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  • Bri Zine
    hey everyone. it s been awhile since i ve posted anything anywhere. i finished up some zines this past week so i figured i should post them on the usual lists.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 18, 2004
      hey everyone. it's been awhile since i've posted anything anywhere. i finished up some zines this past week so i figured i should post them on the usual lists. all info below.

      webster is sexist #1
      this is a 24-page project i created for my photography class (since my teacher just adores my zines) and i figured why not let people see it? basically, it's 20 or so pages of collages- my photos, random magazine clippings, and words from webster's thesaurus that i feel fit the photograph...not to mention that i felt some of the synonyms for words like "girl" were a bit...sexist ;D

      gnosis #5
      well this issue has been sitting in a drawer waiting to be copied for about half a year now. crazy. it's 40 pages long...and it starts as the DIY issue- how to make a stencil, how to start your own zine, how to make a skirt from a shirt...but then it changes halfway into a more personal issue. reflections on my high school years (seeing as how i'll be graduating in about two months), life for pop tart #5 & 6 (comics), my personal protest against the local activist scene and not having to believe EVERYTHING an organization does just because you share one common disliking for a certain war and certain president, my break up with sean, the beginning of the bri zine encyclopedia (inspired by doris #21)- a is for annoying girls who pop their gum, b is for boys in eyeliner and c is for citrus fruits, plus a poem or two. i think its a great issue.

      gnosis #6
      this issue is also 40 pages...much more personal. continuation of the bri zine encyclopedia- d is for dope shoe project, detroit, and don; e is for thee evil toaster pastry brigade and eating habits; f is for 'fuck this sad shit' and fake names; poetry (by myself and by a very exteremly talented local rap artist/slam poet, judah), 'it's been a year, hasn't it?', why i hate to have my picture taken, 'the role of men and women in society based on the taming of the shrew', and a lot of personal rambling that may or may not make since, but either way it all sounds very pretty.

      each one is $1 and two stamps (except WIS...1 stamp, 1 buck or 1 trade). email me at eviltoasterpastry@..., and definitely let me know if you're planning on trading :)

      or you can just send your money and stamps to the address below. if you plan on ordering more than one, i'll just need 3 stamps (i can fit all three in one envelope and ship it with just three stamps) so just send whatever cash you need to in a well concealed note with your address, email address, and what zines you want. thanks!

      bri zine

      - bri zine
      - www.riotpoptart.com

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