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OU #20 Now Available!

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  • aipman1
    We ve just printed the first batch of Obscurity Unlimited #20, and it s winging it s full color way out to subscribers right now! With 32 pages of news,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2003
      We've just printed the first batch of Obscurity Unlimited #20, and
      it's winging it's full color way out to subscribers right now! With
      32 pages of news, features and reviews (with color cover
      reproductions!) of over 100 comic books, zines, and CDs, it's our
      biggest issue yet. This issue is a true milestone issue, as it not
      only marks our return to monthly issues of OU, but introduces some
      great new things for the small press. You can get a copy RIGHT NOW,
      by clicking here:

      Included with this issue for those who chose to participate, are the
      first Picks of the Month! Each month, we are picking a publication
      from a number of categories, and naming it the pick of the month.
      People can subscribe to this, and we will be sending out the
      publications they choose to receive with their monthly issue of OU.

      This also ties together with our new SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE. That's
      right, you can now use our handy mail-in form to pick and chose to
      receive copies of small press comics with your monthly dose of OU,
      so, say, you want to receive everything that Matt Feazell puts out,
      you check the box, and you will only pay for copies that are
      delivered. No pre-pay, just name your choices, we'll send the books,
      and as long as you pay the invoice each month, we'll keep sending
      you the small press publications you want.

      OU is now going out in 5 different cities in local editions, being
      given away in comic stores and record stores, with well over 1,000
      copies an issue, and growing. So as you can see, the Obscurity
      Unlimited small press promotion machine is kicking into high gear.

      To top that all off, we've just completed the first stage of a re-
      vamp of the Dimestore website, making it much more cross-browser
      friendly and we've got a LOT more in the horizon. If you haven't
      been to the site lately, it's time to check it over anew.

      Ian Shires
      Publisher, Dimestore Productions
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