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Update and new zines at AWS

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  • Mystery Frank
    Agent With Style will be at the following conventions in July: TORONTO TREK -- we will have mostly Stargate, Buffy and Trek zines in the dealer s room. SHORE
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      Agent With Style will be at the following conventions in July:

      TORONTO TREK -- we will have mostly Stargate, Buffy and Trek zines in
      the dealer's room.

      SHORE LEAVE -- we'll have the full compliment we usually take in the
      dealer's room.

      GATECON -- we will have *only* Stargate zines and jewelry, selling
      out of our Best Western hotel room.

      SAN DIEGO COMIC CON -- we don't have a table, so we're only taking
      *pre-con* orders to hand out from our room. We will have *no* zines
      with us other than those explictly asked for.

      Any zine listed below or on our webpage at www.agentwithstyle.com is
      available for a pre-con order. The deadline for all four cons is
      midnight on June 28, 2004. If you want to make sure you can get a
      zine, please send us a pre-con order!

      New zine listings:



      *Buckaroo Banzai*


      Buckaroo Banzai is a neurosurgeon, a rocket scientist, a musician, a
      samarai and a superhero. And he's modest, too. He and his friends,
      also known as the hip rock band, the Hong Kong Kavaliers, have
      already saved the planet once by stopping the Red Lectroids from
      stealing one of Buckaroo's inventions, one that would open the Eighth
      Dimension and allow more Red Lectroids through, endangering the
      entire world. And now they're back for more adventures! Watch Team
      Banzai do battle with the evil Hanoi Xan! See Perfect Tommy dress in
      polyester! See Rawhide be put to rest! Follow Reno and New Jersey
      to a survival seminar in Peru! See Buckaroo help Kirk and Spock save
      the U.S. Space Program! And maybe find out why that watermelon is
      still there!


      *Due South*


      In this wonderful slash novel by Muriel Perun, with an intriguing
      cover by Laura Shapiro, it's been over a year, but Ray Vecchio is
      still haunted by his time spent undercover as deadly criminal Armando
      Langoustini. Nothing about his former life fits anymore, least of all
      Fraser, now back in town after his failed relationship with Kowalski.
      Can Vecchio pick up the pieces of his life when so many parts still
      seem to be missing?


      While Ray Vecchio may be mad north-north-west, when the wind is
      southerly, he knows a hawk from a handsaw. But mad or sane, both he
      and Fraser show their love for each other in these wonderfully
      written stories. Don't miss this fantastic slash zine!


      *Garrison's Gorillas*


      "Garrison's Gorillas" is a series set in WWII about five intriguing
      men, each decidedly unique, performing in extreme conditions, and
      just like the show, this zine is character-driven, its humor and
      drama arising from the characters. Come meet Garrison and his band
      of rough-and-tumble, but heart-of-gold Gorillas, in this not-to-be-
      missed gen zine!


      *Houston Knights*


      Sometimes it's hard to tell the good guys from the bad guys, and
      sometimes the bad guys win, but through it all, good times and bad, a
      partner you can count on is worth his weight in gold. Levon and Joe
      didn't start out liking each other, but dangerous situations have a
      way of making fast buddies of even the most cantakerous of fellas.
      Full of laughter, tears and love, these wonderful gen zines are must-




      As a container that can hold anything in the universe, you'll be
      constantly suprised at what you'll find in this toybox! A great gen


      From Australia, these zines are full of hot and sexy slash stories
      that'll get your motor revving!


      From light to dark, silly to dramatic, the pairings that make up
      these beautiful mosaics will entrance and enthrall you in a collage
      of wonderful stories!


      With the flip of a page, you can go from one fantastic fandom to
      another. Like the best VCR or DVD recorder in the world, you get
      great gen stories in all your favorite fandoms without having to sit
      through ten hours of "Barney, the purple dinosaur"!


      *Pirates of the Caribbean*


      In this engaging sequel to "An Opportune Moment," (available from
      AWS) written and illustrated by P.S. Nim, while suffering from ill
      health, and suspecting that he is still afflicted by a partial curse,
      Captain Jack Sparrow decides to return to Isla de la Muerta.
      Elizabeth and Will are determined to go with him, and so is another
      unlikely participant -- Commodore Norrington!




      D.M. Kraft has written a wonderful book of poems, many of which are
      fandom-inspired. "I Walk Ancient Roads," 2002 winner of a Stargate
      SG-1 fiction award for best poem, and written from the perspective of
      Daniel Jackson. "I Hurt When You Hurt" and "So Many Things I Need to
      Say," both inspired by a common theme in Sentinel fic that involves
      Jim and Blair unable to express to one another important thoughts and
      feelings. "Dreaming," a poem that helps explain the importance of
      fanfic to both its writers and its readers, as a genre in which "the
      stories never cease to rise, the heroes never die, and I often find,
      to my surprise, they sometimes even cry...." Don't miss this
      incredible book!


      *The Professionals*


      Now collected together for the first in one zine, all these wonderful
      stories written and illustrated by Anne-Marie Caluwaert show the
      brotherly love Bodie and Doyle have for one another and the strength
      of their partnership, where it's often them against the rest of the
      world. Don't miss this great zine!


      *Star Trek*


      In these various slash stories, follow Captain James T. Kirk and
      Commander Spock as they live and love, as their relationship begins
      to change and evolve into...something new.


      In a kaleidoscope, colored fragments are reflected and refracted to
      produce patterns that constantly change, yet are always eye-
      catchingly beautiful. In this wonderful series of Kirk/Spock zines,
      you'll find stories that do the very same thing -- take one Human and
      one Vulcan and mix, to delightful results!


      *Stargate SG-1*


      The title translates to 'a rough road to the stars,' and that's
      exactly what you find in these gen stories: some hardship, some
      anxiety, a few tears, but also, some laughter, some loving, and the
      strongest bonds of friendship between four people that can never be
      broken, no matter how rough the road.


      These slash zines contains hot, sexy stories that have kinks, mild
      bondage and discipline, and if that gets you going, come join Jack
      and Daniel as they love each other, and learn just how far each of
      them is willing to go...


      These gen zines celebrate the true friendship and brotherly love Jack
      O'Neill and Daniel Jackson have for each other, and for their
      teammates. Each story holds deeper facets because of the many
      interwoven friendships they portray. If you're looking for good,
      solid, well-written Stargate stories, you can't pass these zines by!


      *Tote Bags*

      The vacation you carry in your hand! Who wouldn't love a nice tote
      bag for their summer travels? (Or for the market, for the concert,
      or for work.) Left over from the RevelCon convention, these strong,
      sturdy tote bags are just the thing to carry your zines and other
      fannish items while at a con, or to brighten up your work day. In
      two different sizes, you'll be able to choose just the carrier for
      you, and keep things close at hand in your own funky, durable, and
      infinitely stylish tote bag! Design can be seen on our website
      under 'Tote Bags'.


      *War of the Worlds*

      DEE-PICE 1
      DEE-PICE 2

      In the "War of the World" series, Dr. Clayton Forrester, Harrison
      Blackwood's foster father, had worked on "Operation Deep Ice," a
      project regarding the 1953 invasion, whose papers were stored in an
      underground vault. When the group gets to the army base, they
      discover that the archives are stored in more than one vault under
      various misspellings of the name 'Deep Ice,' as a security measure.
      While 'Dee-Pice' was one of those misspellings, and even though these
      gen zines have been out of print for quite a while, they are no
      longer 'lost'. Come read wonderful stories from some of the best
      authors in this fandom, and discover just why the aliens were so
      eager to get their hands on these documents!


      Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
      Check us out! www.agentwithstyle.com
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