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MORE! (makin' yer' own 'zine!!!)

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  • gothgrrl66
    Getting it produced... Now, after your content is coming together, your ads are coming in, and you re all ready to put together your first issue it s time
    Message 1 of 377 , Jan 9, 2000
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      Getting it produced...<br>Now, after your content
      is coming together, your ads are coming in, and
      you're all ready to put together your first issue it's
      time to take the next step. How are you going actually
      produce this thing? There are as many different methods
      for production as there are zines. >From the
      method that takes the least equipment, and prior
      know-how: the hand written, cut and pasted method, to the
      full computer layout, and everything in between. If
      you aren't computer literate, and have no desire to
      be, you do have the option of never using computers.
      You can either write out all the text, or use a
      typewriter. Then use a pair of scissors and a glue stick for
      the rest. This can be very good, and have a charm to
      it if (and only if) it is done well. A good example
      of a very attractive, well laid out zine that uses
      no (or very little) computer assistance is Cometbus.
      This is partly due to Aaron's very easy to read
      handwriting, and layout talent. Keep in mind that if you don't
      want to use a computer, and your handwriting is sloppy
      (like mine) you should either reconsider, or head to
      some garage sales to get your hands on a typewriter.
      Then, there is also the option of using a computer, a
      printer, and other options like a scanner to do all your
      layout on the computer. This requires a little equipment
      (or you can go to most public libraries to scan and
      print if need be), but it is also easier to make it all
      readable, and attractive with the help of a computer.
      Currently, MBD is 90% computer generated. All the text you
      see, and most of the graphics were manipulated, and
      printed in my bedroom. I have had to get my hands on a
      computer, a printer and a scanner to make this happen, but
      I think it's paying off. The only stuff I generally
      cut and paste now that I have all the necessary
      hardware are the ads. There is no reason to scan in, then
      reprint ads unless you need to resize them. If you're not
      sure on what method to use, open up the zines you
      think look the best, and make some observations. If you
      really like what you see in a zine, or a few zines, and
      you're not sure how it was accomplished, write the zine.
      Chances are that almost any zine editor would be happy to
      share how they made something happen with you. People
      who have developed techniques for doing something
      love to share it! <br><br>Then, when it's all ready,
      you are ready to print your first issue. Which can be
      very easy to do if you will let the employees at
      wherever you're printing help you. Ask questions, whether
      it's Kinko's or a full on web printing house, they are
      almost always happy to answer your questions, no matter
      how basic they are. And, keep in mind that if they
      tell you something that will cost you extra will make
      your product look better, proceed with caution. I had
      problems with my first few issues with this. I didn't
      bother to ask more questions about what I would be
      paying for, and I know I paid for a lot of extra shit I
      didn't need because of it. If the printing place tells
      you they'd recommend you doing something that will
      cost you more, ask them what it will look like if you
      DON'T pay for it. Chances are you'll find that it's
      probably not an essential service. Once again, the smart
      and honest approach will work best.
    • phreak_goddess_pixie
      I luved GITH 1,2 and 3 and have been anxiously awaiting the 4th issue. i hope i haven t somehow missed out on it, but i haven t seen anything about here, the
      Message 377 of 377 , Aug 9, 2002
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        I luved GITH 1,2 and 3 and have been anxiously awaiting the 4th
        issue. i hope i haven't somehow missed out on it, but i haven't seen
        anything about here, the only place i know of where you promote it or
        on grrrlstyle, the only place i can remember that you sell it. will
        there be a #4 soon? i am desperate! GITH has got to be my fave zine,
        honost and open yet fun as well! ---shellee
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