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UnAmerican Film Festival

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  • Altar Magazine
    Altar Magazine & Stickfigure Distro present... The UnAmerican Film Festival with Vision Of The Eternal Peacock & The Good Players Wednesday, June 25th @ The
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      Altar Magazine & Stickfigure Distro present...

      The UnAmerican Film Festival
      with Vision Of The Eternal Peacock
      & The Good Players
      Wednesday, June 25th
      @ The Earl 9pm
      East Atlanta Village

      Taking its name from the House Un-American Activities
      Committee (HUAC), which terrorized the film industry
      in the 1950s with a witch hunt that blacklisted
      'subversive' writers and filmmakers, the UnAmerican
      Film Festival supports films and videos that question
      the government and social norms, even at a time when
      such acts are deemed "unpatriotic." Our mission is to
      present fun, smart, engaging and radical films that
      offer alternatives to the usual corporate media
      sources. Since our successful premiere at Cannes, we
      have taken the festival to Paris, London, Tokyo,
      Berlin, Moscow, and now Atlanta!

      Films Include:
      S-11Redux, Life or Liberty, A Message to Bin Laden,
      Flag TV, Gods, Penises and Pills, Hot and Bothered,
      Race Juice: An Elixir for the Soul, Election
      Collectibles, Eye of the Storm, and Umatilla. See
      www.unamericanfilmfest.com for full descriptions.

      All proceeds go to Altar Magazine, a forum for
      critical thought, coalition building, artistic
      creativity, and activism, in order to print the second
      issue, which will feature articles such as Myopia by
      Inga Muscio, Arting Up the Revolution, Concrete Blonde
      Interview, Celie�s Revenge: Hip-hop Betrays Black
      Women, No Justice No Peace: a critique within the
      peace movement, Scott Heron Interview (Prefuse 73,
      Savath + Savales), and much more from writers and
      artists living all over the world.

      If you will not be able to attend, but would still
      like to contribute, here are your options:
      $5 gets you a copy of Altar Magazine #2
      $8 gets you Altar Magazine #1 & #2
      $20 gets you both issues and an Altar Magazine t-shirt
      If you donate $100 or more (individually or as a group
      effort), we will print a 1/4 page advertisement for
      the non-profit/activist organization of
      your choice.

      * send cash, check or money order made out to 'Altar
      Magazine' at:
      PO Box 5952, Atlanta GA 31107-0952
      * use a Credit Card via PayPal by following this link:

      We ask that all donations by sent by July 1st. Please
      email with any questions or for more information.

      In Peace & Solidarity,
      Mandy Van Deven (info@...)
      Altar Magazine
      view full evite at: www.evite.com/alex@.../UnAmericanFilmFest

      Altar Magazine
      PO Box 5952
      Atlanta, GA 31107
      We believe that the personal is political; therefore, all forms of creativity are inherently political.

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