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  • Agent With Style
    Our next con is Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD, on July 10-12, 2009. Pre-con orders are a Good Thing and are being accepted until 11:59 EST on July 4, 2009.
    Message 1 of 26 , Jun 28, 2009
      Our next con is Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD, on July 10-12, 2009. Pre-con
      orders are a Good Thing and are being accepted until 11:59 EST on July 4,

      Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *


      * NCIS *


      Amazing slash (Tony/Gibbs) stories by Xanthe, with a gorgeous color
      cover and interior artwork by Bluespirit.

      "Context" - "Well, you're the only one of my boy's people I haven't had a
      chance to talk with yet," Jackson Gibbs told him. "And you're the one I
      most want to talk to, so...humor an old man, Tony."

      "Puppy Love" - Tony's true inner self is revealeved, as is his heart's

      "Unclocked" - Tony and Gibbs deal with the issue of trust.

      "Sunrise" - Gibbs says his last goodbyes before sailing off into retirement,
      but who knew that one final farewell would be the hardest of all?

      "Andy" - When Tony receives some bad news, it forces him and Gibbs to face
      the consequences of a time long past.

      Gibbs had been waiting for a dead body to turn up, and it seemed one
      just had - only not the way he'd expected. This was one of those bodies
      that had been hidden for seventeen years, and those kinds of corpses always
      stunk to high heaven when they finally rose to the surface.


      More wonderful slash (Tony/Gibbs) tales by Xanthe, and more lovely
      artwork and cover by Bluespirit.

      "Hands" - It's Christmas...and Tony has a fascination with Gibbs' hands.

      "The One Where Tony and Tim Read Fanfiction" - Tony and Tim find a "Deep
      Six" fanfiction archive, based on Tim's series of books, but what's this
      thing called... slash?

      "Tony's Dry Spell" - Tony finds out the *real* reason for his recent lack of
      hot sex.

      "The Choice" - Tim and Tony fall out following a disastrous stakeout and
      Gibbs reveals a truly unique approach to team building.

      "Tony's Appraisal" - Tony's self-review notes on his own job performance.
      How could it possibly go wrong?

      "Ten Years On" - McGee is Director of NCIS, Gibbs is raising a small child,
      and Tony is teetering on the brink of total self-destruction. A lot has
      happened in ten years...


      * The Sentinel *


      This collection of engaging slash stories by Nadja Lee run the gamut
      from first-time to established relationship, such as: Blair has been acting
      strange lately and one night things explode as Jim fights to discover what
      is really going on. And did Jim ever leave Covert Ops? Blair is faced with
      evidence that claims Jim's still active. If so, how will they be able to
      work through such a discovery? And Blair discovers that he has power over
      Jim that he never imagined. Can he fight the urge to use it? And many more
      tales! Don't miss it!


      * Starsky and Hutch *


      Back in print for the first time in years, this gen zine is one that
      not only has an intriguing story but gorgeous artwork on nearly every page.
      Connie Faddis, an artist who has won many awards, brings to life the words
      of Marion Kelly, an author whose work has also won awards, and deservedly
      so! The pairing of beautiful artwork and a fantastic story make this zine
      one that will stay with you long after you read the last page.

      In addition to the dozens of detailed black-and-white drawings,
      Connie's talents shine in a beautiful color cover and two full-page,
      interior color pieces. These works were originally silkscreened, and have
      been faithfully rendered in color on creamy ecru cardstock, as is the entire
      zine. This entire publication is printed on the heavy paper so it will
      stand the test of time, and can handle being read again and again, which the
      story will entreat you to do.

      Set in the months after Starsky has been shot, he and Hutch are back at
      work for their first days after Starsky has been cleared to return to light
      desk duty. They are given a case where several people seem to be going
      insane and committing suicide. This leads the boys to an old Victorian
      house, where, without warning, Hutch is sucked into another time and Starsky
      is left behind, anxious and searching for him. Will either of them discover
      what's happening before it's too late?

      Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind zine!


      * Supernatural *


      Sam Winchester is a college student bound for law school, determined
      to escape his family's past -- unlike his older brother, Dean. Ever since
      they were little, their father has been consumed with an obsession to find
      the evil forces that murdered his beloved wife, and recruited his two young
      sons to help him. They have grown up as hunters of the supernatural. Sam
      escaped this way of life after high school, and had a happy life with his
      girlfriend, Jessica, and a promising future career, while Dean stayed behind
      with his father to join him in his "hunting". But when their father goes
      missing, Sam must join his brother to help find him. Sam's one weekend trip
      to search for the missing John Winchester becomes an ongoing quest after a
      horrible tragedy ruins any thought of a happy life for Sam. The two
      brothers, bound by tragedy and blood to their mission, now travel across the
      country, encountering terrifying and dangerous forces most believe to be
      nothing but superstition and folklore, searching for and occasionally
      meeting up with their father, as they determinedly search for the evil that
      has had such a devestating impact on their lives. In these fascinating gen
      zines, from the amazing minds of K. Hanna Korossy, Carole Seegraves, Bayre,
      IMTheresa, Livengoo, Marcia Brin and many others come wicked tales of
      laughter and tears, danger and brief moments of safety in the lives of the
      Winchester brothers. Come join Sam and Dean for a wild, wild ride!

      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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    • Agent With Style
      Our next con is Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD, on July 10-12, 2009. Hope to see you there! The con after that is Close Quarters in Laurel, MD, on July 18,
      Message 2 of 26 , Jul 5, 2009
        Our next con is Shore Leave in Baltimore, MD, on July 10-12, 2009. Hope to
        see you there!

        The con after that is Close Quarters in Laurel, MD, on July 18, 2009.
        Pre-con orders are a Good Thing and are being accepted until 11:59 EST on
        July 11, 2009.

        Note - we will *only* be at Close Quarters for Saturday. That's it, just
        the one day. This is a single-fandom con celebrating "The Professionals,"
        so we'll only have Pros zines at the con, but you can send in a pre-con
        order for *any* zine on our website and we'll have it packaged and waiting
        for you at our table in the dealer's room.

        Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:

        * www.agentwithstyle.com *


        * Lord of the RIngs *


        From such prolific authors as Gwynnyd, Skye Rutherford, Carolyn
        Golledge, Sheila Paulson and others, come stories that will amaze you:
        Riding out to save a supply train headed for Osgiliath, a young Boromir
        finds more than victory; finding his hands stained with Boromir's blood,
        Aragorn accepts a duty long left abandoned; after long years of marriage,
        Aragorn discovers he has a problem of an intimate nature and there seems to
        be no one with whom he can discuss it. Or is there? And many others. Full
        of wonderful tales, this gen zine is a keeper!


        * Lord of the Rings / Fantastic Journey *


        While surveying land for a settlement Legolas plans in North Ithilien,
        he, Gimli, Gandalf and Faramir discover an underground city, and a passage
        where a stone globe guards the entrance into a world of strange zones of
        time. Out of the zones come five people - Varian, a healer from the distant
        future, Scott and Fred from the 1970s, Willaway from the 1960s, Liana, half
        human/half alien - and a cat that may have special powers, fleeing a land
        where Vampires rule. When a Vampire's slave, an elf who has been long lost
        in the zones, follows them, seeing freedom, he sets the stage for a
        confrontation that could endanger all of Middle-earth. Written by Sheila
        Paulson, who weaves together two universes while managing to deftly give
        background on both, this "Lord of the Rings" / "Fantastic Journey" gen novel
        will hold you spellbound to the very last page!


        * Multimedia *


        This zine is a collection of stories from the attendees of Con*Strict,
        a wonderful multimedia slash con where anything goes, and that's just the
        kind of tales you'll find here. With the theme of this issue being
        crossovers, you'll see Sam and Dean discovering strange and supernatural
        happenings while paired up with the folks from Atlantis, Starsky and Hutch
        meeting Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, the group from "Stargate: Atlantis" bumping
        into Dr. Who, the "Supernatural" boys finding out what it's like to become a
        "Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger" and much more. From serious drama to
        side-splitting hilarity, you'll never want to put this zine down!


        * NCIS *


        When he was 22, while on medical leave from the military, Jethro
        Gibbs met two children, a young girl named Abby and a young boy named
        Anthony, and the three of them went through a traumatic event together.
        Through the years, Gibbs kept in touch with Abby, but, while he never forgot
        Anthony, he never saw him again. Years later, as fate and NCIS bring them
        all back together, a case reaches back into the past to threaten Tony's
        life. Don't miss this enthralling slash (Gibbs/DiNozzo) novel by Lady Ra,
        with a brilliant color cover by KAM!


        * The Sentinel *

        SYNERGY 7
        SYNERGY 8
        SYNERGY 9

        Synergy is defined as the working together of two things to produce an
        effect greater than the sum of their individual effects - and what better
        example of that than Jim and Blair, two dissimilar men who come together, as
        friends, partners and lovers, resulting in a relationship that is better
        than either man alone? With deftly-written tales by such wonderful authors
        as Anne Light, Glow, Emrys, Kath Moonshine, Tiger Tyger and many others,
        these are zines you'll want to read again and again!


        * Star Trek (TOS) *

        LEGENDS 5

        With a gorgeous full-color Suzan Lovett cover, this K/S zine has some
        amazing tales:

        "In The Jungle" by Mary Kay -- On a mission to raid and destroy a Romulan
        base, Kirk and Spock meet up with a local mercenary, someone Kirk once knew.
        Someone who'd like to know Kirk again. As a result, Spock has a run-in with
        the unpleasant, most unVulan emotion of jealousy.

        "Turbo Talk" by Khiori -- When a turbolift malfunctions, conversation
        between the trapped captain and a young ensign seems to reveal more than is
        actually being said.

        "We All Need Someone" by Mary Kay - Ill-tempered and angry, Kirk has been
        acting more like a wounded bear than a Starfleet captain. It takes a good -
        brave - friend to get to the bottom of where the problem lies.

        "The Flare-Up" by Jean Marie Sosa -- Lovingly bonded, Kirk and Spock face
        difficult storms, both professionally and, on occasion, personally. One
        time in particular.

        "The Human Factor" by Deborah Cummins -- Following the fal-tor-pan, Spock
        finds himself in great upheaval. Everything is alien and unknown, seemingly
        unknowable. Questions plague him: who is he as a Vulcan, what does it even
        mean to be Vulcan? Who are these people, these humans who call him friend?
        But the most difficult task of all is learning how to once again be Spock.

        "A Matter of Trust" by Mary Kay -- Kirk and Spock are just beginning a more
        intimate relationship when an assignment takes them to a planet run by
        women, testing Spock's ability to trust his new partner when Kirk's previous
        reputation becomes an issue.

        "Two Words" by Catalena Mara -- Based on Barbara Hambly's pro Trek novel,
        "Ishmael," this story tells of what happens once Spock is returned to his
        timeline from 1870s Seattle, Washington. How has his time in Earth's past
        with Aaron Stemple and the rest of the characters from "Here Come The
        Brides" changed him? What has he learned? What has he gained?


        * Stargate: Atlantis *


        In this slash McShep zine, Sian has written four A/U tales that
        explore John and Rodney's journey, from first blush to established
        relationship and beyond, and you won't want to miss a word!

        "You Don't Get a Second Chance to Make a First Impression" - Rodney is not
        the only one to find out he's on the 1996 Nobel Prize short list.

        "Quantum Entanglement" - What happens when a quantum mirror is broken? How
        many universes and years of bad luck is that?

        "Anallagmatic" - John Sheppard and Jeannie McKay got married so that she
        could stay in the country and John's Air Force superiors wouldn't find out
        he was gay. But the marriage hadn't lasted and he hadn't heard from her in
        more than three years - until tonight. A 3:00 a.m. phone call from Jeannie
        sends John in search of her missing little brother, Rodney, who, along with
        his boss, Dr. Elizabeth Weir, had disappeared from something called the
        Asgard Institute. Will John find Rodney in time? Will Rodney be ungrateful
        and snide if he does? Yeah, sure, you betcha!

        "Live Free and Die" - In a re-writing of the fourth "Die Hard" movie, Sian
        pits John and Rodney against time and a terrorist organization who is
        threatening to systematically take down the United States' computer
        infrastructure over the July 4th holiday. Detective John Sheppard and
        genius computer hacker Rodney McKay must get past their obvious distrust of
        one another and work together to stop the terrorists from shutting down air
        traffic towers, hospitals, traffic signals, banks, the TMZ website and all
        of the millions of things that rely upon computers to function. Will they
        succeed or will life as we know it come to a grinding halt?


        * Stargate SG-1 *


        In this intriguing slash novel written by Neena Varscona and topped
        with a lovely color cover by KAM, when SG-1 stumbles across a secret stash
        of Goa'uld treasure, Daniel's enthusiasm puts him in more danger than he
        could have ever imagined. Now, infected with alien organisms that go
        dormant in the presense of Jack O'Neill, and cause Daniel agonizing pain
        when he and Jack are apart, the unlikely and impossible couple must face
        their fears and their inhibitions to save Daniel's life. Can Jack put aside
        a lifetime of military conditioning to do what needs to be done to save his
        friend, even at the expense of his career? And will Daniel be able to come
        to terms with his painful past in order to survive? On a journey to become
        a man respected by others, will the Amadeus Effect make or break Dr. Daniel


        * Supernatural *


        In this gen A/U novel by IMTheresa, though set early in season four,
        John is alive and active in the brothers' lives. He's not exactly as he was
        before, however. Having found a way to defeat Azazel, John prefers the
        quiet life he's made for himself in a town where he has friends and a
        thriving business. He's still a source of information to hunters, and he'll
        always come to the aid of his sons, but he wants peace and the chance to
        finally be a father to his children.

        As for Sam and Dean, they have to face their feelings about their
        father. Sam, who for so long butted heads with John, just wants harmony in
        the family. Dean, the former mediator, is struggling with the new

        On top of all that is the trauma of a case that lands at the feet of
        the Winchesters. It's a job involving the children of John's adopted
        hometown, a situation that brings up painful memories for Dean and forces
        John to walk a fine line between being a hunter and a concerned citizen.
        Don't miss this fantastic novel!

        * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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      • Agent With Style
        Can you help? We re looking for someone to help us build a shopping cart! We don t have a lot of money, but we have lots of zines. If you have the expertise
        Message 3 of 26 , Oct 27, 2009
          Can you help? We're looking for someone to help us build a shopping cart!

          We don't have a lot of money, but we have lots of zines. If you have the
          expertise to put a cart on our website, we can shower you with a few bucks
          and lots and *lots* of free zines!

          E-mail me with your ideas and proposals at zines AT agentwithstyle DOT com –
          and even if you can't help with the cart, suggestions are always welcome!

          Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:

          * www.agentwithstyle.com *


          * Boston Legal *

          DENNY CRANE! 3
          DENNY CRANE! 4

          In the law offices of Crane, Poole & Schmidt, you can never be sure of
          what's going to happen next, but you can bank on Denny Crane saying his name
          ten or twelve times just so you know it's him, and Alan Shore calmly
          supplying a sarcastic barb that goes over most of his clients' heads. How
          these two idiosyncratic lawyers got together is one of the great mysteries
          in the world, but come together they did -- in love, laughter and wit -- and
          the occasional dancing flamingo. Don't miss these *thick* zines that are
          full of heartwarming, laugh-out-loud tales of love, sex, snappy reparte and
          a man who keeps muttering, "I'm *not* sleeping with you, Alan," even as he
          climbs into his lover's bed! These issues contain wonderful slashy tales
          from superb writers such as Elfqueen, M.J., Qzeebrella and Mercedes Maybach,
          with gorgeous covers by KAM and interior artwork by Ashley J. Don't miss


          * CSI: Miami *


          In this novel written by Khylara, with cover art by Shar, long-buried
          feelings are forced to the surface for both Horatio and Speed after a brutal
          sexual assault. Unable to cope alone, they turn to each other for help and
          healing as the search for Speed's assailants leads to two unexpected


          * Hardcastle and McCormick *

          FUSSIN' AND FIGHTIN' 1
          FUSSIN' AND FIGHTIN' 2
          FUSSIN' AND FIGHTIN' 3

          The imagination of D.D. Brischke meets up with the cunning guile of
          Mark McCormick and the cantankerousness of Milt Hardcastle, and out of the
          tussle comes a series of zines that will whisk you away to the Gulls Way
          estate, where there may be loud voices and lots of slamming doors and
          squeeling tires, but the fussin' and fightin' never overshadows the love and
          respect these two men have for each other. Come get embroiled in one case
          after another, as Mark and the judge meet up with private investigator
          Thomas Magnum, crafty Father Dowling, and millionaire-detectives Jonathan
          and Jennifer Hart, as well as several tales devoted to fathers -- those who
          are, those who never were, and those who wish they could be. These are
          must-read stories full of fussin', fightin', love and laughter!


          * Kung Fu: The Legend Continues *

          CRY OF THE WOLF

          When the spirits call, Peter must choose between his loyalty to his job
          and his love for a beautiful female shaman. Can he choose the right path
          and still be true to those he loves? Don't missing this intriguing novel by
          D.D. Brischke!


          * NCIS *


          In this *thick* and involving Gibbs/DiNozzo novel by Xanthe, with a
          sparkling cover by Bluespirit, when Gibbs investigates a minor robbery, he
          uncovers something much more sinister, and the resulting investigation has
          unexpected and far-reaching consequences. Note: This novel has flashbacks
          of child sexual abuse, though none is shown.

          "Give me your badge and gun,” Gibbs said quietly. Tony stared at him.
          “Now, DiNozzo!” Gibbs barked. “I don’t know what the hell is going on with
          you, but I can’t trust you right now so I’m suspending you from duty.”


          * The Sentinel *


          For all of you faithful and patient fen who have asked when Glow's
          early work would be collected into one volume, your prayers have finally
          been answered! This zine contains four remarkable examples of this
          award-winning author's early Sentinel slash fiction, fiction that has never
          been net published and is now hard to find: "Birthday Rules," "Halftime
          Festivities," "A Quiet Evening at Home" and "Past Imperfect". By turns
          poignant, funny, dramatic, and sweet, this is a collection not to be missed!


          * Star Trek (TOS) *


          From the close collaboration of Starshadow and Jeanne Marie Sosa comes
          this wonderfully written, *thick* K/S novel, with a striking cover by Ashley
          J. Stranded on the planet Alpha Vega IX, a lush, non-aligned world
          inhabited by a heterogeneous population desperately struggling to restore
          its civilization and regain a foothold on its devastated infrastructure
          following decades of catastrophic warfare, Captain James T. Kirk must do
          whatever is necessary in order to save the lives of both his emotionally
          damaged Vulcan bondmate and himself. Torn against his will from his highly
          valued role as starship captain, and without the force of Starfleet behind
          him, how will he find a way out for the two of them? How far will he boldly
          go in order to reclaim his beloved Spock’s very life? In the face of
          seemingly insurmountable odds, Kirk uncovers within himself an unflinching
          daring, even becoming involved in a sizzling ménage not of his own volition,
          ensnared in the grip of a ravaging monster the likes of which he has never
          before encountered! Don't miss this amazing novel!


          * Stargate SG-1 *

          JACK'S SON 7

          With perfect timing, from the prolific keyboard of LRH Balzer comes the
          next installment of this heartwarming series. Celebrating Halloween for the
          first time, five-year-old Doug (once 32-year-old Daniel Jackson) is learning
          all the ins and outs of the candy-gathering ritual known as
          Trick-or-Treating. See the world through his eyes as he gains a new friend
          and unknowingly helps an old one, while Jack O'Neill nearly ruptures
          something in trying to keep up with his 'son'. This novel is rife with
          laughter and amazement and will have you smiling all the way through. Happy


          * Starsky and Hutch *

          STANS MISSUS

          In this slash A/U novel by Monika, with a beautiful cover by
          Enednoviel, Kjeld Hutchison and Dafried Starsky are the closest of friends
          until the unthinkable happens and Kjeld is taken away from his family to be
          trained as a gladiator in ancient Rome. Kjeld's life is a happy enough one,
          but he has never truly forgotten his boyhood friend. When the now-grown men
          meet again, it could spell death for one of them. Can they reconcile their
          differences and accept the growing attraction between them despite the


          * Supernatural *

          BLOOD BROTHERS 2
          BLOOD BROTHERS 3

          While sharing blood with someone can make two people blood brothers,
          Sam and Dean are *literally* brothers of the blood, and that means each
          one's life is in the other's hands. Little brother makes sure big brother
          doesn't make a bet he can't keep, and big brother makes sure little brother
          is safe from the goulies and ghosties that go bump in the night. In a
          family where being brothers means living to see another day, Sam and Dean
          have this act down *cold*. Get these fantastic gen zines with stories by
          Brate, K. Hanna Korrosy, Kamelion, Jeanne R. Gold, IMTheresa, Gaelicspirt
          and many more!

          * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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        • Agent With Style
          You can friend us on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Damascus-MD/Agent-With-Style/174624900451?ref= ts -- and followed us on Twitter -
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            You can friend us on Facebook -

            -- and followed us on Twitter -

            to get the latest zine listings!

            Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *


            * Kung Fu: The Legend Continues *

            COMING OF AGE 9

            A gen memorial issue remembering David Carradine, who passed recently, and
            celebrating the life of an amazing Shaolin priest, his son and their friends
            and family.

            "Boot Camp Script" by David Carradine - The original script that became the
            aired episode "Special Forces," written by one of the show's stars. Not
            only is it much better than the actual episode that aired, it's hilarious,
            campy and only found in this zine.

            "Rewind" by Lisa Lovewell - Morning comes, the day passes, someone dies.
            Moring comes, the day passes, someone dies. Looks like a certain priest has
            his work cut out for him, lest the outcome become permanent...

            "Three Weeks" by Lisa Lovewell - An Air France flight crashes into the
            ocean, but miraculously all but five passengers survive. When passenger
            Kwai Chang Caine is missing and presumed drowned, Peter is still hopeful.
            Three weeks later, with no word or sign, is Peter just kidding himself?

            "The Search" by Karen Mary Judson - What was supposed to be a peaceful
            camping trip for Peter and Pop turns into a desperate search by a father for
            a dying son. Will he find Peter before it's too late?

            "Peter Lawrence, Attorney at Law" by Lisa Lovewell - In an alternate
            universe, Peter is an overworked criminal lawyer appointed by the Court as
            defense counsel to an odd felon named Matt Avery. Avery is a
            familiar-looking, mysterious, long-haired, social, smart-mouthed hippie who
            doesn't think much of his new attorney. Until they both start having
            visions of Chinatown.

            "Starting Over" by Lisa Lovewell - Kwai Chang Caine is shot and killed while
            assisting in childbirth and everyone is devastated. While a grieving Peter
            is forced to handle making arrangements for a traditional Chinese funeral
            ceremony, he keeps encountering an amnesiatic young man. There seems to be
            some sort of connection between them, but neither knows why.

            "The Long and Winding Road" by Lisa Lovewell - Peter is inadvertently
            transported back to 1964, where he gives a ride to a stranded young woman.
            Normally, that's not a problem. Unless that woman is your future mother,
            and you've just interrupted what was to be your parents' first meeting.

            "Parting Thoughts" by Various - Quotes from characters on the show, having
            to do with loss, life and dealing with both.


            * NCIS *

            TO THOSE WHO WAIT

            Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a recently divorced, highly successful,
            hard-working lawyer, advertises for a tutor for his eight-year-old daughter,
            Kelly. The successful applicant is Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard. The two men
            quickly become close friends. However, what Jethro could not possibly have
            realized was that Ducky will turn his life upside down and change it in ways
            he could not possibly have imagined, in this enthralling Gibbs/Ducky novel
            by Ashleigh Anpilova. This is an absolutely wonderful, gentle romance which
            will even appeal to those who aren't even into this fandom or pairing.


            * The Professionals *


            With gorgeous front and back color covers by KAM, this slash zine
            contains two intriguing novellas by Kyle Dixon: "Secrets" -- Pursuing arms
            and drug dealers was an everyday occurrence for the lads of CI5. So why
            couldn't they find Danny Leopard? With the help of a junkie, and a lot of
            luck, Bodie and Doyle close in on Leopard to end his reign of terror. But
            the ride is far from smooth as a shocking secret comes to light that could
            shatter them *and* their partnership. And "A Proper Weekend Off" -- A rare
            weekend off for the lads is wonderful until Ray Doyle returns to find out
            that Bodie is missing. Thinking his berk partner is only extending his
            weekend, Doyle isn't concerned until Bodie's abandoned car is found in the
            countryside some distance from London. A local robbery report and Bodie's
            description panics Ray and he prays he's not too late to save his beloved


            * The Sentinel *


            With stunning color covers by Suzan Lovett and stories from
            accomplished authors such as Legion, D.C. Black, MegaRouge, J.H. Hindman,
            Wendy Myers and many more, these stories will show you the very essence of
            what it means to be a Sentinel -- and what it means to have a Guide. And
            when those two things come together in laughter, tears and passionate love,
            come explore the lives of a cop and an academic who are so very much more
            than the sum of their parts!


            * Stargate SG-1 *

            ANCIENT'S GATE 18 -- gen

            "Black and Blue" by Storyhaus - Jack and Daniel are being suspiciously
            evasive about an injury.

            "Almost There" by Nancy Richardson - Daniel helps an injured Jack home.

            "Eye of the Beholder" by Babs - Sam has to observe her teammates go through
            an off-world ritual.

            "Dangerous Whispers" by Samantilles - Earth is a noisy planet, sending all
            those signals into space. Someone, somewhere, might be listening. But what -
            or whom - are they listening to?

            "Sharp Dressed Man" by Storyhaus - Never send a woman to do a Jaffa's job.

            "Entombed" by Carlyn - Daniel gets in over his head.

            "A Tangled Web" by Eilidh - A newly descended Daniel Jackson catches the
            interest of the Tok'ra. But with the Tok'ra, things are never as they seem.

            "Beware That Which Commands Us" by Eilidh, Bailyes, Amberfly, Denny J... -
            In the wake of Reese and the attack on the SGC by the replicators, strange
            events begin to happen. And they all seem to revolve around Daniel.

            ANCIENT'S GATE 19 - slash

            "The Cabin" by Nancy R. - Daniel, seeking answers, joins Jack at his cabin.

            "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished" byCarlyn - SG-1 returns to Hak'tyl,
            accompanying Janet Fraiser on her six month follow up with the female Jaffa
            who reside there. While Janet runs tests to check the effectiveness of the
            women's Tretonin therapy, Daniel seeks to keep his promise and reconnect
            with the young warrior-trainee, Nesa. Nesa has her own plans for the visit,
            however. Plans that could ultimately spell disaster for Jack and Daniel.

            "Ship of Love" by Storyhaus - Jack, Daniel, and stormy seas ahead. The
            Titanic was never like this....

            "Stranded" by Babs and Denny J. - SG-1 must integrate into a strange new
            society when they become cut off from Earth.

            "Redemption" by Jillie - Surviving a friend's betrayal and being stranded
            far, far away from home, Jack learns how to start over and what makes the
            world turn.


            * Supernatural *


            In this enthralling novel by Gaelicspirit, with a beautiful color cover
            by Thru Terry's Eyes, an unreal heatwave, an usual enemy and an unresolved
            relationship buffet the brothers through the storm of Dean's deal with the
            demon. In a tale about humanity and the mistakes we make while looking for
            salavation on whatever journey we embark upon, both Dean and Sam discover
            anew that no wound is healed without leaving some kind of scar.

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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          • Agent With Style
            Agent With Style * www.agentwithstyle.com. * The following zines have been added to our website today: _____________________________________________ * Kung Fu:
            Message 5 of 26 , Jan 31, 2010
              Agent With Style
              * www.agentwithstyle.com. *

              The following zines have been added to our website today:


              * Kung Fu: The Legend Continues *


              Between Caine's Shaolin logic and Peter's Zen-with-a-twist, there are
              many paths to get to the true enlightenment of a great tale, and with
              amazing guides such as Diane Brischke, Karen Judson, Sandra Batchford, Lisa
              Lovewell and many more, you'll be drawn into the gentle humor and love these
              characters have for one another. Come join Blaisdell, Kermit and all the
              others at the 101st as they deal with a very different -- but very unique!
              -- father and son in these fantastic gen zines!


              * Man from U.N.C.L.E. *

              WORLDS ENOUGH 4

              In this thick digest-sized slash zine, you will discover intriguing
              tales such as:

              "Matters of Importance" by jesse
              Illya's voice broke, and that was more than Napoleon could take.

              "The Rumor of Rain" by ChannelD
              His friendship with Illya would be ended and Illya would be alone
              again, as he had been before. As he had always been.

              "Put a Spell on You" by Zach Nitzyekov
              Their assignment in New Orleans had been nearly the death of them;
              they both still had sore muscles and bruises.

              "Fallen" by jesse
              Napoleon's score on this affair was nearly as bad as Illya's: blown up
              and concussed, kidnapped, blown up again and nearly drowned.

              "Love Sought" by Spikesgirl
              Ironically, his last thought was to wonder how long it would take to
              get his blood out of the upholstery of the seats.


              * NCIS *

              TWO MASTERS

              In this *thick* and captivating slash novel by Xanthe, with a
              outstanding color cover by Bluespirit, Tony decides that he wants more from
              Gibbs than headslaps. But can Gibbs be persuaded to love again, and is Tony
              prepared to confront the demons from his past and learn how to trust?

              "You can belong to me, or to the past - but not both. You can't serve two

              Warning - contains scenese of loving, consensual lifestyle BDSM sex.


              * The Professionals *


              Prepare yourself for the machinations of triple-think as you explore
              this novel by Tiger Tyger, centering on Bodie and his tragically complicated
              life. Besides the turmoil of pretending to be George Cowley's lover in a
              situation where pretense won't do, Bodie actually finds himself falling in
              love with his boss. More difficult still, Bodie must continue to deal with
              a curious and questioning Ray Doyle, protect his birth family from powerful
              enemies... all while keeping his true identity safe from the powers that be
              and maintaining his own sanity. All in a day's work for CI5's tall, dark
              and oh, so handsome agent.


              * The Sentinel *

              ESSENTIAL SENTINEL 3
              ESSENTIAL SENTINEL 4

              With stories from accomplished authors such as Legion, D.C. Black,
              MegaRouge, J.H. Hindman, Wendy Myers and many more, these slash stories will
              show you the very essence of what it means to be a Sentinel -- and what it
              means to have a Guide. And when those two things come together in laughter,
              tears and passionate love, come explore the lives of a cop and an academic
              who are so very much more than the sum of their parts!


              * Stargate SG-1 *

              DHD 1
              DHD 4
              DHD 5.5
              DHD 6

              These multi-storied slash zines contain stories by wonderful authors, such

              "Doctor and Colonel Smith" by Glow
              After maintaining a sensual yet stormy relationship for three years,
              Jack and Daniel suddenly find themselves in the running for most complicated
              patients in couples' therapy. What brought them there? Glow does a
              remarkable job of teasing out the mitigating factors while reminding us why
              these two disparate men wound up together in the first place. The necessity
              of hiding their SGC identities while at the same time trying to learn to
              communicate honestly makes therapy a complex endeavor indeed. This story is
              witty, emotional, cathartic and sensual at the same time. You'll want to
              have a seat on the couch right alongside them as Jack and Daniel explore
              their innermost selves.

              "Communion" by Tiger Tyger
              Colonel Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson return through the
              Stargate from their mission to P3X-259 changed men. Will these changes
              prove to be for the better or will the struggle to adapt to what has
              happened between them destroy their lives? Tiger Tyger weaves an intricate
              tale of denial and acceptance as Jack and Daniel are confronted with their
              most hidden desires. Rich characterization, crisp dialog, searing emotion
              and heated passion highlight this enthralling story that will have you
              turning each page with baited breath.

              "Break a Leg" by Kath Moonshine
              Recouping from the injuries he sustained during the "Solitudes"
              episode, Jack O'Neill is hurting, grumpy and in no mood for a forced
              furlough on Christmas Eve. To make matters worse, the lone volunteer for
              the position of caretaker to the cantankerous colonel is a certain sexy
              archeologist whose close proximity may well land Jack on Santa's 'Naughty'
              list. The emotions of the holiday combined with the intimate confines of a
              shared living space give Jack plenty to fret about. Kath Moonshine
              delineates O'Neill's struggle with his tortured heart and less than
              professional attraction to Daniel. This story is wittily told in both Jack
              and Daniel's own words, riveting the reader from the first paragraph to the
              final 'click' of the colonel's recording device. Humor, passion and
              heart-tugging emotion abound in this well-crafted tale that you won't want
              to miss.

              DHD 6.5

              Literally working their way through both fire and ice, Jack and
              Daniel have finally played their cards right and they are firmly together in
              this established-relationship novel by Kath Moonshine, with a gorgeous color
              cover by Suzan Lovett. But happily-ever-afters are not the norm for guys
              who leap into wormholes to fight intergalactic space-snakes, as we see when
              Jack, Daniel, and the rest of SG-1 travel to Nirvana, a planet that belies
              its tranquil name when it presents Jack with a difficult and complex sexual
              situation. Will Jack lose Daniel to the call of the Sacred Chamber-or even
              worse, to someone younger and a hell of a lot easier to get along with?


              * Supernatural *


              This zine series gathers the best Supernatural stories to be found on the
              net, and issue 1 was a collection of tales by K. Hanna Korossy. When this
              wonderful writer continued to spin intriguing tales, the editors had no
              choice but to put the new stories together in a supplemental issue so you
              could read them all in the same place. The creativity of these stories will
              hold you spellbound to the very last page!

              Agent With Style
              * www.agentwithstyle.com. *

              Dozens of fandoms. Thousands of zines.
              Check us out!

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            • Agent With Style
              Our next con is Tribal Forces in Philadelphia – deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on April 13, 2010. Then we have MediaWest in Lansing, MI – deadline
              Message 6 of 26 , Apr 13, 2010
                Our next con is Tribal Forces in Philadelphia – deadline for pre-con orders
                11:59 pm ET on April 13, 2010.

                Then we have MediaWest in Lansing, MI – deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm
                ET on May 22, 2010.

                We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

                -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
                latest zine listings!

                AGENT WITH STYLE
                * www.agentwithstyle.com *

                Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


                * Lord of the Rings *


                WITHIN EVERY HEART

                What if a third race of elves existed, and their unique feature was the
                ability of the males to bear children? What if Celebrian could not bear
                Elrond's children, and the only hope for the future of the Elves in Middle
                Earth was one of these unique males, Legolas? In this intriguing novel,
                with a beautiful color cover by Shar, Ravenschild answers all these
                questions and more. Not to be missed!


                * NCIS *


                IN TOO DEEP

                With two novels that were so *thick,* we had to split the over-600
                pages of this zine into *three* volumes, Hawk draws you into an amazing,
                deftly-written slash universe. Beginning with "Keeper," in a world where
                slavery has become the norm, Tony DiNozzo is a young man with the world at
                his feet, until fate and family step in and turn his life upside down. With
                his father determined to rule his life and either mold Tony into the perfect
                son -- or destroy him entirely -- is it possible for Tony to find love with
                Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the mysterious man who is now his Master?

                And continuing in "Time Heals All Wounds," recovering from scars both
                physical and psychological, Tony DiNozzo sets out on a voyage of
                rediscovery. Along the way, he falls in love again. When he finds himself
                back where it all began, will he have to choose between the man he once
                called Master and his new lover? With eyecatching color covers and
                beautiful interior art by Annie, this is one zine (in three parts!) you
                won't want to miss! (Sold only as a set and not individually.)


                * The Professionals *


                SECRET AGENT MEN 13

                From undercover ops to under-the-covers, Bodie and Doyle are the best
                at what they do. Whether it's a serious case or laughing, playful loving,
                these two secret agent men get the job done! In this issue, there are three
                great tales:

                "Time Passages" by LilyK

                After suffering from an injury, Bodie never thought he'd see Doyle

                "Where Does Love Go?" by LBC

                After Doyle is badly hurt, Bodie has to come to some truths.

                "Solitary Wolf" by April Hackett

                In this Pros/X-Files crossover, an unknown assassin causes problems and
                brings surprises to Bodie.


                * The Sentinel *


                THE SENSUAL WORLD 6

                Full of hot, sizzling stories that will draw you into a world you'll
                never want to leave, these zines will make you believe in the power of the
                senses to leave one weak with passion and delirious with love. Could
                rock-hard Jim possibly be this passionate with his lover? Come find out!
                In this issue, you'll find enthralling stories by amazing authors such as
                Starr Copeland, L.A. Adolf, Patt, Jade Bryce, Raine Wynd, Natalie L.,
                Kaelana, Alex McLeod, Kayjay and Theresa Kyle.


                * Stargate SG-1 *


                JAYEM 3 – WALLS FALL DOWN

                Reveling in the unity of the team of SG-1, and especially the close
                brotherhood of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, JayEm delights in exploring
                what makes up each character and why they do what they do. Come along for
                the ride! In this issue, you find such engaging tales as:

                "Day After Day" -- Daniel's friends comfort him in the aftermath of a huge

                "Day's End" -- A sequel to "Day After Day," and the outgrowth of feelings
                from that tale.

                "Walls" -- What happens when emotional walls and barriers are stripped away,
                leaving just the true self?

                "Windows and Walls" -- In the sequel to "Walls," this tale includes more of
                the team while still highlighting the remarkable connection between Jack and


                * Starsky and Hutch *


                A LOVE STORY 5

                The title of this great S/H zine is taken from a quote by David Soul,
                who said that Starsky and Hutch was "a love story about two men who happen
                to be cops." With a gorgeous color cover by Enednoviel, and filled with
                gripping drama and sweet love, this issue contains:

                "Down with the Ship" by Sparkle731

                An educated young man from a wealthy family meets a cocky street
                hustler on board the Titanic.

                "Call It Instinct" by Bast

                Can first time meetings happen twice?

                "When the Time is Right" by Monika

                Nightmares aren't the only thing Starsky has to contend with after
                Gunther -- his fiancée is another. Her feelings about his partnership with
                Hutch are changing everything.

                AGENT WITH STYLE
                * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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              • Agent With Style
                Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 25-28, 2011. The deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 17, 2011. Send your orders in now and
                Message 7 of 26 , Apr 29, 2012
                  Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 25-28, 2011. The
                  deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 17, 2011.

                  Send your orders in now and add to them as we add new zines! We hope to see
                  everyone at the con!

                  AGENT WITH STYLE
                  * www.agentwithstyle.com *


                  * NCIS *

                  GEAR UP 2

                  Whether it's a dead Marine floating in the ocean or a missing
                  midshipman who disappeared from a crowded bar, if NCIS catches the case and
                  Gibbs gets assigned, he'll round up his team with a quiet, firm, "Gear up!"
                  and head out to solve the mystery. From some of the best authors in this
                  fandom, this gen zine contain tales focused on the team of Gibbs, DiNozzo,
                  David and McGee, with strong showings of Abby, Ducky and Palmer. This is a
                  must-read zine!

                  "The Tat" by Loretta Greco -- When Gibbs accompanies Abby to get her new
                  tattoo, nothing goes as planned.

                  "Lullaby" by Devra -- Gibbs knows just the way to take care of a sick Tony.

                  "Faded Memories" by Loretta Greco -- Ducky knew the day would come when his
                  mother would leave him, but he was ill-prepared for the loss. The NCIS team
                  help Ducky through his grief.

                  "Watchdog" by Loretta Greco -- Ziva's being watched and turns to the one man
                  she can trust.

                  "The Volunteer" by Kristi Nelson -- Tim gets volunteered -- Gibbs-style.

                  "N.C.I.S.G.T." by Scousemuzik -- Abby and Tony try to get to the bottom of
                  some strange happenings.

                  "Food for Thought" by Lyn -- McGee decides that it's time to take stock of
                  himself, if he wants to keep up with the rest of the team.

                  "A Tale from Another Life" by Kristi Nelson -- When an autopsy reminds Ducky
                  of something from his past, Jimmy hears an incredible story of guns, mystery
                  and mayhem. Could Dr. Mallard really be U.N.C.L.E.'s legendary Illya

                  "Bringer of Death" by Loretta Greco -- A tag for the episode, "Broken Bird."
                  Jordan's there when Ducky needs her.

                  "Road Trip" by Rose Malmaison -- Tony's father arranges for a man named
                  Gibbs to watch out for his college-aged son in 1991.


                  * Star Trek (TOS) *

                  LEGENDS 7

                  Kirk and Spock work hard and play even harder in these slash
                  tales, even if it's sweet and romantic. That's how they became...legends.

                  "Approval" by T'Racionn -- Spock muses on what Surak would have thought of
                  James Kirk.

                  "Mind Games" by Mary Kay -- Random, racy thoughts about Jim's bondmate are
                  causing that bondmate to have very particular -- and embarrassing --
                  reactions. No one is amused... except McCoy.

                  "Komak's Trap" by K.T. Torry -- Unfounded suspicions on Komak's part about
                  the true relationship between Kirk and Spock have Captain Kirk in an uproar,
                  suspicions which Kirk would rather have as fact than dream.

                  "Food for Thought" by Khiori -- Making the observation that when grown men
                  share as much food as Kirk and Spock do, something other than friendship
                  must be up, Commodore Wesley narrows in to try to prove his theory.

                  "Crying How Bright" by Eimeo -- Even facing retirement, Kirk reflects on how
                  he and Spock are still the same men they always were.

                  "Sweet Dreams" by Deborah -- Kirk is having some rather disturbing dreams
                  about his first officer.

                  "Eagle in Flight" by Mary Kay -- A young Kirk and Spock vacation at Kirk's
                  childhood home, not wishing to share their new relationship with anyone just
                  yet. But a mother always knows when her son's in love.

                  "Yes, Yes, and also, Yes" by T.K. Torry -- Could Kirk's insomnia be caused
                  by his unresolved feelings for his best friend?

                  "Like Lightning" by Dovya Blacque -- The death of Kirk's mother sends him
                  into a tailspin, and he finds himself grieving more than he ever expected
                  to. Then along comes a strange discovery in an empty part of space that
                  really makes Kirk start thinking.

                  "Footloose" by Denis Dion and Medicated Maniac -- A simple leg cramp for
                  Kirk turns into something else completely for Spock.

                  "Beginnings" by CatalenaMara -- This story takes place in a universe
                  proposed by Harve Bennett about Kirk and Spock during their Academy years,
                  and deals with racial bullying from upper classmen, Kirk's relationship with
                  Janice Lester and an unexpected friendship.


                  * Find Us on the Web *

                  We'd be delighted if you Liked us on Facebook --

                  -- and followed us on Twitter -- www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle -- to get
                  the latest zine listings!


                  * Stargate: Atlantis *

                  UNDERCURRENTS 2

                  Just as undercurrents can be slow-moving or fast and sudden, the
                  often-hidden feelings that run between Rodney and John run the gamut between
                  sweet and shy, and hot and steamy in these slash tales from some of the best
                  Atlantis writers in the fandom!

                  "Celebration of Life" by Orithain and Rina -- How "The Last Man" and "Search
                  and Rescue" should have ended.

                  "Never My Love" by Moon Star -- After "Trinity," Rodney fears he's lost John

                  "Jackpot" by Orithain and Rina -- A follow-up to the episode "Vegas."
                  Detective Sheppard survived his encounter with the Wraith. What happened
                  next? A novella.


                  * Stargate SG-1 *

                  THE KEY TO INFINITY

                  In this "shipper" novel by Jan Kent, Daniel Jackson is acting
                  strange (what's new, eh?) and it takes the combined efforts of Jack, Sam,
                  Teal'c and Vala to save him from the devastating future Adria has in mind
                  for their intrepid archeologist. This story is very focused on Daniel and
                  Vala and a growing relationship between them as well as the longtime
                  friendship between Jack and Daniel. The SG-1 team throughout the story
                  consists of Daniel, Jack, Vala, Sam and Teal'c with Mitchell away on a
                  special assignment.


                  * Supernatural *

                  FALLEN 2

                  This zine is chock-full of stories devoted to the relationship
                  between Dean and Castiel. When a human Hunter and an Angel get together, is
                  it fireworks and wisecracks or quiet glory and love -- or both? Come find

                  "Hot Wings" by Quale -- It's hot outside and getting hotter. Dean, Castiel,
                  and a nice, cool pond...

                  "Then Shall He Reward Everyone According to His Works" by Orithain and Rina
                  -- An A/U novella that begins shortly after Castiel's first appearance on
                  the show. Dean and Castiel grow closer while Dean and Sam try to deal with
                  the taint of the demon blood in him.

                  "Impala Conversations" by Quale -- Dean tries to come to terms with all the
                  changes in his life.

                  AGENT WITH STYLE
                  * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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