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  • aipman1
    Hello, all. We ve been hard at work upgrading the SPA Forum, and are just about done, and it s ready for YOU to check it out. The URL:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2002
      Hello, all. We've been hard at work upgrading the SPA Forum,
      and are just about done, and it's ready for YOU to check it out.

      The URL: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/Forum

      Here's just SOME of the new features:
      * EVENTS CALENDAR. The new calendar system allows members to post
      events that link back and forth with an active discussion topic, so
      Events are not just listed on the event page, but are linked to the
      information about the event and any discussion/questions that other
      members ask about it. It allows for a dynamic way to generate
      interest and presence for your events, be it an upcoming convention,
      your appearance at a store for a signing, a poetry reading/open mic
      night, we want our events calendar to serve as a place that small
      pressers can post their local appearances, and fans of small press
      can know where to find local events.
      * BUILT-IN CHAT. You can sign in, and check and see if anyone is in
      the lobby...or create a room for your own discussion group,
      whatever. We will be holding scheduled chats time-to-time, and you
      can announce your own scheduled chat as an event! Hold a new-
      issue "Release Party" online!
      * A LINKS PORTAL. You can add your website to the links, and people
      can visit it, and rate it. It allows banner display and full
      description, and makes a mighty fine ad system for websites. There
      are still a couple of things in configureation with it, so it'll be
      even better very soon.
      * File Upload/Portfolios. Our new system for giving members of the
      SPA a place to show off their work, have a place to share files,
      even graphics programs/addons, etc. We will use the photo gallery as
      a place to look for artwork for covers/pinups of SPA publications
      (we will ask permission/make an offer before use), and there will be
      a way to share works in progress with artistic partnerships you form
      in the group. The UPLOAD feature is not turned on yet, and members
      will have to be approved to use it, but it is almost ready to roll.

      There's a LOT more new about the forum, but those are the main
      features that we feel artists, writers, and publishers will have a
      real interest in. The SPA Forum is a FREE community, there are no
      dues, and coupled with the rest of the things that the SPA does,
      makes a great place to build your presence in the publishing world.
      We will be, soon, closing down our Yahoo Groups, and moving the SPA
      fully onto this one forum. We hope to see you there!

      The URL: http://www.dimestoreproductions.com/Forum

      Ian Shires
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