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New zines at AWS, pt. 2

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  • Agent With Style
    Our next two cons are RevelCon in Houston, TX, on March 13-15, 2009 and EyeCon in Orlando, FL, on March 20-22, 2009. The deadline for pre-con orders for *both*
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 5, 2009
      Our next two cons are RevelCon in Houston, TX, on March 13-15, 2009 and
      EyeCon in Orlando, FL, on March 20-22, 2009.

      The deadline for pre-con orders for *both* cons is 11:59 EST on March 6,

      If you want to make sure we bring the zines you want, send in a pre-con
      order! You can pay at the con!

      We're still collecting the Coke codes, so please keep sending them to us at
      zines AT agentwithstyle DOT com. Thanks to everyone who has sent them in
      already. They're all appreciated greatly!

      Agent With Style
      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

      The following zines have been added to our website:


      * Lord of the Rings *


      Aragorn, only a few years older than Boromir, is raised by Denethor,
      and must deal with Boromir's intense dislike in this gen novel written by
      Nadja Lee. The older boys join together to shield Faramir from his father's
      wrath, and slowly a strong bond forms between the three young men. As evil
      gathers against Gondor, Aragorn flees to Rivendell, and under Elrond's
      tutelage, he learns how to be a king. Years later, he returns to Gondor, to
      find Boromir changed and hardened. Faramir is chosen for the Fellowship,
      and finds his destiny, while Boromir and Aragorn together face sacrifice,
      and rediscover what was nearly lost -- their brotherhood.


      * Multimedia *

      DYAD 24

      Topped by a gorgeous Suzan Lovett cover, you find in this lovely slash
      zine stories in the following fandoms: Stargate: Atlantis, CIS: Las Vegas,
      Smallville, Pros, Miami Vice, The Sentinel, Magnificent 7, "24", Blake's 7
      and Supernatural. Something for everyone!


      * The Sentinel *


      Written by Natalie L., these slash tales follow our favorite Sentinel
      and Guide as: Blair takes a misstep and ends up in deep trouble; When an
      accident puts Blair in a coma, Jim takes on the challenge of home care for
      his Guide; Jim discovers that Blair has been keeping a secret; Blair finds
      comfort with Jim during a thunderstorm; Blair frets because he can't afford
      a Christmas gift for Jim; Blair graduates the academy just before Christmas,
      and does a little private celebrating with Jim, Jim is missing Blair's
      presence at the annual PD Christmas party; Jim and Blair get stranded in the
      boondocks of Oregon on Christmas eve, Jim and Blair plan a simple commitment
      ceremony. But is anything simple when Naomi Sandburg gets involved?


      In this second slash volume of stories by Natalie L., when the mayor's
      daughter is buried alive, it's falls to the Shaman of the Great City to find
      her before it's too late; A fever delirium brings forth an unexpected
      confession from Blair; Jim forgets the unforgettable after receiving a blow
      to the head, and in the aftermath, forges a new relationship with Blair; A
      drunken Jim and an unexpected outing at Simon's Christmas party; Blair wants
      to give Jim a special gift for Christmas, but his lover's suspicions almost
      spoil the surprise; Things heat up between Jim and Blair during a weekend
      retreat in the woods; Will Blair's discovery of Jim's unusual tattoo put a
      damper on their budding relationship?; When Blair has visions of an
      impending catastrophe, will he and Jim be able to make anyone listen before
      it's too late?


      Written by Sheila Paulson, this gen digest novel is a crossover between
      "The Sentinel" and "The Master." A master of martial arts and his student
      cross paths with Jim and Blair. When two men from Naomi Sandburg's past
      focus their attention on Blair after the press conference announcing that
      he's a fraud, it could end up being
      very deadly for Blair Sandburg. And perhaps just as deadly for them. Will
      Jim be able to save Blair without sacrificing his honour? Will Naomi's
      secret end up hurting them all? After all this time, could the answer of
      who is Blair's father finally be revealed? An astounding zine you've got to


      * Stargate SG-1 *


      The team should never, ever split up . . . bad things happen when they
      do. In this enthralling gen novel by Livengoo, lost in a dead city, Daniel
      Jackson struggles to get home alive. The rest of the team has a hope in
      hell... which is where they think they might be. Everyone's in a running
      battle through a green hell, trying to get back to each other and then get
      home. Determined to stop them are aliens, parasites, spiders, trees and
      bees, oh, my!


      * Supernatural *


      In this all-Supernatural issue of BROTHERHOOD, here are just a few of
      the fantastic stories you'll find in this zine:

      Worst Case Scenario -- written by Faye Dartmouth -- Both brothers
      looked up in time to see a bolt strike the bridge with a crash and a hiss,
      sending shockwaves through the area that shook them both.

      Swarmed -- written by Phx -- Sam never even saw them coming. In
      hindsight, he probably should have.

      Cat's in the Cradle -- written by Geminigrl11 -- John swallowed a pang
      of guilt, hating that Dean was nervous about asking his father such a
      simple, innocent question.

      Illusions -- written by Kyriebess -- It took all his willpower not to
      back away or shut his eyes. He couldn't show any fear. Holding his breath to
      avoid the smell, Sam stared down his adversary.

      Fix You -- written by Gaelicspirit -- Losing your daddy.it's hard for
      you, I know. But you've got Dean. Who does he have now?"

      The Waiting Game -- written by Maygin -- Dean's fury froze as his ears
      suddenly picked up a slight scuffling noise above, followed by a small yelp.

      And many, many more! Don't miss this zine!

      Agent With Style
      * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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    • Agent With Style
      Our next con is RevelCon in Houston - deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 ET on March 6, 2010. Then we have Tribal Forces in Philadelphia, PA - deadline for
      Message 2 of 7 , Mar 6, 2010
        Our next con is RevelCon in Houston - deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59
        ET on March 6, 2010.

        Then we have Tribal Forces in Philadelphia, PA - deadline for pre-con orders
        is 11:59 ET on April 13, 2010.

        We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

        -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
        latest zine listings!

        * www.agentwithstyle.com *

        Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


        * Magnificent Seven *


        Walt Whitman wrote a series of poems called "The Calamus Cluster,"
        which explored the idea of 'manly love.' And taking a leaf from ol' Walt's
        book, that's what these stories focus on, that wonderfully manly love
        between Chris and Vin, focusing on hurt/comfort and first times. Whether hot
        and heavy, or endearingly hesitant, you'll love these stories!


        * The Man from U.N.C.L.E. *

        U.N.C.L.E. GOLD 3

        Collected from many out-of-print slash zines and gathered into a digest
        volume for the first time, these hard-to-find stories from the golden heyday
        of slash U.N.C.L.E. fandom, deftly written by several award-winning authors,
        will hold you spellbound to the last page! With the added thrill of the two
        agents becoming more than just partners, come on adventures with Napoleon
        and Illya and thrill to sound of a pen communicator calling them to action!


        * Multimedia *


        The bonds of brothers, whether through family -- like Sam and Dean of
        "Supernatural" or Charlie and Don of "Numb3rs" -- or partnership -- like Jim
        and Blair of "The Sentinel" and the gangs from "NCIS" or "Firefly" or
        "Stargate: Atlantis" -- is real and strong, tested by sorrow, strengthened
        by laughter, forged in brotherly love. Come celebrate these bonds and find
        amazing stories in those fandoms and more in this fantastic, thick digest


        * The Professionals *

        98% PURE MURPHY

        Behind CI5 agents Bodie and Doyle, often overlooked and underestimated,
        is quiet, unassuming Murphy -- Agent 6.2. With his dark good looks and
        sweet smile, he is often the backup that Bodie and Doyle depend upon to be
        there when needed. In the intriguing tales in this slash zine, Atropos
        explores the backstory, needs and desires of this most mysterious of CI5
        agents, who never tells anyone his first name!


        * The Sentinel *


        With stories from accomplished authors such as Legion, KAM, Jamie
        Ritchey, J.M. Griffin and many more, these slashy stories will show you the
        very essence of what it means to be a Sentinel -- and what it means to have
        a Guide. And when those two things come together in laughter, tears and
        passionate love, come explore the lives of a cop and an academic who are so
        very much more than the sum of their parts!


        * Stargate SG-1 *


        With a beautiful color cover by Annie B., this intriguing 350-page
        novel, written by Sistine, explores what happens when confirmed-bachelor
        Jack O'Neill becomes guardian to his 4-year-old half-brother, Daniel
        Jackson, when his parents die unexpectedly. He plans to keep the kid only
        long enough for some other arrangements to be made, but Daniel begins
        creeping into his heart the moment he arrives in Colorado. How will Jack
        handle the abrupt changes he must make to his life, and will he be able to
        console his brother when he explains to the young boy that his parents are
        never coming home? And when the time finally comes, will he be able to give
        Daniel up to strangers? Come see! Laughter, tears and love, all in one
        *huge* zine!


        SG-1 has a good track record of repelling invasions. And they do a
        pretty good job of stopping any aliens and keeping their little corner of
        the universe safe. Then again, if they're going to repel an invasion, they
        need to know it's happening. And by the time they find out about the
        Sit'ks, Earth has already fallen. In this captivating gen novel by Denise,
        with a beautiful color cover by KAM, SG-1 is quickly running out of time.
        Facing danger from both without and within, as friends turn to enemies,
        Colonel O'Neill, Major Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c discover that the
        only people they can truly trust...are themselves.


        * Star Trek (TOS) *


        Full of tales of derring-do and danger and fun from such wonderful
        authors as Robin Hood, Shirley Sipe, Debi Cole and many more, this gen zine
        shows multiple sides of your favorite characters that you never knew
        existed. Don't miss it!

        * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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      • Agent With Style
        Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We d be
        Message 3 of 7 , Apr 25, 2010
          Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
          pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged!

          We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

          -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
          latest zine listings!

          * www.agentwithstyle.com *

          Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


          * Magnificent Seven *


          Collected from the various multimedia zines published by Neon Rainbow
          Press and put into collected volumes, here are all the gen Magnificent 7
          stories in one spot, for your reading enjoyment. With stories by wonderful
          authors such as LaraMee, Michelle Fortado, Erica Michaels, Patricia Grace
          and many others, come see what the seven ruffians from Four Corners are up
          to now!


          * NCIS *


          When Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs has had a rough day at the
          office, and wants to shut out the world, he takes a bottle of bourbon down
          to his basement, where he can drink and work in peace putting together a
          boat with simple woodworking tools. This is how he holds reality at bay.
          But when someone else, a certain Tony DiNozzo, wants in, wants to join him
          in his sanctuary, Gibbs finds it impossible to say no. And once Tony has
          made it into Gibbs' basement, getting into his heart is child's play...


          * The Sentinel *

          A LONG STORY

          In this intriguing Sentinel / CSI: Las Vegas crossover slash novel,
          written by Dovya Blacque, when Blair Sandburg arrives in Las Vegas for an
          International Anthropology Society convention, the last thing he expects is
          to walk directly into a crime scene. But finding his cousin Robert missing
          is exactly the first thing Blair finds. Arriving on the crime scene from
          the Las Vegas Crime Lab are Gil Grissom and Nick Stokes, the latter of whom
          clicks instantly with Blair. Through the difficult hours to come, Nick
          "adopts" Blair, helping him through the steps needed to find his missing
          cousin. Later, once Blair has found shelter with a friend at the
          convention, another crime brings Blair back into contact with the Las Vegas
          Crime Lab. At which point, Blair's Sentinel, Jim Ellison, decides he can't
          leave his Guide alone to deal with everything so he joins Blair in Las Vegas
          to help solve not one but two crimes. Don't miss this amazing zine!

          SENSORY NET 5

          This issue contains the full gen novel, "Anahata" by L.A. Adolf. In
          this sequel to the engaging "Anomie" by L.A. Adolf, published in SENSORY NET
          2 (also available from AWS), Blair has left Cascade, but Jim is determined
          to find him. When he does find Blair, he finds a man who has made an entire
          life for himself -- away from Jim. Now Jim must decide if he will destroy
          that life, or not. Don't miss this enthralling novel!


          * Stargate SG-1 *

          JAYEM 4

          Reveling in the unity of the team of SG-1, and especially the close
          brotherhood and even closer love of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson, JayEm
          delights in exploring what makes up each character and why they do what they
          do. Come along for the ride! In this slash issue, you'll find:

          "In the Dew of Little Things" by JayEm
          Daniel is faced with a challenge only he can possibly win, and Jack
          learns something he knew all along.

          "Heart and Soul" by JayEm
          Jack knows when to count his luck stars.

          "Ancient of Days" by JayEm
          On the cusp of nine years of Jack and Daniel, the heart, however
          cliched, does go on...

          "Final Reckoning" by JayEm
          Hell hath no fury like a Replicator scorned.

          "Horizons" by JayEm
          Hope always lies just beyond the horizon.

          "Men Like Us" by JayEm
          "How beautiful maleness is, if it finds its right expression." --D.H.

          "The Way It Is" by JayEm
          Two men, one desire, many obstacles. Isn't that always the way?

          "Not in Particular Will" by Babs and JayEm
          A tragedy in the gateroom brings the SGC to a standstill.

          "Heart of Mercy" by JayEm
          A slash combination of the gen stories "Heart of Darkness" and "Mercy
          Season." When SG-1 is kidnapped by a Goa'uld bent on revenge, Jack and
          Daniel are unexpectedly drawn closer than they could have ever imagined.


          * Supernatural *

          HUNTING ON THE NET 9

          Have you ever felt a "Supernatural" episode didn't end the right way,
          or if the cameras had just continued rolling long enough, you would have
          seen That Scene, the one we all wished had been shown? Well, now you can!
          From the witty mind of K. Hannah Korossy comes a huge collection of missing
          scenes and/or tags to the second season episodes that will pull you in and
          hold you spellbound to the very last page! Included is a second-season
          episode guide so you'll know exactly what happened in each ep -- no
          confusion or being lost. This guide puts you right back into the episode so
          you'll enjoy each missing scene and tag. Don't miss this fantasic zine!

          * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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        • Agent With Style
          Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
          Message 4 of 7 , May 4, 2010
            Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
            pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell
            out *fast*!

            We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook -

            -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
            latest zine listings!

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *

            Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


            * Magnificent Seven *

            MAGNIFICENT KIDS 11

            Taking place in the Old West, all the stories in this gen zine are set
            in the "Little Britches" universe where Chris and Vin are children, with
            humorous results!

            "One Quiet Morning" by LaraMee -- The boys face a wildcat.

            "If You Love Something" by Winter -- Peso is missing.

            "Family Secrets, Family Ties" by K.T. -- Buck's mother comes for a visit.

            "Christmas Eve in the Territory" by Jeanne -- The boys experience the
            holiday in a new way.

            "A Friend in Deed" by Winter -- When Vin needs help, he turns to an old

            "The Raid" by Jeanne -- The boys are taken in an Indian raid.

            "Retribution" by MMW -- A man who holds a grudge against Ezra takes Vin in a
            play for retribution.

            "Ponderings" by MMW -- Vin recalls a good day.


            * Multimedia *


            Labeled as "a Professionals (more or less) slash (sort of) zine," this
            is a collection of 13 tales, of which 8 are The Professionals and the
            remaining 5 are in the following fandoms: A Christmas Carol, Star Trek: The
            Next Generation, Original fiction, Pride and Prejudice and Star Wars. And
            the split between gen and slash is roughly the same, 9 slash tales and 4
            gen. This zine definitely runs the gamut of best-buddies all the way up to
            smokin'-hot-sex, and with authors as diverse as Henry Jenkins (yes, the
            "Textual Poachers" Henry Jenkins!), Maiden Wyoming, Eros, Lainie Stone and
            more, the intriguing and amazing writing will keep you riveted to the very
            last page. This zine is definitely not what you expect!


            * NCIS *


            In this collection of stories that show Gibbs/Ducky in an established
            relationship, written by Ashleigh Anpilova, who also did the lovely color
            cover and interior art, Ducky seems to have a story for every occasion.
            While you may have not heard of some of the holidays, rest assured our
            favourite medical examiner will educate you during these wonderful stories
            of camaraderie and love. You cannot go wrong with this zine!

            "A Fitting Tribute" -- It's 25th January. Ducky takes a day's leave from
            work and promises Jethro something special. Why, then, is Jethro's 'alert'
            button activated?

            "Care Taking" -- It's 28th February. Jethro wonders why Ducky arrives home
            carrying a very large bunch of daffodils.

            "There Be No Dragons" -- It's 23rd April. Ducky awakes to find the bed
            empty and noises coming from the kitchen. He ventures downstairs to
            discover that Jethro has prepared a cooked breakfast for them and seems to
            be in an expectant mood.

            "Upon That Night" -- Ducky gives Jethro a lesson in Halloween.

            "Varying Degrees" -- Ducky persuades Jethro to invited the team over for
            Thanksgiving dinner.

            "Yuletide Celebrations" -- Following the success of Thanksgiving, Ducky
            persuades Jethro to invite the team over to their home for a season
            celebration. Determined not to offend any member of the team, the event is
            not the typical Christmas party. Instead Ducky introduces the team to the
            history of the Solstice and Saturnalia.

            "A Ghostly Tale" -- The team is invited to Gibbs' and Ducky's home on the
            weekend before Halloween. Ducky regales them with stories of the ghosts of

            "Here We Go A-Caroling" -- Ducky persuades the team to go carol singing.
            Will it be off-key or blessed harmony?


            * The Professionals *

            MURPHY'S LAW

            From quiet, solid backup for Bodie and Doyle, to being groomed as the
            Cow's replacement as head of CI5, Murphy's career spans the spectrum, as
            does his love life. Join such wonderful slash authors as Jane Carnall, H.
            Ann Walton, Gena Fisher, Jane Mailander, Baravan and many others as they
            explore what goes into making up Agent 6.2, Mr. No-First-Name-Given Murphy!


            * The Sentinel *


            Written by Alyjude, with a joyful color cover and interior art by
            Geli, this novel is a heartwarming tale full of laughter and tears -- and
            love. New detective Blair Sandburg has moved out of Jim's home, ever
            mindful of the whispers and talk, and found an apartment of his own. While
            he and Jim Ellison are still partners at work, it's a relief not to have to
            try to hide his love for the Sentinel -- a love Jim obviously does not
            return. When Blair helps a friend out by watching her grandson Jake, he
            finds Jim eagerly spending more and more time with with him and the young
            boy. Could he have been wrong? Could Jake be the catalyst that makes Jim
            open his heart and admit he really does love his Guide? It seems paradise
            is just within reach - and then disaster strikes. Don't miss this
            enthralling novel!


            * Stargate SG-1 *

            STARGATE: EXPLORER (gen version)

            The story of the Stargate is Daniel's story, and has been since the
            beginning. Experience the further adventures of Doctor Daniel Jackson on
            his quest to see what's out there, to make friends, battle enemies and find
            his own path through the galaxy as he searches for peace, justice and a
            place to call home. This expansive 330-paged gen novel by Lady Grey follows
            Daniel's journey through tragedy of galactic proportions, utter isolation,
            emotional devastation, and back to hope as Daniel finds previously unknown
            allies, hidden talents, and a new vision for the future. Don't miss this
            fascinating novel!


            * Supernatural *

            HUNTING ON THE NET 10

            Gathering the best Supernatural stories to be found on the net, these
            zines have tales by such wonderful authors as K. Hanna Korossy, Angela
            Gabriel, Winter and many more. The creativity of these authors will hold
            you spellbound to the very last page! In this issue, among many great
            stories, is Bayre's "Bonding of Souls," a 110-paged novella in which Sam is
            taken by something truly terrifying -- not a supernatural monster, but a
            monster of the human kind. Don't miss it!

            AGENT WITH STYLE
            * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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          • Agent With Style
            Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 22, 2010. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
            Message 5 of 7 , May 15, 2010
              Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI - deadline for pre-con orders 11:59
              pm ET on May 22, 2010.

              Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out *fast*!

              AGENT WITH STYLE
              * www.agentwithstyle.com *

              Here are the newest zines added to our website, with many more to follow:


              * Doctor Who *

              ANOTHER LIFE

              From the witty and fertile mind of Kittsbud come two long gen tales
              that together make for an amazing Doctor Who / Torchwood crossover novel.
              Illustrated by gorgeous color artwork pieces and an eye-catching cover
              that's to-die-for, Kittsbud has outdone herself! Don't miss this fantastic

              "Of One Blood" by Kittsbud -- The Doctor offers Martha Jones a fun outing to
              Gettysburg, but can any trip in the TARDIS really be just for fun? When the
              pair discover the past has been altered, and the universe has just a short
              while to live, they have no choice but to fight together one last time to
              save mankind! What does the the secret military base at Montauk hide? Who
              is the mysterious prisoner that must be guarded at all costs? What does the
              Time Agency have to do with it? And how can a world-reknowned scientist
              still draw breath over a hundred years after his birth and several decades
              after his reported death? With help from a young Jack Harkness, the Doctor
              and Martha are determined to find out!

              "Union of Souls" by Kittsbud -- A growing energy force is threatening to
              destroy mankind and not even Time Lords or immortal Torchwood leaders are
              immune. As more and more of the Tau K'mon appear on Earth, it soon becomes
              obvious the beings are using the Cardiff Rift to seep into our dimension,
              but what are their mysterious origins and why have they chosen our planet to
              conquer? Can Captain Jack and his crew stop the entities, or will they
              require the help of a very special Doctor on call? The problem is, after
              the events in "Of One Blood," is he even the Doctor at all?


              * Lord of the Rings *

              SPIRIT JOURNEYS

              In this exciting collection that combines "Lord of the Rings" with "The
              Sentinel," Sheila Paulson weaves two great stories worthy of Tolkien

              "Song of Joy" -- Blair Sandburg is injured and his partner takes him back to
              Middle Earth to be cured, only to discover that Osgiliath is being restored,
              and a terrible darkness has been discovered there, a darkness that only
              Blair Sandburg can help with.

              In the second tale, "The Memory of Shadows," there is a horrible killer
              running amok in Cascade. While some think it may be a Jack the Ripper
              copycat, or something even worse, Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg realize
              that Orcs have come to Cascade from Middle Earth.


              * Magnificent Seven *

              BLOOD BROTHERS

              In this engaging novel by Joan Curtin, when Chris falls to a sniper's
              bullet, the team goes on the hunt with the help of a new Agent in Charge.
              Set in the ATF Denver universe, this tale has lots of hurt/comfort, tears
              and laughter to hold you spellbound to the last page!

              Vin drew his pistol and toed off his boots, perfectly soundless. He went
              into the family room. Chris was on the couch, still. Vin's heart just
              about leapt out of his chest before he saw the rise and fall of Larabee's
              ribs. Sleeping. Exhaustion had taken its toll.

              Lord, he felt like he could flop down on floor and sleep just as soundly.
              He went into the master bedroom and found a dark thermal shirt in Larabee's
              dresser. He stripped off his damp T-shirt and replaced with the
              long-sleeved thermal. He felt instantly warmer. He borrowed one of
              Larabee's dark sweatshirts. He saw Chris' kevlar vest on the hook by the
              door and he slipped it on under his dark jacket, before he returned to the

              Sam was keeping a low profile, the night-vision goggle trained on the
              fields. He lifted a hand to Vin, signaling him down, and Vin dropped to a
              crouch. Sam passed over the goggles, made a familiar military motion with
              two fingers, indicating Vin should look where he pointed. He did, and saw a
              faint blur of pale green light near the barn. It could be a deer, a fox, or
              a man.

              "I'm on it."

              "Tanner!" Sam tried to grab his arm, but Vin slipped through his fingers
              like water.

              He ran low and fast across the fields towards the barn. Suddenly, there was
              a flash and a low hiss of a silenced weapon. The bullet hit him above the
              breast, slammed him to the ground, but was foiled by the Kevlar. Hazy, in
              pain, but aware that it was best to be perfectly still, he lay there,
              scarcely breathing. There was somebody standing near, and he didn't think
              it was Sam.

              An unsilenced shot sounded, and Vin heard a grunt, the scrabble of boots on
              hard stone, then nothing. He felt consciousness draining away, fought to
              stay aware, but failed as the darkness came over him.

              "Tanner! Vin!" Sam ran over to the dark, still shape that was Vin. He
              went down on his knees, terribly afraid that he might find a lifeless body.


              * Multimedia *

              OUR FAVORITE THINGS 25

              Like a kid in a candy store, you'll be amazed and delighted at the
              offerings in this zine. From sweet to sassy and back again, these tales
              will hold you spellbound to the very last page. And imagine -- no carbs!
              This issue contains:

              "The Reluctant Jedi" by Susan Macdonald -- Star Trek: TNG / Star Wars --
              What happens when the Millennium Falcon shows up in Federation space?

              "The Good Neighbor" by Gloria Wagner -- Starman -- Paul and Scott help an
              elderly couple in trouble, but reveal more than they intended. What will
              the old man do after he sees the blue light?

              "Frequency Compression" by Barb Mater -- Stargate SG-1 / Eureka -- Jack and
              Sam wind up somewhere other than the SGC when going home through the

              "Opposites" by Lorraine Anderson -- Stargate SG-1 -- Daniel *really* needs
              to stop touching things!

              "A Friend in Deed" by Brate -- Stargate: Atlantis -- Sheppard *really* needs
              to stop activating Ancient artifacts!

              "The Road to Kaintuck" by JJJunky -- Stargate: Atlantis -- John is in
              trouble again, and another Johnny Cash song comes to his mind as he -- and
              his team -- try to figure a way out.

              "Rasputin's Return" by Sheila Paulson -- Real Ghostbusters -- Peter Venkman
              is the tsar's heir, but he has no intention of claiming the Romanov name --
              except in jest, while thinking how it might impress the ladies.
              Unfortunately, he says the wrong thing out loud...

              "Intellectual Exercise" by Susan Macdonald -- Quantum Leap / Real
              Ghostbusters -- Sam Beckett helps the Ghostbusters?!

              "So, How Many Ways Can *You* Use a Pencil?" by Lorraine Anderson -- Quantum
              Leap / Buffy the Vampire Slayer -- Sam Beckett has an ...interesting ...time
              in Sunnydale!

              "Treasure Hunters" by Sheila Paulson -- Lord of the Rings -- Can Gimli,
              sidelined in Rohan by a broken leg, help Wormtongue's nephew redeem his good

              "Numbered Minutes" by K. Hanna Korossy -- Numb3rs -- Charlie gets an
              unexpected visitor, and Don pays the price.

              "How to Make Pizza" by Sheila Paulson -- WALL-E -- A vignette set after the
              ship returns to Earth.


              * Find Us on the Web *

              We'd be delighted if you friended us on Facebook --


              -- and followed us on Twitter - www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle - to get the
              latest zine listings!


              * NCIS *

              OLD FRIENDS AND LOVERS 1

              Ashleigh Anpilova has written a wonderful pair of Gibbs/Ducky stories
              with something for everyone, be it established romance or first times. As
              always, Ashleigh's love for Jethro and Ducky shines through. She'll make you
              love these two as much as she does!

              "Making Time" -- In this first-time story, Ducky needs Gibbs, but doesn't
              want to approach him, while Gibbs is busy and doesn't realize Ducky's
              reticence. Vance takes advantage of Gibbs's seeming lack of caring.

              "Old School Tie" -- In an established-relationship story, Gibbs comes back
              from a conference to find a strange man in Autopsy with Ducky. He is a
              visiting doctor on his way to open up a high-class retirement home. Gibbs's
              gut, however, tells him there is more to the man than meets the eye.


              * Real Ghostbusters *

              AS OTHERS SEE US

              Written by Sheila Paulson, with an engaging color cover by KAM, when an
              old man's personality mysteriously changes after he uses an ancient spell
              book, the Ghostbusters are summoned. After the man collapses,
              normally-affable Ray Stantz changes, too, and becomes cold and unfriendly.
              But the Ghostbusters realize the problem is far worse than just a
              personality shift, and if they cannot find a way to reverse the process, Ray
              might be trapped forever in a world so dark, he might not survive it. Could
              a mysterious pocket watch offer an answer to the mystery and bring back the
              Ray his partners miss so badly?


              * Stargate SG-1 *

              LITTLE DANIEL 4

              Whether a strange Goa'uld beam hit Daniel Jackson and put the
              35-year-old archaeologist into a 5-year-old's body, or he was left as an
              actual child during his Descension, or a dozen other reasons, the stories in
              these zines explore the idea of Daniel, with or without his adult memories,
              as a small boy in need of parental guidance. This role generally falls to
              Jack O'Neill, though the rest of SG-1 are there to help out. From silly to
              dramatic to heartwarming, these tales will pull you in and let you re-visit
              your own childhood through Little Daniel's eyes. In this issue:

              "The Gift of Childhood" by Carlyn -- An A/U Christmas story. Jack finds
              himself drawn to a special child.

              "Guns and Roses" by Debbie -- Accidents happen and this time Daniel finds
              himself downsized and living in the hope that Sam and Anise can fix the

              "Body and Soul" by Enola Jones -- Rodney meant well, really, he did, but he
              and Daniel run afoul of an Ancient device and are transformed into young
              children. Set after the Stargate: Atlantis season 5 episode, "The Lost

              "A Rare Gift" by Mickey -- SG-1 arrives on Vis Uban and are given a rare

              "The Other Reality" by Ali -- Daniel falls through the Quantum Mirror to
              another reality.

              "Beginnings" by Lunar -- Jack explains to Jon how Danny was downsized.

              "Dan and Cam: A Family Secret" by Amberfly -- Cam's family's past threatens
              the boys' future.

              "It Really is a Small World" by Storyhaus -- Danny wants his family together
              at Christmas.

              "Tears of the Ancient" by Eilidh17 -- Part One: Daniel's family tree just
              got a little more complicated.

              "Rashna's Pots" by Eilidh17 -- Part Two: Daniel learns more about his past.

              "Alterius" by Eilidh17 -- Part Three: On a secluded planet, Daniel is
              presented with a way to regain his Ascended memories, but it comes at a
              terrible price.


              * Supernatural *

              HUNTING ON THE NET 12

              Gathering the best Supernatural stories to be found on the net, this
              zine has tales by some of the best authors in this fandom! This issue

              "Once Bitten" by Winter -- An innocent day for the boys doesn't always end
              that way.

              "Encore" by K. Hanna Korossy -- It's not quite the old patterns Sam falls
              back into.

              "When Shadows Fall" by Winter -- The aftermath of the episode "Shadows."

              "Gone, but Not Forgotten" by Renegade -- Sam and Bobby have to lay Dean to
              rest, but it's not an easy thing to do.

              "The Cost" by Angela Gabriel -- Dean honors the end of the crossroads deal,
              but Sam's not ready to let him go.

              "Contemplation" by LaraMee -- When Sam is feverish and recovering from being
              hurt during a hunt, Dean unwillingly plays nursemaid -- and contemplates his

              "Should've Gone Hunting Instead" by Angela Gabriel -- Sam and Dean take a
              vacation, and things go about as well as one might expect when the boys try
              to do "normal."

              "Everything to Everyone I" by K. Hanna Korossy -- They all see something
              different when they look at Dean.
              "Everything to Everyone II" by K. Hanna Korossy -- They all see something
              different when they look at Sam.

              "The Bed by the Door" by K. Hanna Korossy -- Even when he's alone, Dean gets
              a room with two double beds.

              "Magic" by K. Hanna Korossy -- Anything is possible in a world where you
              sometimes wake up in a totally different place than you'd gone to sleep.

              "The Unlikeliest Places" by K. Hanna Korossy -- There was something odd
              about the neighbors. And the two young men who came to see them.

              AGENT WITH STYLE
              * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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              Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI -- deadline for pre-con orders 11:59 pm ET on May 18, 2013. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We sell out
              Message 6 of 7 , May 15, 2013
                Our next con is MediaWest in Lansing, MI -- deadline for pre-con orders
                11:59 pm ET on May 18, 2013. Pre-con orders are *heartily* encouraged! We
                sell out *fast*!

                AGENT WITH STYLE
                * www.agentwithstyle.com *


                * Donald Strachey Mysteries *

                LOVE NOIR DEUX

                This second Donald Strachey Mysteries slash anthology, with a
                gorgeous color cover by Lorraine Brevig, contains loving and sensual stories
                of Albany, New York's openly gay private detective Donald Strachey and his
                partner, Tim Callahan, by some of the hottest writers in this fandom, such
                as Candy Apple, Storyfan, Lil_1337 and Nyteflyer. Don't miss this amazing


                * Hawaii Five-0 *

                HAWAII FIVE-OHHH!

                As part of an elite police force, Commander Steve McGarrett and
                Detective Sargeant Danny "Danno" Williams fight international secret agents,
                criminals and organized crime syndicates plaguing the Hawaiian Islands, and
                being on the front line, no one can understand the bond of brotherhood being
                in constant danger can engender except someone who is right there in the
                trenches with you. And for Steve and Danny, that person is each other.
                Hidden behind laughter and a snarky attitude, the feelings of love between
                the two handsome cops begins to grow, finally becoming too apparent to
                ignore. From first-times to established relationships, this slash zine
                contains funny, dramatic, loving stories written by some of the best authors
                in this fandom, such as Glow, Moonshine and Tiger Tyger. With a drop-dead
                gorgeous color cover by Lorraine Brevig, this zine is one not to be missed!


                * Multimedia *

                DYAD 26

                The dictionary defines dyad as "two units regarded as a pair."
                And that's just what you'll find here -- pairings so hot and incendiary,
                you'll have to handle this slash zine with oven mitts!

                "Aftershocks" by Theresa Kyle - (Highlander) -- In the aftermath of Duncan
                and Methos' run-in with Cassandra, the two friends must face the task of
                facing the truth about Methos' past, and Duncan must weigh who Methos was in
                ancient times and who he has become now against the feelings that he has
                been harboring for the ancient Immortal.

                "Always the Ailsmaid" by Sekhmet and Bast - (Sahara) -- At a wedding, Al
                Giordino is asked by one of the many women hovering around Dirk Pitt, why
                Dirk was unmarried. When Al told her the truth, she wasn't at all happy with
                his answer.

                "Eia Au, Eia 'Oe" (Here I Am, Here You Are) by Orithain and Rina - (Hawaii
                5-0) -- After his little brother is long-gone and out of Danny's sphere of
                influence, Danny is faced with the ugly fact that Matt is a criminal who
                fled justice on his watch. Not knowing what to do with all the emotions
                this causes, Danny goes to the one place he knows he can be without
                question. Trouble is, Catherine is there when he arrives.

                "Should Haves and Could Haves" by TLR - (Rizzoli and Isles) -- While Jane is
                in surgery following a shooting, Maura puts pen to paper to help her make it
                through the long wait for her friend's life to be saved.

                "You'd Do Anything" by Bast - (Sherlock Holmes) -- An admission by Sherlock
                leads John to the conclusion that the great detective is as lonely as he is
                himself. His solution fits both their needs and desires.

                "Let It Die" by Bast - (S.W.A.T.) -- Jim Street continues to be haunted by
                the necessary shooting of his ex-partner, Brian Gamble. During the day, he
                could suppress the memory. It was at night that things became difficult.

                "No Turning Back" by Natasha Solten - (Wiseguy) -- Following in the wake of
                the encounter with Sonny's "nephew," Lorenzo, Vinnie sees a different side
                to Steelgrave, a side he had no idea existed until Sonny turned to him and
                let him know that he truly understood what Vinnie was feeling... and made it
                all right for Vinnie to acknowledge his own emotions.

                "Definitions" by Bast - (Sahara) -- After Dirk Pitt is injured, Al Giordino
                refuses to leave his side, helping him recover over the slow months ahead
                and, in the end, all Dirk ever truly needed to remember was right there in
                Al's eyes.

                "Heart's Desire" by Linda McGee - (Pirates of the Caribbean) -- The life
                Will had hoped for with Elizabeth has become a distant dream more than an
                immediate reality. So, when Captain Jack Sparrow appears in his life again,
                pulling him in a completely different direction, Will finds himself more
                than willing to consider Jack's proposal.

                "Forged in Blood" by Linda McGee - (Pirates of the Caribbean) -- While
                waiting for Will to ready himself to leave Port Royal behind, Jack is
                attacked and injured by thugs after more than his boat and possessions.
                When Will arrives to find Jack a prisoner and injured, Will's pirate blood
                sings in his veins to care for his captain.

                "Capturing Lightning" by Linda McGee - (Pirates of the Caribbean) -- Life
                aboard the Black Pearl is easier -- and more difficult -- than either Jack
                or Will anticipated.

                "The Flavor of Blair" by Natasha Solten - (The Sentinel) -- A simple
                question from Blair sends Jim's mind in directions Blair had never dreamed
                his Sentinel might go. The resulting conversation is a revelation for both

                "Ex Post Facto" by Cassatt - (Law and Order) -- When Ed Green left New York
                for a new life in California, he knew there was only one person he'd truly
                miss. That Jack McCoy is that person isn't even much of a surprise to him.
                But missing Ed was the *last* thing Jack ever thought would happen to him.


                * Find Us on the Web *

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                Facebook --

                Twitter -- www.twitter.com/agentwithstyle


                * Smallville *

                I CAN'T STAND TO FLY

                A rich billionaire and a rustic farm boy -- what could they
                possibly have in common? And yet, destiny keeps throwing them together, as
                though demanding that they fall in love, become one. And that's just what
                they do - among the knife's-edge of danger, the excitement of possible
                exposure, and the few moments of quiet peace, Clark and Lex live, love and
                bond. In this *thick* slash zine, there are such amazing stories as:

                "Coming Home" by Quin Rhodes -- Clark and his friends help out stranded
                rockstar Lex Luthor, and a relationship begins to build between the two of

                "Purple" by Dayspring -- Martha doesn't need an advanced degree in Art to
                figure out what's going on between Clark and Lex, but Jonathan might.

                "Ups and Downs" by Orithain and Rina -- What do you do when it's your
                lover's birthday, but he has everything money can buy? You kidnap him, of

                And many more tales by Jennie, Lasha, Kel, Peach, Shelley Wright and Holly
                Lynn. With over 330 pages of spellbinding stories, a gorgeous color cover
                by Theban Band and a drop-dead pull-out color art piece by Suzan Lovett,
                this zine is a work of art and not to be missed!


                * Stargate SG-1 *

                REDEMPTION 11

                This zine contains an eclectic mix of short stories, novellas and
                vignettes focusing on the team of SG-1 and the friendship of Jack and
                Daniel. It's pure "gen" and no "ship" stories or deathfic. Grab this
                amazing zine! In this issue:

                "What's in the Attic?" by Lorraine Anderson -- A strange room on a mission
                leads to even stranger meetings with a strange "Doctor" and his

                "Life Saving Edition" by Storyhaus and Ann Wortham -- The stranger seems to
                be Daniel Jackson's guardian angel...

                "The Death and Life of General O'Neill" by Lorraine Anderson -- Jack thinks
                his life is over and he's ready to go, but old friends still need his help
                and he's not done saving the universe quite yet!

                "The Road Through Jericho" by Storyhaus and Ann Wortham -- A crossover with
                the series "Jericho," speculating how the SGC and SG-1 would react to a
                nuclear attack.

                "The Lurker at the Threshhold" by Sheila Paulson -- In this novella,
                translations on a planet lead the team to... H.P. Lovecraft?

                AGENT WITH STYLE
                * www.agentwithstyle.com *

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                Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 23-26, 2011. The deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 19, 2014. Send your orders in now! We
                Message 7 of 7 , May 18, 2014

                  Our next con is MediaWest*Con in Lansing, MI, on May 23-26, 2011.    The deadline for pre-con orders is 11:59 pm on May 19, 2014. 

                  Send your orders in now!  We hope to see everyone at the con!

                                         AGENT WITH STYLE
                                 * www.agentwithstyle.com *


                                        * Multimedia *

                  DIAMONDS AND DYNAMITE 3

                            As the saying goes, diamonds and dynamite come in small packages.  And though these are digest-sized gen zines, they're nice and *thick,* filled with engaging stories in dozens of fandoms!

                  "Finest Kind" by JJJunky – (Supernatural / M*A*S*H*) -- Knowing Dean is too injured to survive getting to a hospital, Sam accepts a stranger's help to save his brother.  Is it more than just good luck that the man is a doctor *and* knows what a hunter is?

                  "Cryptozoologists and Creavers" by Susan Macdonald – (Threshold) -- A cryptozoology convention and a science-fiction convention, held in the same hotel on the same weekend, leave the team scrambing to find Captain Manning and avoid the broadcast of the alien signal, tasks made doubly difficult when half the people they encounter are dressed as aliens and the other half believe the feds are suppressing the *real* details of the last Bigfoot sighting.

                  "Kissing Cousins" by Lorraine Anderson – (Stargate SG-1) -- After visiting a planet where he received a 'kiss of friendship,' Jack suddenly starts experiencing blackouts, losing hours, sometimes whole days at a time.  When Janet can find nothing wrong, he takes his team back to the planet, determined to figure out what happened to him.

                  "Captain Simian and the Space Pirates" by Susan Macdonald – (Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys) -- Captain Simian and the crew of the Primate Avenger learn the dangers of picking up stray hitchhikers. Space pirates learn not to underestimate Earth monkeys.

                  "Plans Change" by Dana Bell – (Stargate: Atlantis / Change of Plans / Terra Nova) -- Once again, John Sheppard's orders disrupt his wife Sally's music career.  It wouldn't have been so bad, living in Maine; she'd still have opportunities.  Unfortunately, Atlantis' supposedly routine flight across the country doesn't happen according to plan, and the city falls into a time rip, the Atlanteans finding themselves 85 million years in Earth's past….

                  "A Knight without a Quest" by Susan Macdonald – (The Quest / The Man from UNCLE) -- The royal quest was over and the new king and queen of Glendora had been chosen.  So Cody was out of the running, and running out of things to do.  He was bored, bored, bored.  So when Sir John from U.N.C.L.E. came calling, looking for an ex-con man who, through very long and complicated bloodlines, had ties to the throne, and thus, diplomatic immunity, Cody had a feeling his next quest was only just beginning…

                  "The Passsing Shadow" by Sheila Paulson – (Grimm) -- Children are vanishing in Portland, and the one who returned is so terrified that he can give no real information about his abductor, and the cell phone of the latest missing child has been crushed by a clawed hand.  With the possibility of a Wesen perp, Nick and Hank are racing the clock to find the children before they are beyond hope of being saved.  However, even if they are rescued, they may still face a dire fate.  Will even Monroe's help be enough to figure this out in time?


                                  * Real Ghostbusters *


                            From the fertile mind of Sheila Paulson comes another enchanting gen novel!  When its ivories are tickled, a unique and valuable piano sends out vibes of pain, grief and agony to those with the ability to feel it.  When the four Ghostbusters and Egon's cousin, musician Eddie Plummer, trace the haunted piano back to its original location, they suspect a murder has taken place, and not only must they deal with the paranormally influenced piano, but also the lethal threat from the murderer they have brought to light...


                                       * Stargate SG-1 *

                  AUTHOR'S CHOICE 2 HET

                            Chosen by the authors themselves to showcase the best het tales in "Stargate" fandom, here in a single volume, are tales of sweet talk, snappy arguments, warm cuddling, shouts of fear and passionate love between Daniel and Vala, for the majority of the stories, and between Jack and Sam for a couple of tales of their own.  Want to see behind the romance that the tv series only hinted at?  You'll find that and more in this amazing zine!


                                     * Supernatural *

                  ROUTE 666, vol. 6

                            When the roadsign is 666, Sam and Dean never know *what* is going to come their way!  Stories ranging from present-day to their childhoods and back again, happy, sad and everything in between, these tales show the lives of Hunters and Hunters-to-be.  But no matter what -- family always wins out, and blood is thicker than water.  In most cases.

                  "Dean's and Sammy's Excellent Adventure" by JJJunky -- The young Dean takes his little brother Sammy on an adventure in search of a legend.

                  "Table Setting" by Yum@ -- Dean takes advantage of having a home base by serving up some surprises to Sam.

                  "Winchester Wounded" by K. Hanna Korossy -- An injured Dean and a Sam who thinks his brother is dead add up to both brothers struggling to find out the truth.

                  "Free Fall" by Carole Seegraves -- A happy, shared moment from the Winchester boys' childhood.

                  "Situational Morality" by Lorraine Mumaw -- Dean is injured and, without money or anyone to turn to, Sam realizes he will do just about anything to help his brother.

                  "Zombie Gnomes from Hell" by Wortham & Rosenthal -- Another mission to help one of Bobby's "old friends" turns out to be anything but a simple case of an old lady's delusions....

                  "Treasures for a Big Brother" by Carole Seegraves -- Another little peek into the childhood of Dean and Sam.

                  "On Herndon Mountain" by Nightowl -- Dean remembers a road trip with his dad and Sam, the horrible car accident they were involved in, and the supernatural aspects of it.

                  "The Unhaunted House" by Susan Macdonald -- Dean and Sam take shelter for the night in an allegedly haunted house and find themselves in the middle of a government shakedown and... aliens?

                  "Fine Print" by K. Hanna Korossy -- In the middle of a hunt, Dean and an injured Sam find themselves transported to an island where they suddenly become the hunted.

                  "It was Bound to Happen" by Yum@ -- Dean wonders if Sam still needs him, now that he's all grown up.

                  "Measure of His Sacrifice" by JJJunky -- An attack on Dean and Bobby has Sam doing the unthinkable to rescue them.

                  "No 'Little' in Little Brother" by K. Hanna Korossy -- Sam may not be small anymore, but he'll always be Dean's little brother.


                                  * Find Us on the Web *

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