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Ebay items for sale, zine grab bags, contest, demo review, and more!

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  • ashley chapman
    Hello, Sorry to those of you getting this 5 times! I have 1 craft box to give away, it costs $5 (enough to cover postage) and I have 8 Zine grab bags that are
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2004

      Sorry to those of you getting this 5 times!

      I have 1 craft box to give away, it costs $5 (enough to cover postage) and I have 8 Zine grab bags that are $4 a piece (enough to cover postage). If you want one please email me.

      I also put up a ton of items on ebay. All the proceeds go to funding Spy Kids Distro so please help out if you can. My ebay name is killgirl81. :)

      I'm holding a contest - I need a graphic for my new zine "the dead bell". The deadline for entries is May 20th 2004 and the winner gets 5 free zines from the Spy kids catalog. Please participate!

      Also I'm looking for the following zines, if you can help PLEASE do. :)
      skeleton key
      take off your fucking dress and go bowling
      why we live
      smashing stars
      this world is broken
      Artichoke #5
      Butterfly Girl
      Capital Frantic #1
      Don't fall asleep #2
      Don't fall asleep #4
      Golden opportunity #2
      Heart versus brain #4
      Pansy #5
      Pinktricity #1
      The remainders
      The second part #3
      Songs about ghosts #2
      Subject to change #12
      Suburban Gothic #2
      There are not enough hours in the day for all the bitching I have to do #7
      Thieves and kings #8
      Westside Angst #7
      When sky sees itself in ocean #1 and #2
      Wrongs of passage #2
      Hip pocket #28
      the hills are burning
      I think so #3
      Love fades #7
      love like pop #2
      missive #1
      Muppet in training

      Does anyone know what happened to The yellowcape Revolution Distro?

      Cherry Cherry Red is taking submissions for issue 2. -- CHERRY CHERRRY RED #2 - Cherry Cherry Red was an advertising zine started by Ciara who now does A Renegade's Handbook to Love & Sabotage. I asked Ciara a while back if I could restart Cherry Cherry Red or something similiar to it and she said she didn't care. So now I'm putting together another issue of Cherry Cherry Red.
      In the issue I'm putting together I'm asking for people who make music, run distroes, run record labels, write zines, make crafts, etc.. to design an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet(s) of paper advertising their product. You can design up to 4 pages for yr products. Please: only one project per page (unless you okay it with me first).
      I'm going to make at least 500 copies of this zine. I will sell them through Spy Kids and any other distros that want to carry it. Plus I will give it away free at concerts. Also contributers get a free copy. Send contributions to thedeadbell@... or mail them to me at: pixie 508 Whispering Oaks Moore, OK 73160

      Due Date: I need everything in by the end of Due : July 2004

      I'm trying to put together a photography portfolio and I need yr help. If you need a photograph for yr zine, book, etc. please email me. It will be free, you just need to credit me. Thank you!

      Also, I need a music demo reviewed. If you want to review the demo please get in touch.

      Thank you,
      Spy Kids Distro
      live journal: killgirl81

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