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    Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
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      Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
      pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell
      out *fast*!

      We'll be in Room 363 at the Causeway Bay for MediaWest.

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


      * Magnificent Seven *

      LET'S RIDE 14

      Brand-new stories abound in this gen zine about the Seven, with tales
      from some of the best authors in this fandom! This issue contains:

      "Indian Blanket" by Susan Macdonald -- Old West -- A bounty hunter catches
      up to Vin.

      "Old Ghosts" by Michelle Fortado & Deyna Greywolf -- Old West -- A trip has
      Vin remembering times best forgotten.

      "Recreation" by Brate -- Haven AU -- A bit of fun.

      "Community Service" by Kacey Tucker & Nina Talbot -- ATF Denver -- The boys
      are roped into helping out.

      "All Good Things" by Michelle Fortado & Patricia Grace -- ATF Denver --
      Prequel to "Desperation" in LET'S RIDE 12. An assignment costs Vin his

      "Old Debts" by Sierra Chaves & Erica Michaels -- ATF Denver -- A couple of
      the guys end up in traffic school.


      * Multimedia *


      This amazing series of zines is coming to a close with one last,
      jam-packed issue, fittingly subtitled "The Final Frontier." Flights of
      fancy and tales of dastardly derring-do fill the pages of this gen anthology
      zine. Come join in the fun! This issue contains:

      "Road Trip" by Catherine Schlein -- Criminal Minds -- After the death of
      his mother, Spenser Reid takes a road trip to find an old friend.

      "Ephemeral" by Sheila Paulson -- Lord of the Rings -- Death is a part of the
      mortal world, but Legolas isn't ready to accept it. The young elf must come
      to terms with the ephemeral nature of existence.

      "Escaping Platonius" by Lorraine Anderson -- Star Trek Classic -- When
      Alexander wants to join Starfleet, no one is too sure about it.

      "Hidden Memories" by Loretta Greco -- Hawaii 5-O -- A chance meeting careens
      Steve down a path of bitter memories. It is up to Danny to help his boss
      and friend through a difficult time.

      "Poliania" by Dana Bell -- Planet of the Apes -- Taylor and Nova travel
      across the ruined landscape of what was once the United States to find a
      rumored human settlement somewhere in the west. Once there, Taylor is
      called upon to help his former ape friends.

      "When Gifts Wait, Unopened" by Sheryl Tribble - Firefly -- Inara is back on
      Serenity and has a conversation with Shepherd Book.

      "Ralph and the Kittens" by Sheila Paulson -- Real Ghostbusters -- Ray is
      sent to the Netherworld and finds himself rescued by a cabbie from New York
      and the man's four furry charges. (Who knew that demons had a soft spot for
      kittens?) Meanwhile, back at home, the rest of the Ghostbusters must find a
      way to retrieve him before he becomes demon dinner.

      "Forgetting" by Catherine Schlein -- Lord of the Rings -- The quest for the
      ring is long ago, and Frodo is in the land across the sea. Sam's life is
      busy and full, but when his youngest son finds a memento of Frodo's, Sam
      fears he is forgetting his dear friend and all that they went through.

      "Dinner With Aunt Phoebe" by Susan Macdonald -- The Master / Nanny and the
      Professor -- Max and McAllister bump into Max's cousin, who just happens to
      be the daughter of the professor... of Nanny and the Professor. Will the
      enigmatic Nanny help them on their way?

      "The Ghost and Sam Winchester" by K. Hanna Korossy - Supernatural -- There
      are some people you just don't want as ghosts.... And for Sam Winchester,
      his brother is one of them. When Dean turns up in ghostly form, Sam's fears
      he's lost him forever.

      "The Night of the Warehouse" by Catherine Schlein --Wild Wild West /
      Warehouse 13 -- There are things that should never see the light of day and
      Artemus Gordon wants to know just what the Secret Service is doing with
      those things he and Jim have found over the years. When he finds out, he's
      none too pleased and plans to rectify the situation.

      "Something Unpredictable" by Peggy Hartsook -- Hogan's Heroes -- Nothing is
      ever simple in the world of Stalag 13. You have the Gestapo, Klink, other
      prisoners, and... influenza. When Hogan comes down with the illness, the
      havoc it causes is anything but humorous.

      "The Night of Crossed Trails" by Catherine Schlein -- Wild Wild West / The
      Quest -- A chance meeting on the trail involves the Beaudine brothers in a
      secret service mission. But things don't go as planned and Artemus Gordon
      is captured by the land-grabber Peterson. In the ensuing fight, one of the
      brothers is gravely injured.

      Plus poetry and other short stories. Don't miss this farewell issue of OF


      * Find Us on the Web *

      Get the latest zine listings immediately!

      Facebook --


      Twitter -- www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle


      * NCIS *


      Gibbs is a top with a desperate need to atone for his past mistakes and
      a habit of collaring the members of his team. Tony is a sub who distrusts
      all tops and has never yet agreed to wear any top's collar, not even in
      play. Sparks fly when they meet for the first time - but will Gibbs be able
      to protect Tony from a past that is rapidly catching up with him, and will
      Tony ever trust Gibbs enough to wear his collar?

      This slash novel by Xanthe is set in her BDSM universe where everybody
      is bisexual and identifies as sexually dominant or submissive. It is a
      prequel to her NCIS / Stargate: Atlantis crossover, HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT,
      and is easily enjoyed without having read any of the other tales in this


      * The Sentinel *


      Gathering the best Sentinel stories to be found on the net, this zine
      has tales by wonderful authors and their creativity will hold you spellbound
      to the very last page! This issue contains:

      "A Misguided Sense of Duty" by Gemini -- Blair is mistaken for a drug

      "Nightmare" by LaraMee -- A tag to "Cypher." Sandburg is still trying to
      deal with the aftermath of Lash.

      "Surprise, Surprise!" by Gemini -- A surprise for Jim almost goes terribly

      "Not Such a Happy Birthday" by Gemini -- Blair's birthday doesn't go the way
      he expected.

      "He Did Okay" by LaraMee -- Jim thinks about his and Blair's run-in with
      Dawson Quinn.

      "A Vacuum in His Life" by Gemini -- Jim realizes what a difference Blair has
      made in his life.

      "Away from the Sun" by Romanse -- A tag to "Warriors." Blair grieves over
      the loss of his friend.

      "It's Always the Quiet Ones" by Brate -- Only Blair would visit a library
      while on vacation.

      "Nursing Hurts" by LaraMee -- Jim tries to take care of Blair after he's

      "Indecision" by Brate -- Blair can't seem to make up his mind.

      "Marathon Man" by LaraMee -- Blair keeps his promise, no matter what the

      "Traveling Blues" by Twilight -- While on vacation, Blair gets really sick.

      "Search for Denial" by L.A. Adolf -- Sometimes you have to go to the ends of
      the earth to find what you need.

      "Medical Grounds" by L.A. Adolf -- Blair is keeping a secret from Jim.

      "Random" by Twilight -- Blair is assaulted and he and Jim have a hard time
      adjusting to the aftermath.


      * Stargate: Atlantis *


      In this mostly-McShep zine, Sian has written wonderful tales that
      explore John and Rodney's journey, from first blush to established
      relationship and beyond, and you won't want to miss a word!

      "Simple Comforts" -- McKay/Sheppard -- The little things that get you
      through a mission.

      "Bent" -- McKay/Sheppard -- "I started out clean, but I'm jaded. Just
      phoning it it. Just breaking the skin."

      "Copper" -- Gen -- It's family that can hurt you the worst.

      "Bath Scrunchies and Other Sex Toys" -- McKay/Sheppard -- Rodney makes a new
      discovery upon his first return to Earth, and comes to a few conclusions.

      "Fallout" -- McKay/Sheppard/Teyla/Ronon -- Secrets never stay hidden

      "Mummer's Dance" -- Beckett/Sheppard -- They're just trying to get back to

      "I'm Living Still" -- McKay/Sheppard/Teyla/Ronan -- Unexpectedly, the team
      has some down-time.

      "Bring Me to Life" -- McKay/Sheppard -- "Frozen inside without your touch,
      without your love..."

      "To Safeguard the Future" -- McKay/Sheppard -- Beware of Ancients bearing

      "Devil's in the House of the Rising Sun" -- McKay/Sheppard -- What happens
      after Season Five's episode, "Vegas," fades to black...

      "Aces Over Eights" -- McKay/Sheppard -- When Wild Bill lost his life at a
      Deadwood poker table, he was holding a pair of aces and a pair of eights in
      his hand. 'Aces over eights' has since been known as the 'Dead Man's Hand.'

      "Madness Takes Its Toll" -- McKay/Sheppard -- Trouble doesn't end just
      because the Wraith were thwarted.

      "Sweet Spot" -- McKay/Sheppard -- Carson has some ideas about John and
      Rodney's anniversary.


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      Written by LRH Balzer, this heartwarming gen novel is set in the week
      leading up to Thanksgiving, 1998. Jack, Doug and Daniel are planning to
      spend the holiday with Jack's parents in Chicago, but when Jack is injured
      during an alien incursion, it looks unclear whether they'll be able to save
      the world in time to catch their flight. Meanwhile, Doug gets a great idea
      and knows that if he can bring this off, Jack will be eternally grateful and
      Doug will have what he wants most - a family.


      * Supernatural *


      In this gripping 330-paged sequel to her novel FIREFLY, Suz Mc
      questions what goes into making a family. Is it three men and a little lady
      with a bright laugh and special abilities?

      Dean has begun to settle into the role of father to little
      Emily, but he refuses to see what is so plain to Sam and Bobby -- that
      Emily's powers are growing and she's beginning to be able to consciously use
      them. What happens if she is frightened, or if someone threatens her
      family? Will it take her killing someone to make him see his little girl as
      a danger rather than just a child who can make lightshows with swarms of

      Nightmares plague Emily's sleep until they suddenly stop --
      and she begins to talk about 'Grandpa John,' who chases her niightmare
      monsters away. Dean is determined to find out who is screwing with his
      daughter's mind, whether it's a demon or the ghost of John Winchester
      himself. Anger and fear are strong emotions, but can love -- of daughter,
      of brother, of son -- be even stronger?

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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