra time for a perzine with school,
      boyfriend, (hopefully soon if i land this job) work,
      and working on "more people should read zines".

      thanks everyone!
      -bri zine

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