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  • Kiki Ries
    hey everyone. once again i m stupid and i m sending out one giant mass email that many of you may receive multiple times due to the fact we belong to the same
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2002
      hey everyone. once again i'm stupid and i'm sending out one giant mass email that many of you may receive multiple times due to the fact we belong to the same e-lists, but as i said, i'm stupid...so i do stupid things like this...

      anyway, i am writing to inform everyone that i've decided to shut down my distro for the time being. maybe someday when i'm not poor i'll try again, but i just can't handle it at the moment. i'd also like a chance to submit my own zines to other distros, so i figured not selling them exclusively myself would be a good start...and closing the distro helps me to not want to sell them exclusively.

      i still have about three copies of "gleaner zine #1" left over. they're $8. if you'd like a copy, email me. i want them out so i can repay who needs repaid and all that lovely stuff.

      i do plan to turn the old distro website into a sort of small zine community type thing. i met some cool peoples this weekend who are into zines, poetry, guerilla theater and such and hopefully they'll be helping me out with whatever it is i choose to turn this thing into. more news in the future once i know exactly what's up with it.

      as for my own zines, i owe a ton of people copies and i'm so sorry i haven't sent them out yet. "culture sh*ck #5" is this friggin close to being finished- and for an extra $2 you get a mixtape soundtrack to go along (with rxbandits, taking back sunday, ben kweller, and some more). then when i get some extra cash i will head off to copymax and it'll be done. i've still got a few copies of issue 4 and i am always willing to make new copies of old issues for anyone interested. once #5 is all done i won't be putting out another issue until i finish up my other zine projects...which may mean not until next year. i will be accepting submissions for #6 however, so email me if you've got questions or whatever.

      i'm discontinuing "rose petals" because it went absolutely nowhere. if you'd like copies of issues 1 or 2, email me for details. "secret groupie neglection" hasn't been worked on in a loooong time, but hopefully craig, shaina and i will get off our asses and wrap it up. ashley, guitarist of my band, so ricki (http://www.geocities.com/soricki), created a wonderful color cover for it so we hope to be using that.

      at the moment i'm going to work mainly on "the candy sugarless pleading protest #2" (my perzine) and "thee art of chicken"...a zine i've been trying DESPERATELY to complete...a zine all about the wonderful thing that is chicken. got something to submit? please please please send it my way. jokes, poems, stories, comics/drawings, recipes, etc.

      once again, sorry for the mass email. i'll talk to all mah homies lataz =D

      luff and da pop tarts, bri aka kiki http://www.geocities.com/chix_inthe_pit

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